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I'll Teach You! Card Story - Episode

Sports Family


Ski Resort

Hagumi: Maya-san, let's take a little break!
Maya: S-sure! Sorry, I'm not very good at picking up new things...
Hagumi: Not at all! You're doing great!
Maya: Thank you... You really are quite the athlete, Hagumi-san. How'd you get to be so good at this stuff?
Hagumi: I've never really thought about it, but I guess it's because my dad and big brother are good at sports too!
Maya: What?! Wow... So you're from a sport-loving family?
Hagumi: No, not really. We just like to keep our bodies moving. We're always doing things like camping and swimming. It's been like that since I was little.
Maya: I see... So that's why you know how to snowboard... And since you're teaching me to ski, I suppose that means you can ski too, right?
Hagumi: Yup! I can do both!
Maya: That's amazing... I'm so jealous...
Hagumi: But someone had to teach me in the beginning too, you know.
Maya: Oh? Was it your father?
Hagumi: No, the first time he and I came to the slope, I spent a little bit of time going to a ski class. Once I learned the basics of sliding, I just learned how to ski and snowboard by doing it myself!
Maya: ... So skiing is something you can learn that quickly, huh?
Hagumi: Once you've got the basics down, you'll be good to go! I bet by the end of the day, you'll be sliding down this hill, easy-peasy!
Maya: Ohh... I don't know about that...
Hagumi: Why not?
Maya: Since I was a kid, I've never been the type to go outside and play, so... physical activities are not really my forte. And my family usually just spends their free time relaxing at home...
Hagumi: Wow... That's the exact opposite of my family.
Maya: Hagumi-san, when you snowboard, aren't you scared of falling?
Hagumi: Nope! It's fun!
Maya: Fun...?
Hagumi: Think about it! The only time you're really gonna fall on your face is when you're snowboarding!
Maya: But doesn't it hurt?
Hagumi: Yeah, but getting up and trying not to fall the next time is part of the fun!
Maya: I see... Is it the same with other sports?
Hagumi: Yup! I think the more you play sports, the more your body gets used to everything.
Maya: What do you mean it gets used to everything?
Hagumi: Hmm... Well, like with softball, if you throw the ball like bam, it's going to be different than when you throw it like whoosh~. It's like when you figure out things that kinda stuff...
Maya: ... 'Bam' and... 'whoosh'?
Hagumi: U-uhm, uhh~, well it's sorta like this, but... I don't really know how to explain it...
Maya: ... Hmm~, so while you're practicing, you come to understand different ways of throwing the ball, depending on how hard you throw and where you aim. Is that it?
Hagumi: Ah, yeah! That's it! And you learn lots of other things on the way too! Like how to place your fingers along the seams and what happens when you do it differently!
Maya: So you even memorize the feeling in your fingers when you practice... I see. When playing the drums, the sound changes depending on where and how you hit it. Think that's the same idea?
Hagumi: Oh, it might be! I think they're similar in that way!
Maya: Hmm... I kind of get it now. Even with sports, practice makes perfect. If you give up just because you're bad at it, you'll never learn how to play...
Hagumi: Exactly! So with skiing, I think you can do lots of sliding around, lots of falling down, and that's how you'll learn!
Maya: You're right. I think I was letting my fear get the best of me! You're amazing, Hagumi-san! Just like I thought!
Hagumi: You are too, Maya-san! You understand everything I'm trying to say, and you put it into words!
Maya: Hm? Really?
Hagumi: Yeah! ... I'm not very good at speaking, after all...
Maya: I don't think that's the case at all. You're here teaching me to ski, aren't you?
Hagumi: Huh...? You think so? Am I really being a good teacher?
Maya: Yeah! If you weren't here, I'd probably have given up halfway through.
Hagumi: ... I see... Ehehe~!
Maya: I really do want to learn how to ski. I hope you'll keep teaching me, Hagumi-san!
Hagumi: Of course I will! I'll do everything I can so you can learn to fly down the slopes like a pro!
Maya: Thank you so much! So, should we get back to practice? If we take it too easy, I think I might forget what you've already taught me!
Hagumi: That's true! Alright, let's do this!

I'll Teach You! Card Story - Special Episode

Helping Another


CiRCLE Lobby

Marina: Oh~! So that's how Maya-chan learned how to ski, huh?
Hagumi: Yup! She's still got a lot to learn, but yes!
Marina: ... Hm?
Hagumi: Howdy, BanG Dreamer-san!
Marina: Great work today. Hagumi-chan was just telling me about her ski trip!
Hagumi: Yeah! I went with Maya-san and a bunch of other people! Do you two know how to ski?
Marina: Sure, if you mean just being able to move around in the snow... So, Hagumi-chan, who else did you go with?
Hagumi: Mii-kun, Hina-san... Oh! And Ako-chin!
Marina: Ufufu, what a lively bunch. That sounds like fun!
Hagumi: It was! Very! We made a snowman, and even had a snowball fight!
Marina: Hagumi-chan was telling me she also taught Maya-chan how to ski.
Hagumi: Yeah! At first, she didn't really want to... She told me she's bad at sports and stuff, and that she's not very good at skiing...
Marina: When you think about it, gliding over the snow with two planks strapped to your feet is pretty scary. Especially since you start off not knowing how to stop or anything.
Hagumi: That's why I did my best to teach her! I couldn't really put what I wanted to say into words at first, though...
Hagumi: But after a while, Maya-san started to understand what I was trying to say, and she finally learned ski!
Marina: Hagumi-chan, do you have trouble explaining things to others?
Hagumi: Yeah... I'm pretty good when it comes to moving my body around, but I'm bad when it comes to speaking.
Hagumi: When Maya-san was finally able to ski on her own, though, she actually came over and thanked me.
Hagumi: That made me super, super happy!
Hagumi: I love to work up a sweat, but I noticed that helping someone learn how to play a sport is nice too.
Marina: I see~. Sounds like you discovered the joys of teaching.
Hagumi: Hmm... I guess so? Maybe?
Marina: I think that's what happened since I kinda know the feeling too.
Hagumi: Really?!
Marina: Yes, really. I love to lend my support to all of the staff here at CiRCLE and to the girls, like you, who come here to play with their bands.
Marina: Right, BanG Dreamer-san?
Marina: Exactly. Watching another person shine so brightly before your very eyes... The delight you feel from being able to help them accomplish that... Those are the moments I treasure.
Hagumi: Mhm, I think I know what you mean!
Marina: Right? It feels good to be helpful, doesn't it?
Hagumi: Yeah! I'm not very good with words so this might be hard for me, but I want to teach more people how to play different sports!
Hagumi: I hope I can do a good job explaining what I think, so I can get lots and lots of people to learn just how fun they are!