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I'll Always Love You Card Story - Episode

PAREO's Ultimate Folder


CHU²'s Penthouse - Studio

CHUCHU: Okay! It's almost done. Let's end today's practice here.
PAREO: Yes, CHU²-sama! Good work, everybody.
The Other Three: Good job. Good work today! Nice one.
PAREO: ...♪
MASKING: PAREO, did somethin' good happen? You keep lookin' at your phone.
LAYER: Yeah. And you've been humming all day.
PAREO: Nothing good has happened in particular, but rather, my heart will not stop fluttering... Ever since the open recording of All Day✽Bushido, all I can think about is Pastel✽Palettes!
PAREO: When I review the photos from that day, the joy I felt comes rushing back to me...
LOCK: The pictures they uploaded on the official Pastel✽Palettes account after the event were very cute!
PAREO: Yes, they were~! And aside from those, there was the picture Hina-chan uploaded the day before yesterday...
PAREO: Ah, here it is. It is a picture of the five members eating snacks in the dressing room!
LOCK: Wah~, so cute! I guess even idols relax like this when they're in the dressing room~.
MASKING: Lemme see... Eve looks cute here.
PAREO: Yes, she is so adorable when she chews on cookies like that~! There are even photos of Aya-chan and Maya-san practicing their winking...
PAREO: And in this one, Chisato-san looks so beautiful... And then, and then...
LAYER: Fufu, PAREO really enjoys talking about Pastel✽Palettes.
MASKING: Yeah. But man, she sure does have a lot of photos. I'm pretty sure there's more of 'em than the last time she showed me.
PAREO: That is because I constantly check the Pastel✽Palettes social media accounts. When they upload new videos, I immediately save them into my Pastel✽Palettes folder!
LOCK: It doesn't end, no matter how far I scroll...! How many do you have in total?
PAREO: Hmm, I have been doing this ever since I became a fan of Pastel✽Palettes, so... More than 1,000.
LAYER: 1,000?! Your love for them sure is deep.
MASKING: ... Hm? Oi, PAREO, what's this folder?
LOCK: "RAS IS THE BEST!"...? Is that the title of the folder?
PAREO: Yes, it is a compilation of all the pictures and videos we have taken since we started performing together as RAS!
LAYER: There are so many... Ah, this one... Is this from the other day when we were getting ready for our show?
MASKING: You look real nervous 'ere, LOCK. But then you let loose on stage.
LOCK: I can't help but feel nervous before a show...!
LAYER: I think it'd be better if you were a little more nervous, Masuki. Look, here, in the background of this photo.
LOCK: Ah, she's lying down on stage again...! I wish I could relax this much when I'm up there.
PAREO: I have some video files somewhere... Ah, here it is.
LAYER: Ahh! This is from when LOCK tried to play the drums during a break at practice, right?
MASKING: Yeah, yeah! I taught her. Let's watch it.
LOCK: ... I-I sound terrible.
PAREO: You were hitting everything all at once sayin', "I can't move my hands and feet separately~!"
LOCK: Ngh... It's embarrassing now that I think about it...
MASKING: But after that, you managed to get a basic rhythm goin', remember? Like you just randomly got better.
LAYER: Fufufu, that's right.
LOCK: It didn't happen very long ago, but it already feels kind of nostalgic.
LAYER: Yeah... We've done so many things together.
PAREO: We have! I think we tend to forget about these little moments, even if they were very enjoyable ones.
PAREO: But I want to remember every single fun memory we have, even the ones from random days like this. I treasure all of the laughter and small challenges we have shared together!
LOCK: So you're preserving all the small moments you don't want to forget with photos and videos...? That is wonderful!
PAREO: I will keep adding to my collection, so perhaps one day it will become an even bigger folder than the Pastel✽Palettes one.
MASKING: I like the sound of that! ... Hm? PAREO, what 'bout this folder?
LAYER: "The Most Powerful and Lovely Girl in the Universe"...?
PAREO: Ahh, that is a treasure trove filled with CHU²-sama's charm~!
CHUCHU: ...?
PAREO: I have pictures of her cute face when she is sleeping, of course. I also have her serious face when she is working and her satisfied face when she tastes jerky...
PAREO: I even have an amazing photo of her blushing just the tiniest bit!
CHUCHU: PAREO~... When did you take these?! MASKING, hand me that phone this instant!
MASKING: Huh, why?
CHUCHU: You know why! To delete them!
PAREO: Whaaat~?! Y-you cannot! Massu-san, return it to me!
MASKING: Hey, hey, calm down, guys.
CHUCHU: Silence! You took these photos secretly! There is no way I can allow it! MASKING, hurry up and give it to me!
PAREO: CHU²-sama, I beg of you! Please... Anything but this~!

I'll Always Love You Card Story - Special Episode

My Duty as a Pastel✽Palettes Fan



Marina: Good work today~. Things have calmed down around here, so how about we take a break in the café?
PAREO: Sigh~... They are so cute, no matter how many times I watch...
Marina: Oh? Is that person sitting over there staring at their phone... PAREO-chan?
PAREO: Ah, Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san! Hello~.
Marina: Hi there. What were you looking at?
PAREO: I was watching a video of Pastel✽Palettes while waiting for my hot cocoa!
Marina: I see. You are a fan of them, aren't you?
PAREO: Yes, I am! I always make sure to go to their concerts, and I even go to their meet and greets and open recordings!
Marina: Wow, that's impressive! Are their radio recordings held like an event or something?
PAREO: Yes! Eve-chan has her own radio show, and the other day they recorded it in front of an audience! I went to cheer her on~!
PAREO: I am so glad that I got to see Eve-chan at 120% happiness and cuteness this time.
Marina: I take it that wasn't the case the first time?
PAREO: No... She seemed a little down, and she spoke in a very unmelodic, bland voice...
PAREO: I thought it was perhaps because starting a new show can be very stressful...
Marina: I see... As her fan, I bet you were really worried.
PAREO: But now she's gone back to her cute warrior self, so the show is full of charm~!
PAREO: Even in yesterday's show, she encouraged people to face their problems head-on...! Sigh, how can Eve-chan be that cute...?
Marina: Fufu, it's a relief that Eve-chan is back to her old self. Do you also send in letters for her show, PAREO-chan?
PAREO: Of course! She has even read one of my letters on air before!
PAREO: It seems she must have seen my posts on social media because she talked about them on her show...!
PAREO: She thanked me for the letter and the posts... And she said... that they gave her courage...
Marina: Being told that by someone you admire feels really good, doesn't it?
PAREO: Yes, it felt like a dream.
PAREO: Through my letters and posts, I thanked Pastel✽Palettes for all the happiness and courage they have given me. But I never in my wildest dreams thought they would say the very same things to me...
PAREO: Don't you think it was a miracle that my feelings reached Eve-chan and gave her joy and courage?!
Marina: Yeah. But I think it was possible because of how much you wanted your feelings to reach her, PAREO-chan.
PAREO: No, no, I am just a mere fan doing my job!
PAREO: I will continue to support Pastel✽Palettes and their 120% cuteness.