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How to Spend a Special Day Event Story - Opening
One More Hour...

The five girls, each with a bento, eating together as usual. However, Tae seems especially happy today...


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Courtyard

Kasumi: Arisa~! Over here!
Arisa: Sorry I'm late. I had to do some student-council stuff. Phew~, it's so hot today~.
Saaya: Yeah, it feels like summer already. I think I'm gonna start sweating just sitting here.
Rimi: Here's some sunblock, Arisa-chan.
Arisa: Oh, thanks. You know what? Today is too hot to be putting on sunblock and trying to eat in the courtyard. Why don't we eat in a classroom?
Tae: I like having my bento outside. Eating in the open under the clouds just feels right.
Kasumi: I wanna eat outside too! It's hot, but we've got so much more space to relax here.
Arisa: I get where you're coming from, I really do, but the sunshine today is lethal...
Rimi: Summer came fast, didn't it? I still feel like just the other day we became second-year high school students.
Saaya: It does feel that way. And is it just me, or do classes seem a whole lot harder than when we were first-year students?
Kasumi: No, they so are! Classical Chinese Lit. is killing me~. What are those things called? Return marks? Isn't trying to follow them the hardest thing ever?
Tae: Yeah, but you can read guitar notes. I don't think the Chinese Literature teacher can do that.
Kasumi: H-hey, that's right...! I can read guitar notes! Shoot, if I can do that, then I don't need to-
Arisa: Not so fast, missy. You still need to learn to read Chinese.
Saaya: Fufufu, how about we start eating lunch? If we keep talking, lunchtime is going to be over.
Kasumi: Good point! Come on, let's eat!
All: Yeah!
Tae: Sigh, that was good. So like I was saying, my coworker-
Arisa: Hey, wait a sec, would you? I'm still eating.
Tae: Well, just listen, then. So my coworker...
Rimi: Fufufu, I don't know why, but O-Tae-chan seems to be in a really good mood today.
Saaya: She does. Didn't she finish her bento quickly too...? Maybe it's just my imagination.
Kasumi: Hey, I bet it's because we've been playing more gigs lately. It's got her feeling good. I'm feeling it too. Every day feels freaking awesome♪
Saaya: Speaking of gigs, we need to get ready for the next one. We have rehearsal in Arisa's basement after school today.
Arisa: Ah, Kasumi, you forgot your Chinese Lit. book yesterday at my place when you left practice, didn't you? I brought it for you. I'll give it to you later.
Kasumi: What? I forgot it?! We do have Chinese Lit. later, don't we?! Thanks~, Arisa~. See, that's why I should always have you around~.
Arisa: H-huh?! What's that supposed to mean?!
Tae: Arisa, you know it's alright to let it show when someone makes you happy.
Arisa: Shut it, you!
Tae: I'm really excited. We've only got one more week till it's time~.
Kasumi: Huh...? One week... till it's time for what? There's something happening next week? Oh no! Sorry, did I forget something important?
Rimi: I don't remember anything special coming up either... How about you, Saaya-chan?
Saaya: I... I can't think of anything.
Arisa: Kasumi's birthday isn't until the fourteenth of July, so we've still got a little time before that, right? That means-
Kasumi: Wow, Arisa! You remembered my birthday~! I definitely need to have you around all the time~.
Arisa: I still don't know what that means!
Kasumi: Let's see, Arisa, your birthday's the twenty-seventh of October, right? Saaya's is on May nineteenth, O-Tae's is on December fourth, and Rimi-rin's is on March twenty-third! ... Am I right?
Arisa: No need to show off now...
Kasumi: Ah, wow! Arisa, you're a Scorpio, aren't you? They say Scorpios and Cancers get along super well! Did you know that? And I'm a Cancer!
Arisa: Like I care about that! A-anyway, O-Tae, what the heck is happening a week from now?
Saaya: Is it Oddie's birthday?
Tae: Bzzzt. Try again.
Rimi: Is it your mom's birthday?
Tae: Wrong. It's not a birthday.
Kasumi: Can we get a hint? Please?!
Arisa: When did this turn into a game show...? Listen, if no one's guessed so far, then it probably means it's nothing important.
Saaya: O-Tae, what is it?
Tae: Oh, the answer is... It'll be the first anniversary of us passing the SPACE audition.
All: ...
Kasumi: The SPACE...
Arisa: Audition...
Kasumi: Th-that's right... Now that you mention it... It has almost been a year...
Rimi: I remember the day we played a show at SPACE, but not the day we passed the audition...
Saaya: O-Tae, you remembered the date...
Arisa: H-hey, O-Tae... Why do you have to just drop this sort of thing on us? I wasn't ready. I don't know how to take this.
Kasumi: Ah! Afternoon classes are gonna start any minute! Let's talk about this after school, okay?!

How to Spend a Special Day Event Story - Chapter 1
Audition Anniversary

After school, Arisa and Tae enjoy a silly conversation together while heading to Arisa's basement.


After School
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - School Gate

Arisa: Sigh, it's finally time to go home... Doing paperwork for the student council is no joke... My shoulders are killing me.
Tae: Well, you're all done now. Heading home?
Arisa: Ah, O-Tae? Are you leaving now too? I had to do some student-council stuff. Why are you still here?
Tae: I was working on an assignment for Home Ec. I'm making a new guitar case.
Arisa: Again? You made one last year too. You know, the one with Kasumi.
Tae: It's been a year, but I'm still no good at sewing. I wonder why.
Arisa: What do you expect? You don't do it often enough.
Tae: I wonder if Kasumi finished hers already.
Arisa: She said she wanted to hurry up and get to band practice, so I figured she was working hard on it. I'm pretty sure she finished it in class.
Arisa: As soon as school was out, she ran off to my place.
Tae: I guess we should get there soon too. It sounds like she's pumped to start practicing.
Arisa: Relax. I'm sure she's busy talking bout the SPACE audition anniversary thing. She's been saying how much she wants to talk about it with everyone ever since you brought it up.
Tae: In that case, I'd like to get there soon. There's a lot I want to say about it.
Arisa: I can't believe you remembered the day of the audition, O-Tae. I mean, I remember when we played the show, but still...
Tae: I was working part-time at SPACE then. I remember my shift and everything.
Arisa: Oh, yeah, that sounds about right.
Arisa: I feel like if I listen hard and actually think about what you're saying, you make a lot of sense. But most of the time I'm completely lost when you're talking.
Tae: Ahahaha, yeah, people say that a lot. Even my coworker told me something like that the other day. Maybe I'm no good at explaining things.
Arisa: I wouldn't worry too much. That's just you. Besides, we're all used to "O-Tae Talk" by now.
Tae: Ah! I left my Home Ec. assignment. Arisa, wait for me. I'll be right back.
Arisa: H-hey... Jeez, that girl's hopeless...

Ichigaya Residence - Basement

Arisa: I'm here.
Kasumi: Ah! Hey, Arisa~! All done with student council?
Tae: I'm here too. I bumped into Arisa at school, so we came together.
Saaya: Hey, guys~. O-Tae, did you finish your Home Economics assignment?
Tae: No, I've still got a ways to go, but I'm good for today. I'll pick up where I left off tomorrow.
Rimi: There's still a little time before it's due, so no need to worry. You know, I was just asking when you and Arisa-chan were going to show up.
Kasumi: Yeah, we were sitting around and talking about the audition last year! It's so much fun looking back on it!
Arisa: Hahaha, I knew it. It's so easy to know what Kasumi's thinking.
Kasumi: You won't believe this, but we were talking about having a party to celebrate the first anniversary of us passing the audition! The idea just popped into my head, and I threw it out there...
Arisa: A party?
Kasumi: Passing that audition was a big deal for Poppin'Party, right? That's why we were talking about wanting to celebrate!
Arisa: Why does it feel like we're always coming up with some excuse to have a party?
Arisa: We had a Christmas party and a New Year's party. We even just had Saaya's birthday party for goodness' sake.
Kasumi: I know, and the more parties, the better~. When we're together, we just keep making more and more awesome stuff to celebrate.
Saaya: Fufu, having more things to celebrate together means we're creating more and more precious memories.
Tae: That's right. The day we passed the audition was a really special time for us.
Rimi: Ohhh... When I think back on that day, my fingers start shaking.
Arisa: It was so nerve-racking. I worried so much I messed up my part...
Kasumi: Yeah, but we did it! It's weird, though... The audition feels like it was both yesterday and a lifetime away.
Saaya: Ah, speaking of the audition, didn't we spend the night at O-Tae's house the night before?
Kasumi: Ahhh~, we did, we did~! We were all laid out on futons! We had such a good time~.
Tae: It was a lot of fun. That was the first time I'd had any friends spend the night. I hope we can do that again.
Kasumi: Oh, I'm all on board with that! I usually spend the night at Arisa's place, but I'd love to go to your place more!
Arisa: You all just do whatever the heck you want, don't you?
Kasumi: You know, the day before the anniversary of passing the audition is the anniversary of the first O-Tae slumber party! We should have a party that day too! Whaddaya say?
Arisa: That's way too much partying. We start going down that road, and we'll end up throwing a party for every little thing.
Saaya: Fufufu. Let's put the slumber-party anniversary on hold for a minute. Have we decided to have one for passing the audition?
Kasumi: Yeah, that is definitely happening!
Saaya: Okay, then we should figure out what exactly we want to do.
Kasumi: For starters, we should have the party here, right?
Arisa: Well, I saw that coming...
Tae: I want to eat lots of good food. And we should play music too.
Kasumi: That sounds awesome! What else? Ah, we should get a cake too!
Rimi: Fufufu, that could work. Maybe I'll ask Himari-chan if she knows a good place.
Kasumi: Arisa, there's nothing you wanna do?
Arisa: Nah, not really... All that stuff you're saying sounds like what we usually do...
Kasumi: That's 'cause Poppin'Party parties are the best~♪ Let's make it a great one like we always do!!
Saaya: Yeah!
Arisa: ...

How to Spend a Special Day Event Story - Chapter 2
Secret Plans

Arisa and Tae end up going home together again, and Arisa consults Tae about the party.


The Next Day
Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - School Gate

Arisa: I can't believe I was stuck at school this late again... I've just got to make it till summer vacation.
Tae: Hey, Arisa. Did you have student council again?
Arisa: Yeah. You were working on that thing from Home Ec., weren't you?
Tae: Yeah, but I'm almost done. I think I'll have it ready for our audition-anniversary party this weekend.
Arisa: Really? That's good.
Tae: I can't wait!
Arisa: Y-yeah... Should be fun.
Tae: Huh? You aren't excited?
Arisa: No, of course I'm excited. It's just...
Tae: What?
Arisa: It kind of feels like another one of our usual parties...
Arisa: The day we passed that audition was really special, right? For me, for Poppin'Party, that was one heck of a day...
Arisa: So I've been thinking. I don't want to have another one of our same ol' parties to celebrate something so important...
Tae: You want to do something different...? Like what?
Arisa: If I knew that, I wouldn't be stressing over it right now. Can you think of anything? Maybe getting a surprise for everyone would be cool.
Tae: Hmm~... I can't think of a thing.
Arisa: Did you really think about it? How about you give that another try?
Tae: Arisa, you really love Poppin'Party, don't you?
Arisa: What?! Wh-why are you asking me that?!
Tae: You're trying to think of a way to make the party more fun because you really want everyone to have a good time, don't you?
Arisa: I-I wouldn't say all that... I just thought doing the same thing wouldn't be right...
Tae: I know what you mean. I feel the same way.
Arisa: Huh...? Really?
Tae: Yeah. Everyone in Poppin'Party is really special to me. We hang out and do stuff. You all are my best friends. I get why you want everyone to have a good time.
Tae: You know, before I joined the band, I didn't really have any fri-
Arisa: Alright, alright, I get it! Jeez, I didn't ask to hear your life story!
Tae: Being in a band is amazing. And because of it, I've got so many friends now.
Arisa: Wait, O-Tae, weren't you friends with that person from RAS...? Layer? You knew them before you joined the band...
Tae: I hadn't seen Rei for a long time. When I think about it, our band was the whole reason I even met up with her again.
Arisa: Okay... What about the people from SPACE? Do you still talk to them? They're... your friends, right?
Tae: Yeah, they're my friends! Sometimes I message my old coworkers. They've all moved on now, but every once in a while, we hang out.
Arisa: Really~? That sounds nice.
Tae: Some of them are working at different live houses. Others are doing completely different work. But when we meet up, we always talk about our time at SPACE.
Tae: Even now, they all still love the place. I do too.
Arisa: I'm really happy we could play the last show there. It's all because we passed that audition a year ago...
Tae: Ah, that reminds me. They were telling me that the last time they met up, they watched a video of that show. I had to do something that day, so I couldn't go.
Arisa: What...? There's a video... of the show...?!
Tae: Yeah. One of them recorded it. I'd heard that the owner normally wouldn't let anyone record, but seeing how that was going to be SPACE's last one, my coworkers begged for permission
Arisa: O-Tae, that's it! We'll do that!
Tae: Huh? Do what?
Arisa: Use the video of the last show! The others would lose their minds if we played that during the party!
Tae: Ah... You're right! I'd like to watch it too, seeing as how I couldn't before.
Arisa: Right?! Seeing that would get Kasumi and the others screaming like crazy! Is there any way you can borrow that video?
Tae: I can try. I'll ask.
Arisa: Thanks! Ah, let's keep this a secret though, okay?
Tae: Huh? Why?
Arisa: Because it'll be more fun that way! If we surprise everyone with it during the party, they'll freak out!
Tae: Ah, okay. You know, it's just like you to try so hard for Poppin'Party.
Arisa: It's not like that... I just think if we're going to celebrate something special, then we should do something special.
Tae: Sure. Consider this our little secret.
Arisa: It better be. We're going to be practicing with everyone in the basement soon!
Tae: Roger that. Give me a sec. I'm gonna message my coworker about the video.

How to Spend a Special Day Event Story - Chapter 3
For a Special Party

Kasumi, Saaya, and Rimi are in the basement after arriving early. They all want this party to be special...


Ichigaya Residence - Basement

Kasumi: Oh, oh, and we've just gotta have bread from Saaya's shop! It's not a Poppin'Party party without goodies from the Yamabuki Bakery!
Saaya: Fufufu, thanks. My dad's going to get a kick out of hearing that.
Rimi: Ah, that reminds me. I got a message from Himari-chan. She told me about some good cake shops. Look.
Kasumi: Wow, she knows a ton of places! It's gonna be hard choosing where to go.
Saaya: Seems like we know what to do about food. What else is there...?
Kasumi: Ah, my mom says we can get pizza! Three of them!
Rimi: Three?! Alright~! O-Tae-chan is going to be happy.
Kasumi: Heh heh~, this is gonna be awesome~♪ We've just gotta wait a few more days, and then we're gonna play music and talk and have fun like always!
Saaya: Well, there's one thing...
Kasumi: What's up, Saaya?
Saaya: I don't know. It sort of feels like we're having the same kind of party we always have. Wasn't Arisa saying something like that last time too?
Kasumi: You think so? But we don't always get pizza.
Saaya: True. We have upgraded the food for this party... But passing the audition was a huge deal for us, right?
Rimi: It'd be nice if we could make this party feel a little more special, you know?
Kasumi: More special... Okay. What do you wanna do...?
Saaya: Here's an idea, what about a surprise or something?
Saaya: For our show last Christmas, Arisa invited CHiSPA. That was so amazing! It gave the event a different feeling.
Kasumi: Ah, I like that! Nice, Saaya! That's good, right, Rimi-rin?
Rimi: Yeah! That sounds great!
Saaya: Fufufu. Before, I was the one who got surprised, but this time, it'd be fun to be the one who gave the surprise.
Saaya: Why don't we think of a way to surprise Arisa and O-Tae?
Kasumi: How about this?! We keep the pizzas a secret from them, so when the pizzas show up, Arisa and O-Tae will be super excited!
Saaya: Hmm~, sorry... I'm not really feeling that. Let's forget about the pizza for a minute, okay?
Rimi: Uhhh, how about this?! Whisper, whisper, whisper...
Kasumi: Ahhh~, that's it! That's what we're gonna do! Arisa and O-Tae will love it! We'll go to Rimi-rin's house and-
Kasumi: Ah, did you hear the door just now? It might be Arisa! We've gotta keep this a secret!
Arisa: We're here~.
Kasumi: Ahem... O-oh~, hey~. Y-you were at school late today, huh...?
Arisa: Y-yeah. Oh, everyone's here already~.
Tae: Sorry for coming late. I ran into Arisa again at the school gate, so we came together.
Kasumi: Oh, really~? You and Arisa were together today too~.
Kasumi: U-uhhh... Ah, it sure is hot today, isn't it?
Arisa: Y-yeah. It's boiling out there. Haha, hahahaha...
Kasumi: Ahaha, haha, hahaha...
Saaya: Rimi-rin... Kasumi's being awkward. Think she'll be able to do it...?
Rimi: Well, Kasumi-chan's not the kind of person who's good at hiding things... But I feel like Arisa-chan's acting strange too...
Kasumi & Arisa: Arisa!
Kasumi & Arisa: ...?!
Arisa: Huh? W-what? Kasumi, if you've got something you want to say then-
Kasumi: Nope! Arisa, wasn't there something you wanted to talk about?
Arisa: I-I didn't really have anything important to say... Hey, we're throwing a party for the anniversary of our audition, right?
Kasumi: ...?!
Arisa: Wh-why did you look so surprised just now?
Kasumi: Who? Me? I didn't look surprised. Not one bit. Rimi-rin~, I didn't look surprised, right~?
Rimi: Wh-why are you asking me?! N-no... I-I don't think you looked surprised.
Kasumi: See, Arisa~? Stop saying weird stuff, okay~? Now, what were you saying about the party?
Arisa: You know~, I've been thinking about it since we first brought it up, and... I think I'm okay with having a party like we always do~.
Arisa: They're really fun, aren't they? So we don't have to go out of our way to do anything special...
Kasumi: No way! I was just thinking the same thing! Our usual parties are the best~.
Arisa: Right, what we usually do is perfect!
Kasumi: I think so too! Crazy, it's like you and I share the same mind~. Ahahahaha...
Arisa: Feels that way~, hahahaha...

How to Spend a Special Day Event Story - Chapter 4
Thanks to Poppin'Party

Arisa and Tae get ready for the party tomorrow. They eventually begin talking about Poppin'Party...


A Few Days Later
Ichigaya Residence - Basement

Arisa: Come on in.
Tae: Thank you.
Arisa: No one's here today.
Tae: We're finally having the party tomorrow. I'm so excited~.
Arisa: Trying to keep this surprise a secret when I'm talking to Kasumi is... hard work.
Arisa: Anyway, were you able to get it?
Tae: Sure was. It's on this.
Arisa: A flash drive, huh? So we just plug this into the computer, and there should be a video file on it, right?
Tae: Yeah, that's what my coworker said.
Arisa: Okay, so let's connect this thing I borrowed to here and-
Tae: Ah, is that a projector? Watching the show on that is going to be amazing!
Arisa: I know, right?!
Tae: You got that just for tomorrow?
Aria: Well... I was talking about this whole surprise thing with someone, and they lent this to me. They said there's no better way to watch it.
Arisa: I was thinking of showing it on a TV, but the person I was talking to said if the others suddenly saw one down here, they'd know something was up. So I borrowed this projector.
Tae: Way to go, Arisa. Kasumi and the others are going to freak out when they see this.
Arisa: That's the plan.
Tae: Let's check out the video.
Arisa: What...? You want to watch it... before everyone else?
Tae: We're not sure if it'll work on that PC. We should check. Even my coworker said we should.
Arisa: I guess... But only for a second! As soon as we see that it's playing, we turn it off. We'll watch the rest when we're all together!
Tae: Fufufu, alright. Let's sneak a peek.
Arisa: Okay, so I just plug this flash drive in and... Hmm~, click on this file...
Tae: Hey, Arisa? I'm really glad we're in Poppin'Party.
Arisa: Huh...? Wh-what are you blabbering about now...?
Tae: You know, I think if it weren't for the band, I wouldn't be surprising friends or having them come over for a slumber party.
Tae: We're all together because of Poppin'Party, and I'm really thankful for that.
Arisa: ...
Tae: Kasumi, Saaya, Rimi, you. I love you all. It wouldn't be the same without us five.
Arisa: A-are you alright... O-Tae?
Tae: It was something I felt I needed to say right now.
Arisa: Sigh, jeez... You really do just come out of left field with that kind of stuff.
Arisa: I know what you're trying to say though. Even without your little random emotional outbursts...
Arisa: I'm just like you. Before Poppin'Party, I'd never even stayed the night at a friend's place.
Arisa: The first time I did was when we all were at your house the night before the audition.
Arisa: I was so nervous that night that I kept tossing and turning all over the place. I could barely sleep...
Tae: I know what you mean.
Arisa: What are you talking about? You fell asleep right away.
Tae: I did?
Arisa: Yeah. You passed out as soon as your head hit the pillow. Fufufu.
Arisa: ...
Arisa: You know... I wonder what we'd be like if we didn't have Poppin'Party.
Arisa: I-I don't think I'd be part of the student council. Sigh, but then I wouldn't have to do all that darn work either~.
Arisa: ...
Arisa: ... I probably wouldn't even be going to school...
Arisa: And then I wouldn't be able to eat lunch with you all in the courtyard or hang out and talk after school. I wouldn't have any of that...
Tae: Or throw birthday parties or share special moments together. None of that would exist...
Arisa: Kind of scary... when you think about it like that.
Tae: But...
Tae: Poppin'Party happened.
Arisa: O-Tae...
Tae: Poppin'Party did happen... Right?
Arisa: Yeah. It did...
Arisa: Fufufu, tomorrow's party is going to be so good.
Tae: I hope everyone likes the video.
Arisa: Of course they're going to like the video. ... Huh? Wait...
Tae: What is it?
Arisa: If tomorrow is the anniversary of the day we passed the audition, then that makes today the night we slept over your house.
Tae: Oh, yeah. The anniversary of the first slumber party that Kasumi was talking about!
Arisa: And it just happens that today, I'm with the first friend whose house I spent the night at. This means...
Arisa: Maybe we can celebrate a little right now. Just us.
Tae: Yes!
Arisa: I'm gonna go grab some drinks! Ah, wait! Let's check that video first.
Arisa: I'll say this one more time. As soon as we see it plays, we stop the video! Okay?!
Tae: And the rest we'll watch with the others, right?

How to Spend a Special Day Event Story - Chapter 5
Double Surprise

The day of the party has finally arrived and special sentiments accompany the girls' enjoyment.


The Day of the Party
Ichigaya Residence - Basement

Kasumi: Everyone has a cup? Here's to the first anniversary of us passing the SPACE audition! Cheers!
All: Cheers!
Arisa: Is it me, or does the food seem really fancy today? And there are three pizzas too...
Tae: Ah! They're all the kinds I like!
Saaya: Kasumi and Rimi-rin picked out O-Tae's favorite kinds of pizza.
Rimi: Fufufu, looks like we did well Kasumi-chan. O-Tae's eyes are twinkling.
Kasumi: Yay! My mom said we could have them. The pizzas are part of our surprise!
Saaya: K-Kasumi?!
Arisa: Huh? What did you just say?
Rimi: Hey, Arisa-chan! L-look at this. This is a cake from a place Himari-chan recommended!
Arisa: Wow~, you all got a cake too? When did you plan all this?
Rimi: Remember the other day when you and O-Tae-chan came a little late to rehearsal? That's when we were talking about what to do.
Arisa: Really~? You all were making plans~? Sure had me fooled.
Tae: Ah, Arisa, it's time. Arisa and I have-
Arisa: O-Tae~! Don't say anything! Zip it, okay?
Saaya: Well, you guys, let's make this anniversary party one to remember!
Kasumi: Yeah! Party time people!

30 Minutes Later

Kasumi: Ahahaha! Right, right?! Yuri-senpai and the others came that time to cheer us on too.
Tae: Everyone from Glitter*Green was there.
Rimi: I heard after the audition that Sis and the others were really worried for us too.
Arisa: I bet Hinako-senpai wasn't worried a bit. But, I mean, you know how she is.
Saaya: Fufufu, sure do! Wow, that takes me back~. Kasumi? Is it about time for you-know-what?
Rimi: Yeah, Kasumi-chan, I think it's time.
Kasumi: Alright! Here we go~!
Arisa: ... Huh? What's going on, Kasumi? Why are you standing up...?
Kasumi: Fufufu~... Well...!
Kasumi: Saaya, Rimi-rin, and I put this together to celebrate the anniversary of our audition!!
Tae: ... Huh? What's up with the bag?
Rimi: Why don't you see what's inside?
Arisa: It's, uh... A wristband...? ... Huh? What's this all about?
Saaya: Fufufu. Look, we've all got one.
Kasumi: They match~!
Rimi: We wanted to do something to surprise you and O-Tae-chan, so we made these.
Arisa: Hold on... You all planned a surprise for us?
Kasumi: Yeah! Whaddaya think? Did we surprise you? Saaya, Rimi-rin, and I had been talking about how it'd be a waste not to do something different to celebrate our anniversary.
Saaya: We got the idea from Glitter*Green. Every time we look at these, we'll remember that day of our audition.
Tae: This is awesome! We should wear these the next time we play a show! Wouldn't that be great, Arisa?
Arisa: You all... I can't believe you took the time to prepare this...
Tae: Fufufu. I guess we were all thinking the same thing. You all planned something for us too.
Kasumi: Heh heh~, you like it? We got you, didn't we~? Saaya, Rimi-rin, we did it! Operation Anniversary Surprise is a success!
Saaya: Huh...? Hold on a minute. O-Tae, did you just say we had something for you 'too'? ... What does that mean?
Tae: Arisa and I also wanted to do something for you all, so we planned a little something.
Kasumi: What?! Really?! What is it?
Tae: Well, look in front of you!
Saaya: In front of us... There's just a wall... Huh?! Wait, it looks like a movie is starting!
Rimi: Is this...?
Kasumi: It's... the last show at SPACE!
Saaya: Th-there was a video?!
Arisa: When O-Tae was working at SPACE, one of her coworkers asked the owner if they could record the show.
Tae: The owner usually didn't allow recordings. They felt a show was something that should be experienced live, you know? But since that was going to be the last one, the owner gave the okay to film it.
Kasumi: A-awesome... Arisa, O-Tae... You two planned this?!
Kasumi: W-well, you know... Today's special. We just had to do something.
Kasumi: Arisa, O-Tae! Thank you sooo much!
Tae: Fufufu. Looks like our surprise was a hit too. I'm happy everyone likes it, Arisa.
Arisa: L-look! It's about to start! Focus on that!

How to Spend a Special Day Event Story - Ending
Steadfast Sentiments

The girls excitedly talk about their concert while watching the video. Just when they thought it was over, the video keeps playing...


Ichigaya Residence - Basement

Kasumi: Oh my gosh! Look, look! It's us.
Rimi: Wow~. I'm getting goosebumps~.
Tae: I'll never forget those outfits.
Saaya: I remember now. Not only did my parents come, but my siblings Jun and Sana came too.
Arisa: My grandma came.
Kasumi: Ah, I think the show's starting! Hey, let's shout our name at the same time as in the video! Ready?
All: We are Poppin'Party!!
Kasumi: Sigh, that was the coolest thing ever...
Rimi: Yeah...! I never would have thought there was a video of that show!
Saaya: Arisa, O-Tae... Thank you so much. We planned a surprise for you two, but I feel like we were the ones who got surprised...
Arisa: It just happened that O-Tae remembered there was a video.
Tae: Yeah, but it was Arisa who thought you all would like to see it.
Kasumi: Oh, I am so happy I could see that! Why wouldn't I be?! I can feel all that energy and excitement from the show again.
Kasumi: While we were watching the video, it reminded me of our chant. It started at that show, didn't it?
Saaya: Yeah, it did! We were standing on the side of the stage waiting to go out when, out of nowhere, O-Tae said it! Fufufu♪
Tae: Popipa! Pipopa! Popipapa! Pipopa!
Arisa: I can't believe you came up with that when we were so nervous.
Rimi: Thanks to that, we were able to loosen up a little.
Kasumi: Ah! We gave that show everything we had, but looking at it now, we were still just figuring things out!
Rimi: I know~! I could hear places where we were off!
Saaya: Fufufu. If you can tell that, then it means we've come a long way over the year.
Arisa: Of course we have. We've been putting in a lot of effort this whole time.
Tae: It's not like one of our Home Ec. assignments. We've been practicing almost every day. And, together, we've gotten better.
Kasumi: Sigh, it was really cool seeing that video~. I'm a little jealous, though. The surprise you two came up with was on a totally different level~...
Arisa: Hahahaha. This wasn't a contest. And I definitely didn't see these wristbands coming.
Saaya: You know... That kind of sounds like something the winner might say.
Arisa: R-really? I think the video's almost over. I'll stop it here-
Tae: Huh? Wait. Something's starting.
Arisa: Huh? You're right... What is that?
Rimi: Huh? You didn't know about this?
Arisa: No, not at all... Hm? Isn't that... the dressing room at SPACE?
Saaya: This is... everybody hanging out after the show, isn't it?!
Saaya: Come to think of it, didn't someone come to the dressing room with a camera afterward?
Kasumi: Ah! They did! And we told them what it was like and what we were feeling, right?
Rimi: Now that you mention it, I think I remember that... I must have forgotten. That performance had my head in the clouds.
Arisa: Hey, there's Kasumi! Do you remember what you said?!
Kasumi: Not a bit! I don't even remember being filmed!
Tae: Look closely, you guys. Here's Kasumi from a year ago!
Kasumi: Huh? How do I feel about the show?! It was freaking amazing!
Kasumi: I just had the best show ever with my best friends ever at the best live house ever! I just want to thank the owner. Thank you so much~!
Kasumi: I'll never forget today! It's always gonna hold a special place in my heart!
Kasumi: We five are Poppin'Party! And I couldn't be happier!
Kasumi: Did I really say that?! I can't remember it at all~.
Arisa: Yesterday, O-Tae and I were saying the exact same thing... We really are always thinking the same thing, aren't we...?
Kasumi: Huh? What did you say?
Arisa: N-never mind. It was nothing.
Saaya: Fufufu. We may have planned surprises for each other, but this video was huge.
Tae: I know, right? Kasumi from a year ago said that the day of the show was always going to be special to her... You all want to have a party for that too?
Arisa: Oh, no! That's way too many!
Kasumi: What?! No, we should totally have one!
Tae: Yeah! I wanna have one too!
Arisa: We had a pre-party here yesterday.
Rimi: Huh? A pre-party?
Kasumi: Say what now?! You didn't tell us anything about having a pre-party!
Tae: Yesterday, Arisa and I celebrated the anniversary of the first slumber party.
Arisa: H-hey, O-Tae!!
Saaya: R-really...? Now that's the real surprise...
Arisa: You had to have been there. It just kind of happened...
Kasumi: What?! No fair~! Arisa~, O-Tae~, I thought we weren't gonna celebrate that~!!

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