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I'll Protect You! Card Story - Episode

Tomoe's Recommended Manga


CiRCLE - Lobby

Tomoe: And then, that's when Himari-
Sayo: Oh, Udagawa-san, Aoba-san. Good afternoon.
Tomoe: Ah, Sayo-san!
Moca: Oh~, what are the odds~?
Tomoe: Right, Roselia has practice today too, don't they? I thought Ako said it was in the evening though...
Sayo: Yes, that's correct. I've just arrived a little early.
Moca: Wow~, now the odds are even slimmer~.
Sayo: ... What are you talking about?
Tomoe: We actually got here a little early ourselves. We were just talking about going to the café to kill some time.
Moca: Ah, would you like to join us, Sayo-san~?


Sayo: (... I realize I'm the one who agreed to come along, but now I have no idea what to talk about...)
Tomoe: Ah, Sayo-san. Here, have a hand towel.
Sayo: Th-thank you...
Moca: I'm kinda hungry, now. Maybe I'll get some fries or something~. Sayo-san, you like fries?
Sayo: I, uhm, well... I certainly don't dislike them...
Tomoe: Stop right there, Moca. Remember what happened last time? Don't complain when you end up spoiling your dinner.
Moca: It's fine~. We're going to be burning all sorts of calories in practice. Isn't that right, Sayo-san?
Sayo: Well, I'm sure it's better than practicing on an empty stomach...
Moca: See? I told you so~. I'm gonna go get me some fries. Be right back~.
Tomoe: Whatever, dude... You better not come crying to me later.
Tomoe: Ah, that reminds me! There's something I've been meaning to tell you about, Sayo-san!
Sayo: Wh-what is it?
Tomoe: Thanks to Moca here, the other day, everyone in Afterglow tried making a manga together.
Sayo: ... Manga?
Moca: Hey wait, it was Tsugu's idea, not mine~. I was just sad that my favorite manga ended~.
Moca: Even thinking about it now brings tears to my eyes... Boo-hoo-hoo~...
Tomoe: So we were all trying to come up with a good story, and they were all over the place! Especially Moca's, which-
Sayo: U-uhm... I don't mean to interrupt, but what do I have to do with this story? I don't really read manga, so I don't understand the-
Tomoe: Ah, sorry, I forgot! You see, you actually showed up in one of our stories!
Sayo: ... I did?
Moca: You sure did~. Our schools were in the middle of a long-standing feud, with you and Tomo-chin being the top fighters of both schools.
Moca: So in order to put an end to the fighting, you and Tomo-chin were going to duke it out, one-on-one, in a battle of epic proportions.
Tomoe: Yeah, exactly! No one else. Just you and me, fair and square!
Sayo: A battle...? This story seems a bit... extreme...
Sayo: These manga, with the battles and the like... Are the two of you fans of that kind of thing?
Moca: I guess you could say that~, especially for me. I like lots of action~.
Moca: As for Tomo-chin here~, I'd say she likes manga with themes like honor and justice! So, we tried our hand at making a mix of the two~.
Sayo: Interesting...
Tomoe: Wait, Sayo-san, are you into those kind of stories too?! Stuff with lots of passion and emotion!
Sayo: H-huh...?
Moca: Oho~, I would never have guessed you were into action, Sayo-san~.
Sayo: Ah, no! That's not-!
Tomoe: Wow~, really? Awesome! Cool, I'll bring you one of my favorites next time so you can check it out!
Moca: Hey~, that sounds fun~. Sayo-san, I'll pick out some manga for you too~.
Sayo: Seems it's too late for me to correct them. Still... Heh.
Sayo: (It's just like Hazawa-san said. Each of the members of Afterglow really is very different...)
Tomoe: Would this manga be good...? Ah, but I can't forget about this one... Maybe I should start you off with something easy...? Either way, I hope you'll look forward to it!
Sayo: ... I will. Thank you.

I'll Protect You! Card Story - Special Episode

Please and Thank You!


Shopping Mall

Tomoe: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san. Out shopping too?
Tomoe: I'm on my way to the bookstore. I'm looking for something.
Tomoe: What, you too?! Perfect timing! Wanna go together?!

Tomoe: ... And so, we ended up making our own manga plot.
Tomoe: We were planning on actually applying to the New Artist Award, but it turned out that the deadline had already passed.
Tomoe: So we did all that brainstorming for nothing... Still, we had a blast doing it.
Tomoe: And the last story we came up with, well... didn't make very much sense, but...
Tomoe: When we decided to give it a shot, we started by going around and seeing what kind of stories we all liked... And it was pretty crazy to find out what everyone was into...
Tomoe: I mean, we've been friends since we were little. I guess it's just hard to believe there's still so much we don't know about each other.
Tomoe: It's as if being too close to something makes it so that you can't see certain stuff.
Tomoe: But that's not really a bad thing either though... Right?
Tomoe: ... Exactly! Even if we don't know everything about each other, it doesn't change the fact that we're friends!


Tomoe: By the way, what are you looking for, BanG Dreamer-san?
Tomoe: Music magazines? Oh~, so you're the one who buys all those magazines that are in the dressing room.
Tomoe: Oh! You're gonna add a taiko magazine this time? Awesome! I can't wait!
Tomoe: Oh, me? I'm here to get something for Ako.
Tomoe: We don't have a bookstore near our house, and we figured it might be here.
Tomoe: I guess it's some kind of game book? I don't really know. It's called... Neo Fantasy something?
Tomoe: She said it'd be fine if I just remembered "NFO"... Ever heard of it?
Tomoe: You have?! Cool! Look, I know this might be a lot to ask, but would you mind helping me find this book?
Tomoe: Come on~, don't give me that~! You can know a little bit and I guarantee you still know more about it than me.
Tomoe: Thanks a million! You'll be making Ako happy too!
Tomoe: Hm? I don't know if it was a guidebook or a reference book or what, but... she definitely said something like that.
Tomoe: Thanks, BanG Dreamer-san! I'm counting on you!