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How's My Voice? Card Story - Episode

The Name of This Radio Show...


Talent Agency

Eve: "I look forward to listening to your radio show, Eve-chan." ... Fufu, how kind.
Eve: What does this letter say...?
Aya & Chisato: Good morning!
Eve: Aya-san, Chisato-san! Good morning!
Chisato: What are you reading, Eve-chan?
Eve: Ah, the letters I received through my radio show!
Aya: Are these all from your radio show? Wow, there are so many...!
Eve: The staff told me that the number of letters has increased since we did the open recording.
Eve: And it's all thanks to the listeners and Pastel✽Palettes!
Aya: I guess that's true, but I think it also means that all your hard work paid off, Eve-chan! The response online was huge, after all.
Chisato: Staff from some other shows told me that they even tuned in for the open recording.
Eve: Wow, I am so happy that so many people are listening to the show!
Aya: But Eve-chan, with this many letters, won't it be hard to read them all?
Chisato: That's right. I actually thought the staff chose which letters you read out on air...
Eve: No, they do, but I told them I wanted to read all of the other letters too.
Eve: Because my fans poured their feelings into each and every one of them.
Aya: I see... Hey, Eve-chan. Can I read them with you?
Eve: Of course! You are welcome to them too, Chisato-san!
Chisato: Fufu, thanks... Oh, this one is about the open recording.
Chisato: "I went to your open recording. I was so happy to see all of Pastel✽Palettes there!"
Aya: This one too. They said, "Pastel✽Palettes Heart, Soul, and Spirit was so cute~."
Eve: It was fun saying "bang!" together with everyone!
Aya: When I heard that, I wanted to do it too~! ... Ah, Eve-chan, look at this letter.
Aya: "Some bad things have happened recently, so I was feeling a bit down, but listening to your radio show really cheered me up. Thank you!"
Aya: I totally get that. Your show really lifts your spirits.
Chisato: Yes. When you're giving advice, you really know how to get close to them with your words.
Chisato: I think there are a lot of people who are comforted by your words, Eve-chan.
Eve: R-really...?! I am also deeply comforted by my listeners.
Eve: When I read their letters, they make me want to work even harder on the next broadcast!
Aya: We talked about a rally of dreams before, but now it's a rally of happiness between you and the listeners!
Chisato: Essentially, you are the source of their happiness, and they are the source of yours.
Eve: ...! Being able to share such heartwarming feelings is a joy, isn't it?
Eve: I have received so many of their feelings, so I must take them all in...!
Aya: Then let's keep reading through them!
Chisato: Oh? This letter... It's from "The Director of Hanazono Land"...?
Tae: "Oddie always jumps up and down excitedly when we listen to your show!"
Tae: "Oddie looks forward to listening to your show every day, Eve. So keep it up!"
Eve: Oddie... Which means this must be from...
Aya: Eve-chan, look at these ones too...
Hagumi: "Sender: Crunchy Croquette."
Hagumi: "Your radio show was so funny this week~! Nice one, Eve-chin!"
Hagumi: "Ah, that's right! You should teach your listeners the ninja technique we tried during recess at school the other day!"
Tsugumi: "Sender: This week's recommendation is the sakura and matcha cake."
Tsugumi: "Eve-chan, I always listen to your show with my family."
Tsugumi: "I'm so glad that your voice has been sounding chirpier lately, and you sound like you've been having a good time! I will keep tuning in!"
Eve: Tae-san... Hagumi-san... Tsugumi-san...
Aya: They all tuned in to your show...!
Chisato: It's reassuring to know that even your friends are listening.
Eve: Yes...
Eve: Letters are a peculiar thing. They give me a different kind of joy to the kind I would experience if they told me the same things at school or downtown.
Chisato: They thought carefully about what they could write to convey their thoughts to you before sending them in. It's precious because they took the time out of their day to support you.
Aya: Fan letters are like that too. When I think about how everybody makes time in their busy lives to write to us, I can't help but want to work even harder.
Eve: That is it! And I want to reply to every single one of these as best I can!
Chisato: Let us help you. We also want your show can become an even bigger success.
Aya: Yeah, yeah! If you need any help, just let us know.
Eve: Thank you so much! I must be diligent so I can make this show even better!

How's My Voice? Card Story - Special Episode

A Special Place to Chat



Marina: What should we have for lunch? We have a lot of bookings this afternoon, so we'd better eat something... Oh?
Marina: Is that person over there... Hey, Eve-chan!
Eve: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Are you out shopping?
Marina: Nope, we're on our lunch break. How about you?
Eve: I am heading to my recording of All Day✽Bushido!
Marina: That's right. You've started your own radio show!
Eve: Yes! I am not quite used to it yet, but there are many fun things about this new job!
Marina: I see. What do you think is fun about radio?
Eve: I like reading letters from my listeners and replying to them on air.
Eve: I have the opportunity to converse with fans at release events and meet and greets, but even then I cannot talk to them for very long individually...
Eve: But by replying to their letters, it's like I am speaking properly to each of my fans. It is very enjoyable!
Marina: Fufu, it sounds like you're speaking to a lot of people on your show then.
Eve: Yes, I am. The other day, I actually received letters from Tae-san, Hagumi-san, and Tsugumi-san.
Eve: They had listened to my previous show and sent me letters to cheer me on.
Marina: There sure are lots of people listening to your show.
Eve: Yes, I am very grateful.
Eve: At the open recording the other day, I was even able to meet some fans I had only spoken to before through letters.
Eve: Looking at their faces in the crowd made me realize how many people truly were tuning in...
Eve: There are listeners who look forward to my show, and so I realized that I must be diligent in continuing to use my words to convey my feelings back to them.
Marina: Yeah, yeah. And people who didn't know you until now will surely get to know you from the radio show too.
Eve: Yes, that's right! I received a letter yesterday from someone who became a fan after listening to me on the radio.
Eve: They said that not only had they become my fan, but also a fan of Pastel✽Palettes.
Eve: So I will do my best to have more and more people know about us through my show!
Marina: I'm rooting for you!
Eve: Thank you! Please tune in if you have the time, Marina-san.
Marina: Of course! Ah, sorry for stopping you on your way to work.
Eve: No, thanks to you I feel fired up! I will give today my whole-hearted devotion! Bushido!