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I'll Defend My Friends Card Story - Episode

Our Own Way Forward


Udagawa Residence

Tomoe: Phew... I'm home~.
Tomoe: ... Hm? It's a message from Himari. What's up...?
Himari: "I'm gonna contact some new live houses! I'll search for a place that will let us perform."
Tomoe: "Don't overdo it, okay? Even if we can't do shows, we can still practice."
Himari: "I'm fine! Don't worry about me."
Tomoe: Himari is definitely pushing herself too hard...
Tomoe: Unsurprisingly, the guys were low on energy today. I know there's nothing we can do about what happened, but, man, I hope everyone's okay...
Ako: Oh, Sis... Welcome home...
Tomoe: Ako?! Your eyes are all red! Why were you crying? Did someone hurt you?!
Ako: N-no. Sis... it's not like that... Oh... W-waaah!
Tomoe: A-Ako...! What's wrong? Calm down...
Ako: It's just... It's just... Wah~!
Tomoe: Ako, talk to me. I'll listen, okay? There, there...
Tomoe: Here you go, hot milk. How are you feeling? Any better?
Ako: Uh-huh... I'm sorry, Sis...
Tomoe: Never mind that. More importantly, what happened?
Ako: ... Well... At school, there were these girls who were badmouthing Afterglow...
Tomoe: I see...
Ako: I wanted to clear up the misunderstanding, so I tried really hard to tell them that Afterglow isn't like that.
Tomoe: You stuck up for us, huh?
Ako: But, but...! They wouldn't listen to me...!
Ako: People who hardly know you are spreading rumors. I just wanted them to understand who you guys really are!
Ako: The gossip has spread all around school and even CiRCLE... But I can't do a single thing about it... I'm so frustrated...!
Tomoe: Thanks, Ako. But I feel just fine, so you don't need to worry.
Tomoe: We're in hot water right now, but I'm certain we can overcome this.
Ako: You really are cool, Sis.
Ako: I'm sorry for crying... This must be much more difficult for you...
Tomoe: There's nothing to apologize for. In fact, thank you for crying and getting angry on my behalf.
Ako: ... I love how nice you are, Sis.
Ako: I also have faith that you and the Afterglow members will get through this.
Ako: After all, you're the coolest drummer in the world and the person I look up to. I know you won't let these rumors get to you, but...
Tomoe: But?
Ako: ... I just can't help getting upset when the people I love are misjudged...
Ako: How can they say such horrible things when they don't even know you...?!
Tomoe: Well, it's because they don't know us very well that they're influenced by rumors. On the other hand, people who are familiar with us have only shown us concern and support.
Tomoe: Sure, all the negative stuff that's happened lately has taken us by surprise, but I don't regret anything we did.
Ako: Are you talking about what happened at Melodic Rain?
Tomoe: Yeah. I'm actually happy we responded the way we did without a second thought. It just seems like us.
Ako: Yeah... You're right. Staying silent in that kind of situation wouldn't be like you guys at all.
Tomoe: Right? Heck, I bet that response would worry people even more.
Tomoe: I mean, it's true that things are pretty tough at the moment. However, I know we'll hold our heads high and push forward, the same as always.
Ako: Sis...
Tomoe: Not to mention, your belief in us, Ako, gives me strength.
Ako: Mhm. I'll back you up, Sis, always and forever. I know you'll continue to do cool stuff that'll blow those rumors right out of the water!
Tomoe: Yeah, leave it to me! I'll do my best so that we come out on top.
Tomoe: Man, I feel pretty hungry after all that talking. Do you wanna have dinner?
Ako: Yep...! I'll help!
Tomoe: Alright. As they say, you can't fight on an empty stomach! Let's stuff our faces, Ako.

I'll Defend My Friends Card Story - Special Episode

The View That Everyone Gave Me



Marina: Okay, that's about it for the shopping. We may have bought a little too much, huh? Are you okay, BanG Dreamer-san? It's not too heavy, is it?
Marina: ... Oh? Isn't that Tomoe-chan over here?
Tomoe: Ah, Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san. Hello.
Marina: Hello, Tomoe-chan. Were you out shopping as well?
Tomoe: Yeah, I was on my way back... when I was stopped by this stunning sunset.
Marina: ... Wow, you're right. I was only focused on where I was going and didn't even notice. It's beautiful.
Tomoe: Right? I love sunsets.
Marina: Fufu, just as I'd expect from Afterglow.
Tomoe: Ahaha... It's a bit embarrassing when you point it out.
Tomoe: The sunset you can see from the Haneoka school roof is really pretty as well. There's nothing to block the view, so you can see the red and orange colors continue into the horizon.
Marina: Oh, really? Now that you mention it, I imagine the view from the school roof must be magnificent.
Tomoe: Yeah. Even on the day we decided to start this band, the five of us were watching the sunset from the school roof.
Tomoe: The sunset at Girl Jam was epic too~. The way the venue was slowly dyed red is a sight I'll remember for the rest of my life.
Tomoe: That reminds me... the sun was also setting that time Himari cried her eyes out because of the gossip...
Marina: Huh? When was Himari-chan crying?
Tomoe: I'm sure you guys heard, but we faced a bunch of issues due to those nasty rumors...
Tomoe: ... It was a pretty difficult time for us, but on the flip side, I think it allowed us to take a new step forward.
Tomoe: With every step we take, we're always accompanied by a sunset. That's why sunsets are kinda like our symbol.
Tomoe: I hope the five of us will continue to watch the sunset, whether we're laughing or crying.
Marina: What a lovely thing to say. Sunsets must be very important to you, Tomoe-chan.
Tomoe: Yeah, exactly. And you know, I realized something from all this.
Tomoe: The reason our band can watch this view... is because other bands and our supporters have always been there for us.
Tomoe: The five of us have always stuck together and that will never change. But somewhere along the way, it was no longer just us.
Tomoe: Admittedly, the people around us might always have been a part of our "same as always." It just took me a while to realize it.
Tomoe: It turns out that those who hold us dear are looking up at the same sunset.
Marina: I see. You've noticed something very important, huh?
Tomoe: Yeah. However, I do feel bad it caused everyone to worry. It even made Ako cry.
Tomoe: At any rate, we got through it all in our own way and I believe we grew from it as a result.
Tomoe: That's why I want to continue making awesome music that touches the hearts of the people who look out for us.
Marina: That's great. You overcame a dilemma and matured as a band. I'm looking forward to your new music.
Tomoe: Cool! You can expect big things from us!
Tomoe: ... Oh, jeez! Ako will be worried if I'm not home soon. I better go!
Marina: Sure! See you next time, Tomoe-chan!