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Hun Gree Card Story - Episode

Phantom Thieves of Afterglow


After School
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Class 1-B

Moca: And then, boom. Moca-chan arrives... That's when-
Tsugumi: Moca-chan, what are you writing?
Moca: A fabulous question. I'm glad you asked~. I'm making sure we have a record of all the Phantom Thieves stuff that happened the other day~.
Tsugumi: Oh, okay! But why?
Moca: So that one day, I can take what we did and make it into a manga, obviously~.
Tsugumi: M-Moca-chan...! Aww, you remember the day we wrote manga!
Moca: Why wouldn't I~? If only you stopped underestimating my greatness~.
Tsugumi: Ehehe, I'm glad to hear that! Oh, can I see too?
Moca: Of course. It just so happens that I wanted to show you something~.
Tsugumi: You were?! Thank you~!
Moca: There are some parts where I might have stretched the truth a bit, but let me know if anything catches your interest~.
Tsugumi: G-got it! Alright, let me read it then...
Tsugumi: Uhm... "Five girls, planning to infiltrate the Tsurumaki home. Looking for a way in, they are guided by a black cat who can speak their language"... Y-you started changing things this early?!
Moca: Well, if you're gonna write a manga, I figured something like this would have more impact, you know~?
Tsugumi: I-I guess so... Uhm, on to the next part...
Tsugumi: Mhm... Mhm... This is all normal... Ah, but this is different...
Tsugumi: "Having left their friends behind, the three continue forward and find a room. It is completely covered in a blue tint. Standing inside the room is a mysterious old man..." Th-this person seems important!
Moca: Doesn't he~? I've only written him in so far, though.
Tsugumi: What?! Y-you mean you haven't thought of what to do with him?!
Moca: Ahaha~, it's fine~. I'll figure it out later~.
Tsugumi: I-if you say so... Ah, this is the last page. "With Kokoro having transformed, the five girls find themselves in a desperate situation."
Tsugumi: Kokoro-chan just transformed!
Moca: I'm telling you, if you're planning to capture the readers' hearts, you have to at least write something like this~.
Tsugumi: A-are you sure...? Oh, but it ends with them in this 'desperate situation'...
Moca: I know~. That's why I wanted you to read it. I wanted to get your advice. I do have an idea of what I want to write next though.
Tsugumi: Really?
Moca: Mhm. Two actually~. You should tell me which one you think is better~.
Tsugumi: O-okay!
Moca: The first one follows the "that's when it awakened. A dormant ability passed down through Moca-chan's bloodline. In reality, she's a Magical Girl" trope.
Tsugumi: Th-the return of the Magical Girl...
Moca: The other follows the "suddenly aware of another existence within her, Moca-chan awakens"... trope.
Tsugumi: A-another existence within her...?
Moca: Alright, Tsugu. Time to choose~.
Tsugumi: (Wh-what do I do...? Better question, are those even that different...?)
Moca: Ah, or maybe... we can think of how to write the next part together.
Tsugumi: Y-yeah! I think that's a great idea!
Moca: Awesome~. 'Kay~, let's start from Moca-chan transforming into a Magical Girl~. Okay, the floor is yours, Tsugu!
Tsugumi: Th-that part's already set in stone?!
Moca: Ahahaha~. Alright, you can have the magical powers if you want~.
Moca: Or would you like to be Super Tsugu~?
Tsugumi: Th-that's not what I was getting at!

Hun Gree Card Story - Special Episode

Bun Research



Moca: Ohh~. It's BanG Dreamer-san. What are you doing here?
Moca: Ohhoho~, having lunch are you~? I just so happen to be doing the same~... Oh, you can tell by looking at these buns~?
Moca: Ahaha, I splurged a bit~. Ah, but there's actually a perfectly good reason for this.
Moca: What's this? You're interested to know why? I suppose I'll have to tell you now~. Allow me to explain~.
Moca: You might have already heard this from someone else, but the other day, we tried playing the role of phantom thieves.
Moca: You don't know what that has to do with buns. It's written all over your face. Don't you worry, just let me finish the story.
Moca: So as the Phantom Thieves, we were all given code names.
Moca: For example, mine was Hun Gree. Ran was Scarlet. We all had names like that. Pretty cool, don'tcha think~?
Moca: However, I wanted to give everyone a bun-related code name~.
Moca: Unfortunately~, when I actually tried to think of some, I couldn't think of something fitting for everyone.
Moca: I figured that must be because my love for buns simply isn't strong enough!
Moca: Looks like you finally get what I'm saying~.
Moca: And that's why I decided to buy lots of them today so I can do some research.
Moca: What do you think? Pretty good idea, right?
Moca: I've got lots of different ones. Bacon and shrimp buns, croissants... I even got sfogliatella~.
Moca: ... Huh? You think I'm just trying to stuff myself with bread? No way, c'mon~. I'm doing this for the others and for the sake of buns~...
Moca: Well~, I guess you could say that I was tempted when I saw the sample set they were selling at Yamabuki Bakery.
Moca: Ahaha~, but I'm serious~. The next time we become phantom thieves, I'm gonna give everybody a bun-related name~.
Moca: Ah, you should think about who should be named after which bun too, BanG Dreamer-san~.
Moca: In return, I'll think of something for you as well, okay~?