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Hopeful Session Event Story - Opening
Unnamed Song of Fame

Maya is ecstatic to have come across a CD player for cheap.
When she opens it, however...


Yamato Residence - Maya's Room

Maya: Huhehe... I still can't believe I found such a great deal... Flea markets are the best~.
Maya: I'm fairly certain this CD player was made twenty-five years ago. Depending on the shop, it could go for a really high price.
Maya: It may seem like junk to some, but from what I can tell, it's in good condition. All I need to do is mess with the wiring a little... Uhm, just take off this cover and-
Maya: Hm...? What's this...?

The Next Day - After School
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 3-B

Maya: Hmm... Yeah, the rift after the hook really is nice~. It's so catchy, yet the whole thing feels so honest. What a great song~.
Maya: And whoever played this cymbal part is really skilled~. It almost feels like the song's world opens up in an instant~.
Tsugumi: Ah, Maya-senpai, you're still here. The school will be closing soon, so please get ready to leave.
Maya: Oh, Hazawa-san. Sorry about tha- Wait, is it that late already?
Tsugumi: The teachers have a meeting today, so we're closing the school early.
Maya: Ah, that's right, they said so during homeroom, didn't they? Sorry! I'll get ready to leave right away!
Tsugumi: By the way, were you just listening to music? You were playing the air drums. Fufufu.
Maya: Huh? You saw that? How embarrassing...
Tsugumi: It's not embarrassing at all! It looked like you were having a lot of fun.
Tsugumi: Who were you listening to? It must be a good song if you're getting so into it.
Maya: Ah, well... Actually, I don't know the artist.
Tsugumi: Huh? What do you mean?
Maya: Well, you see...
Maya: ... And that's what happened.
Tsugumi: I see... So you bought a CD player at a flea market, and this CD just happened to be inside.
Maya: Yes, exactly. And since there's nothing written on the CD, I don't think it's something available in stores.
Maya: This song is so good though. I spent the whole day listening to it instead of working on that CD player.
Maya: I'd love to listen to more of this band's music, but I don't even know the title of the song, much less the name of the band...
Tsugumi: It has to be a good song if you're this into it, Maya-senpai!
Maya: It really is! Would you like to listen to it?!
Tsugumi: Fufufu, I'd love to, but I need to patrol the school first...
Maya: Ah, that's right! I'm sorry, I got a little carried away...
Tsugumi: I'm actually really curious though. Could I listen to it afterwards?
Maya: Of course! If I want to hear more of this band's music, I need to find out who they are first! Maybe if you listen to it, you might be able to give me a clue!
Yukina: May I also listen to that song?
Tsugumi: Huh?! Yukina-senpai?!
Maya: I didn't know you were still here, Minato-san.
Yukina: I was composing a new song when I heard a commotion from the next classroom over.
Maya: Ah~, I'm sorry... I must have been pretty loud...
Yukina: Thanks to that, I overheard a very interesting story. It must be quite the song to excite you that much. I'd like to listen to it myself.
Maya: By all means! I'd love to hear what you think of this song!
Maya: What's more, you might actually know the artist!
Tsugumi: Alright, then why don't we go to my family's café after this? We can listen to the CD there.
Maya: Oh, that sounds good to me!
Yukina: That works for me as well. I still have time before practice.
Tsugumi: Okay. I just need to patrol a few more places. I'll be back soon!
Maya: Sounds good!

Hazawa Coffee

Maya: ... That's the end of the song. What do you think...?
Tsugumi: I-it really is an amazing song... It's almost like... the entire song has a story... Hmm... It's hard to explain, but that's how I felt!
Maya: I think I know what you mean! It's such an upbeat song, but there are little portions of sadness mixed in~!
Yukina: The cymbals and change in key halfway through completely change the feel of the song. It was almost like an entirely new world appeared right before our eyes.
Maya: Huhehe. I knew you'd notice that, Minato-san! I was thinking the same thing!
Tsugumi: You're right, that's the perfect way to describe that section!
Maya: But judging from your reactions... I'm guessing you two haven't heard this song before either... Hmm, I was hoping to find some sort of clue...
Maya: Hmm... There has to be something...

Hopeful Session Event Story - Chapter 1
Searching for Clues

As the search for clues continues, Kasumi and Rimi seek an escape from the heat.


Hazawa Coffee

Kasumi: Hello~!
Tsugumi: Ah, Kasumi-chan! Welcome!
Kasumi: Phew~, it's nice and cool in here~. Come on, Rimi-rin, get inside!
Rimi: It does seem especially warm out today, doesn't it? I can't believe it's still this hot this late in the day.
Tsugumi: Oh, so Rimi-chan's with you too!
Rimi: Hello... Ah, it's Yukina-senpai and Maya-san.
Kasumi: Wow, you're right! Hi there~!
Maya: Come on over! You can feel the air conditioning over here.
Kasumi: Thank you! Phew~, I'm so thirsty~. What are you gonna get, Rimi-rin? I want some lemon tea!
Rimi: U-uhm, I'll get...
Yukina: Ushigome-san, why don't you take a seat first?
Rimi: O-okay! Thank you very much!
Maya: Fufufu. You seem as energetic as ever, Toyama-san~. The whole café just brightened up when you came in.
Kasumi: Ehehe~. Still, what a surprise! I didn't expect to run into you and Yukina-senpai here! You don't come to the café all that often.
Yukina: That's not true. I stop by every once in a while.
Maya: We also had a reason for being here... I actually asked Minato-san and Hazawa-san for help.
Kasumi: Huh? Is something wrong, Maya-san? We're here to help if you need it! Isn't that right, Rimi-rin?
Rimi: Yeah!
Maya: Oh, I really appreciate it! You see, this is what I need help with...
Kasumi: Hm? Isn't that a CD?
Maya: Why don't you listen to it first? I'll explain later.
Maya: ... And that's what we're doing.
Kasumi: Gotcha~. Well, like you said, Maya-san, it's a really good song!
Kasumi: But this is my first time hearing it... How about you, Rimi-rin? Have you heard this song before?
Rimi: No, this is my first time as well... I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
Maya: No, it's really no big deal!
Tsugumi: You know, after listening to it again, I think I understand what you and Yukina-senpai were saying before.
Tsugumi: I completely agree now. The song's feel completely switches with that change in key halfway through!
Rimi: Ah, what about the cymbals right before that? It felt like they were signaling the show to begin.
Tsugumi: A show, huh? That's another great way to put it!
Tsugumi: I wish I could come up with descriptions like that...
Maya: Don't worry about it. Music is different for everybody. There's no right or wrong way to experience it.
Tsugumi: Still, it's so amazing to see people come up with phrases like that. We're all listening to the same music, but it feels like you all get more out of it. I'm really jealous.
Tsugumi: If I could come up with words like that, maybe I could help Ran-chan more.
Yukina: My apologies, but I must be leaving. I have practice soon.
Maya: Ah, that's right! I completely lost track of time...!
Yukina: Fufu. Thank you for introducing me to such a lovely song. I hope you find some sort of clue as to its origin.
Maya: Thank you! I hope so too!

CiRCLE - Lobby

Yukina: Looks like I'm just in time.
Marina: Ah, Yukina-chan, welcome. It's hot out there, isn't it~? Come in, come in. Everyone else is already here. They're in Studio B.
Marina: Fufufu. We added some new equipment to that studio. I hope you like it♪
Marina: Hmhm~♪ Hmhmhm, hmmhmm~♪
Yukina: ...?!
Yukina: Marina-san... That song...

Hopeful Session Event Story - Chapter 2
Marina-san's Memories

The maker of the track is Marina, and the facts surrounding it are revealed.


The Next Day
CiRCLE - Lobby

Maya: What a shock... I can't believe the song on this CD was made by you, Marina-san...
Marina: I-I was a bit surprised too... I never thought you'd have a copy...
Maya: Huhehe, I really lucked out at the flea market this time! I got a great CD player and even found one of your songs.
Tsugumi: By the way, Yukina-senpai, how did you know this song was Marina-san's?
Yukina: When I came here for practice yesterday, Marina-san was humming the song's phrase.
Marina: We got some new equipment yesterday, so I was excited and it just slipped out...
Kasumi: I've wanted to hear one of your songs for a long time now, so I'm really glad I got the chance!
Rimi: Me too! It's just like I-... No, it's even better than I imagined. I was so moved!
Marina: That's great to hear and all, but it's also a little embarrassing...
Tsugumi: Why?
Marina: I mean, we wrote that song so long ago. I never expected you guys to ever hear it.
Yukina: You must still enjoy the song though. You wouldn't hum it otherwise.
Marina: Y-yeah. Well... It holds a lot of memories for me.
Maya: U-uhm... I don't mean to pry, but... Could you tell us more about those memories?
Maya: I'd like to know what kind of circumstances could create such an amazing song! Something wonderful must have happened~.
Kasumi: I wanna know too! I still remember the story you told us during one of our events here at CiRCLE!
Rimi: Same here. I'd love to hear more about the band you were in.
Marina: Hmmm...
Yukina: If you don't want to talk about it, you don't have to. We understand that some memories are so precious that you want to keep them to yourself.
Marina: Fufu, thank you, Yukina-chan. However...
Marina: I do want to tell you my story.
Marina: But this isn't a good place. Talking about it here would just bother the other customers... Studio A is open right now, so why don't we go there? I'll put us down on the list.


Marina: Let's see... Where do I start...?
Marina: I've told you all that I was part of a five-girl band like you guys, right? We were aiming to go pro...
Maya: Yes, we know that part.
Marina: Well, you see, we wrote that song after we decided to break up.
Tsugumi: Huh...? Really...?!
Marina: Yeah. Since we were going to be parting ways shortly, we decided to write one last song together.
Marina: Then, as a way to thank all the people who supported us, we handed that CD out to all of our friends and fans.
Marina: Eventually somewhere down the line it made its way to you, Maya-chan. Fufu, what are the odds~?
Maya: I see... I had no idea this CD was so important...
Marina: We never ended up playing that song in concert... But it still holds a lot of memories for us...
Yukina: That must be where the slight sadness comes from.
Marina: I guess that's to be expected though, isn't it? We were breaking up after all...
Kasumi: M-Marina-san, I'm sorry! I had no idea this song was filled with so many sad memories. I didn't mean t-
Marina: No, that's not it at all. I had a lot of fun making this song. Even if we were in the middle of breaking up.
Marina: I wouldn't hum it when I'm happy otherwise.
Tsugumi: Huh...? What do you mean? How could breaking up be fun...?
Marina: Hmm~, how should I put this...? I think I've told Kasumi-chan and the other members of Poppin'Party, but right before we broke up, we weren't really having fun anymore.
Marina: Even when we were in the dressing room together, we hardly talked to each other. We all felt this weird distance between us...
Marina: But as soon as we decided to call it quits, it felt like this weight had been lifted from all of our shoulders.
Marina: It was almost a relief to know we didn't have to try to go pro anymore.
Kasumi: A relief...?
Marina: Yeah. I suppose that's just how tired we were.
Maya: I-I see... I think I understand...
Maya: If you keep running forward at full speed, it's only natural that you'll eventually wear yourself out...
Marina: Exactly! This is the song we made during that time. It almost felt the same as the first time we made a song together. We were just enjoying music. Nothing else.
Marina: Things had been so awkward between us, but while we were making this song, we smiled and laughed together for the first time in a while. It was so much fun~.
Yukina: That explains the cymbal and change in key... You really were stepping into a whole new world.
Marina: Yeah, exactly. Nothing gets past you, Yukina-chan~. We all wanted to carry this song with us into the next chapter of our lives.
All: ...
Marina: S-sorry~. There's no need to look so sad.
Maya: Th-that's quite the story... Thank you for telling it to us...!
Marina: No way, I'm the one who should be thanking you guys! I got to look back on all the feelings I had when my band made that song together. Thank you.
Maya: Uhm, I've been meaning to ask... What's the name of this song?
Marina: Let's see, the name was...
Marina: "HOPE."

Hopeful Session Event Story - Chapter 3
Let this Melody Live Again

The track is titled HOPE.
Those who learn the name feel a stronger sense of love toward it.



Maya: "HOPE..."
Kasumi: What a great name! It's perfect for this song! Isn't it, Rimi-rin?!
Rimi: Yeah! Now that we know the title, I feel like I'll be able to connect with the song even more.
Tsugumi: This song is just so lovely to me. It's not just a great song, but its existence is so... uhm, lovely...
Tsugumi: Oooh~, I'm sorry. I still can't put it into words.
Maya: Don't worry about it. I know exactly what you're talking about!
Maya: Besides, you don't always have to put your emotions into words. In fact, one of the best things about music is that it allows you to express what you're feeling without them!
Yukina: That's what it was like the first time I heard "LOUDER." I felt something I couldn't put into words.
Yukina: When I think about it now, it was probably the fact that I couldn't describe it that made that feeling all the more powerful...
Tsugumi: I suppose that's one way to look at it... Marina-san, I'm not sure how to put it, but... I absolutely love this song!
Marina: Thanks, you guys. I'm sure this song is just as happy as me to hear you all talk about it like this.
Marina: Well... Fufu. I guess I'm still the happiest though.
Maya: I especially like the rift after the hook~. Those drums are just so good~.
Tsugumi: Ah, Maya-senpai's air drumming again.
Maya: Th-there I go again... Every time I hear a great rhythm, I can't help it. I just want to beat my imaginary drums...
Yukina: Then why don't you beat some actual drums? There's a drum set over there.
Maya: Th-that's true... Marina-san, may I please play this song?
Marina: Fufu, go right ahead! I'd love to hear your drums anyway.
Kasumi: Me too! ... Actually, can I play the guitar along with you?! Come on, Rimi-rin, you can play the bass!
Rimi: I'm not sure I'll be able to do it justice, but I definitely want to try! Tsugumi-chan, would you like t-... Ah!
Kasumi: Hm? What's up, Rimi-rin?
Rimi: Maya-san plays the drums, and you play the guitar. Then you have me playing the bass and Tsugumi-chan on keyboard... If we add Yukina-senpai...
Kasumi: We have our vocals!
Tsugumi: Looks like we have all the parts we need.
Maya: Oho~, now that you mention it, we do! This doesn't happen every day... So why don't we play together?!
Yukina: Fufu, I suppose performing like this every once in a while can't hurt. However, before that, Yamato-san...
Yukina: Could we listen to the song one more time? That way we can focus on the parts we need to play.
Maya: Sure! Good idea!

One Hour Later
CiRCLE - Lobby

Kasumi: Sigh~, that was so much fun~! I'm so happy I got to perform with you guys. It's like a dream come true!
Rimi: I was a little nervous at first. By the end though, I was really enjoying myself.
Tsugumi: When we were playing, it almost felt like I could see Marina-san and her band making this song!
Maya: Thanks for the amazing jam session, everybody! I know we usually play in different bands, but I really felt in sync with you guys!
Yukina: Are you sure? I did notice one thing.
Maya: Huh...? What was it?
Yukina: Your drums, Yamato-san.
Maya: Huh?!
Yukina: It seems you were trying too hard to match the drums from the CD. If you had played normally, I would have expected more rim shots.
Maya: Ah... So you noticed... I was just trying to make it sound like the original song...
Yukina: Weren't you the one who said there is no right or wrong way to experience music? Were you excluding yourself from that statement?
Maya: I-I did say that, didn't I...?
Yukina: I understand session musicians usually try to match their sound to the band they're playing with, but that's not what we're doing here. I wanted to hear your own sound.
Maya: Ooo... I'll be more careful next time...
Tsugumi: U-uhm... This is just a thought, but...
Maya: What is it?
Tsugumi: It'd be such a waste to not play such a wonderful song again! I want more people to hear it!
Tsugumi: Would that be alright with you, Marina-san?!
Marina: Huh...? I-I appreciate the gesture, but... How do you plan on-
Yukina: Isn't it obvious?
Marina: Huh...? Yukina-chan?
Yukina: We're all band members, and this is a live house.
Yukina: There can be only one answer.

Hopeful Session Event Story - Chapter 4
The Amplitude of Growth

Yukina informs Lisa of the upcoming concert, vowing to put everything into her performance.


The Next Day
Family Restaurant

Lisa: What?! A concert with only one song?!
Yukina: Indeed. We decided to hold it next weekend at the last minute. Naturally, it'll be at CiRCLE.
Lisa: And you're... going to be taking part in it, right?
Yukina: It just turned out that way.
Lisa: I'm surprised you were able to reserve CiRCLE on such short notice.
Yukina: They happened to have a day free during the weekend. With a little convincing from Hazawa-san and the others, Marina-san allowed us to have our concert then.
Lisa: Gotcha~. And you're playing one of Marina-san's old songs... In that case, I need to be there~!
Lisa: Ah, that's right! I'll need to have someone switch shifts with me!
Lisa: I'm a pretty hard worker, so I'm sure my boss will let me~♪
Yukina: You don't have to come if you already have plans. We're only playing one song. It'll be over before you know it.
Lisa: The fact that you're only playing one song makes it all the more important! I'll be there for sure☆ I just wish I could join you guys~.
Yukina: I thought you might say that...
Lisa: Actually, now that I think about it, it's pretty rare for you to be so interested in another band's song.
Yukina: Is it?
Lisa: It looks like you're enjoying yourself too.
Yukina: I'm performing with people outside my usual band members. This is my chance to experience something new.
Lisa: You know~, doesn't this remind you of the old days~?
Yukina: Fufu, it seems like we've been reminiscing quite a lot recently.
Lisa: True~. Ahaha.
Lisa: Anyway, I'll tell a few friends about the concert! Ah, maybe I'll make a post about it online too!
Lisa: Good luck with the concert. Make sure you do your best☆
Yukina: Of course I will. I wouldn't have it any other way.


Tsugumi: Let's see, now I play this part... For the next phrase, maybe I should do this...
Maya: Hazawa-san, I got us drinks. Why don't you take a short break? You shouldn't overdo it.
Tsugumi: O-okay. Just let me play a little more. I think I've almost got it.
Tsugumi: We don't have a lot of time before our concert, and this song is so important to Marina-san. If I don't do everything I can to perfect my performance, I'd feel awful...
Maya: I-I see. Then that's fine!
Maya: I should follow your example and give it everything I've got as well!
Maya: In fact, why don't we try playing together?!
Tsugumi: Uhm, sorry you have to help me practice like this...
Maya: Not at all, I'm actually really grateful. Having you around makes practice go by much more smoothly.
Tsugumi: I'm sure Kasumi-chan and Rimi-chan are working really hard on their own, so I need to do my best as well...
Tsugumi: Besides, if I practice with someone as knowledgeable as you, Maya-senpai, I'm sure even someone like me can get it right.
Maya: Uhm, Hazawa-san... You shouldn't belittle yourself like that.
Tsugumi: Huh?
Maya: The only one here is you, the person doing their best to learn and grow every day.
Maya: So don't say things like "someone like me." If you put limits on yourself like that, you'll never change.
Tsugumi: Maya-senpai...
Maya: Ah! I'm sorry! I shouldn't be the one to talk...!
Maya: There have been times where I thought of myself the same way.
Maya: But everyone in Pastel*Palettes taught me that I don't need to think like that.
Maya: So, really, you and I are in the same position. I'm also just trying to do my best.
Tsugumi: Maya-senpai...
Maya: Huhehe, that's enough talk for now. Let's get back to practicing!
Tsugumi: Okay!
Maya: Alright, then let's start with the bridge and go until the hook! The keyboard has a lot of back beats in this part, so be careful!
Tsugumi: Will do!
Maya: Then here we go~!
Tsugumi: ...!

Hopeful Session Event Story - Chapter 5
One Stage, One Song

A packed audience has the dressing room buzzing. Meanwhile, Marina has something to say.


The Day of the Show
CiRCLE - Dressing Room

Maya: Well, Toyama-san? How's the audience look? Did anybody come?
Kasumi: A-actually, about that...
Kasumi: There's already a bunch of people...!
Kasumi: I just took a quick peek from the wings of the stage, so I couldn't see clearly, but it's way more people than just our other band members!
Marina: N-now you're making me nervous~.
Rimi: Is it alright for you to be away from the reception desk today, Marina-san?
Marina: Y-yeah... Another staff member is taking my place. They said it'd probably be easier for me to calm down if I'm here.
Marina: I didn't think I'd be this worried though... It must be because this is my first time seeing someone else play my songs.
Yukina: Fufu...
Marina: Huh? What is it, Yukina-chan? Did I say something funny?
Yukina: No, not at all. It just reminded me of something.
Tsugumi: Like what?
Yukina: Nothing important.
Yukina: (When Roselia first played LOUDER...)
Yukina: (Did my father feel the same way Marina-san does right now...?)
Maya: Personally, this brings me back to my days as a session musician!
Maya: Getting together with a band and giving it my all for a single song... It really gets my blood going.
Kasumi: I'm super pumped too~!
Rimi: Me too! I'm nervous as well, but I can't wait to perform!
Tsugumi: We all practiced so much, it's only natural to be excited! I know we can do it!
Yukina: That's the spirit, everyone... Now then, shall we head to th-
Marina: Uhm, wait...!
All: ...?
Marina: Thanks for enjoying my band's music so much. You're even performing it in concert...
Marina: I still can't believe this is happening.
Marina: My one regret was that we never got to play that song live.
Marina: I just felt like a song that no one's heard or remembers was a song that didn't exist.
Marina: Maybe that's why I was always humming it to myself...
Maya: I'm sure a lot more people are going to be humming it now.
Kasumi: I mean, I'm already singing it all the time. I even sang it in the bath tub last night!
Rimi: You were singing at school too. Fufufu.
Marina: I've never experienced something so amazing before... This is like a dream come true.
Marina: Sigh~... I'm so glad I got a job at a live house!
Maya: You really came up with the perfect title for this song! With this concert, your hopes and dreams will spread to all sorts of people!
Yukina: Hold on, aren't you getting a bit ahead of yourself? We haven't even started yet.
Marina: Sh-she's right. I'm just being a little sappy...
Yukina: Prepare yourselves, everyone. This performance will be our shining moment.
All: Yeah!
Yukina: (A song that no one's heard or remembers. A song that doesn't exist...)
Yukina: (I wonder if... that's how father felt about "LOUDER.")
Yukina: (Perhaps the reason I find this song so captivating...)
Yukina: (Is because its story... reminds me of "LOUDER.")

Hopeful Session Event Story - Ending
On a Surge of Hope

Marina expresses her gratitude as Maya and the others promise to perform again.


After the Show
CiRCLE - Lobby

Marina: Alright, that should do it for cleanup. Sorry to make you guys pick up after a concert.
Maya: Not at all. This was our concert, it's only natural that we help clean!
Yukina: You don't need to feel responsible for us. We're the ones who decided to hold this show after all.
Marina: Y-yeah, I know but... Still, let me say this again.
Marina: Thank you so much for today. This concert may have only had one song, but it brought back so many memories for me.
Marina: I'll always cherish the time I had with my band, good and bad.
Marina: This just helped me remember how amazing music can be... Fufufu, I guess you could say I'm extra motivated for my job tomorrow!
Tsugumi: ...
Kasumi: Hm? Is something wrong, Tsugu?
Tsugumi: U-uhm... Could I say a few words too...?
Tsugumi: I'm really glad I got to perform with you all... So now that I know it's over, I'm just a little sad.
Tsugumi: Maya-senpai, Yukina-senpai, Kasumi-chan and Rimi-chan... You all see music in such different ways. Just listening to you guys taught me a lot!
Tsugumi: This performance has made me want to learn even more about music! Thank you very much for this opportunity!
Maya: I agree with Hazawa-san, it's been a very educational experience. I was actually really surprised by what Minato-san pointed out when we first played this song.
Maya: Uhm... This really was a great opportunity, so if you guys don't mind, why don't we have another jam session some time?
Tsugumi: ... Huh? I-I'd love to!
Rimi: Me too!
Kasumi: That's a great idea! We should totally do it! Ah, if you're free, Marina-san, you should join us too!
Marina: Huh? Me? Well... I'll think about it.
Maya: What about you, Minato-san?
Yukina: Fufufu, it's not a bad idea. Taking on new experiences every once in a while certainly wouldn't hurt. After all, I made some new discoveries of my own this time around.
Tsugumi: Discoveries? Like what? Tell us, please!
Yukina: It's nothing worth mentio-
Yukina: Hm? Those people over there, are they...?
Maya: What's wrong?
Yukina: Never mind. Now then, shall we get going? ... Marina-san, I believe you have some guests.
Marina: Huh? Me?
???: Hey, Marina. Long time no see.
Marina: ... Huh? Guys... What are you doing here?!


Maya: It sounds like those people from before were Marina-san's old bandmates!
Kasumi: When I went to grab our stuff, it looked like they were having a blast talking about the old days! Isn't that right, Rimi-rin?!
Rimi: I also heard them say they found out about the concert online.
Rimi: It seems like they keep up with CiRCLE events, since they know Marina-san works here.
Tsugumi: So that's it... I'm really happy they came to our concert.
Kasumi: Ah! What if Marina-san forms a band again?!
Maya: Huhehe, I don't know if that'll happen, but the bond they formed playing music really is something, isn't it?!
Yukina: Alright, I'll be leaving now.
Maya: Ah, but we don't get a chance like this every day. Why don't we take the opportunity to reflect on our performance?
Yukina: What do you mean?
Maya: I'd love to hear what you thought of today's concert.
Kasumi: Me too! What did you think of my guitar, Yukina-senpai?!
Rimi: Wh-what about my bass?! Is there anything you noticed? Please don't hold back.
Tsugumi: Ah, in that case, why don't we go to my family's café? We can talk there.
Maya: Oh~! That sounds great! I'd love to!
Maya: Come on, Minato-san! Don't you have a lot to say about our performance?
Yukina: ...
Yukina: I suppose I have no choice...
Yukina: Alright, but I won't hold back. Understood?
Kasumi, Rimi & Tsugumi: Yes!
Yukina: I'll start with the guitar then. You were a little late at the beginning of the intro. If you don't fix that, the audience's emotions may...
Maya: L-looks like this might take a while... Huhehe...

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