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I'm Beat~! Card Story - Episode

The Best Party!


CiRCLE - Cafeteria

Ran: A class gathering, huh...?
Himari: That's right! Specifically for our classmates to get to know one another!
Himari: But I'm still debating on what kind of activities to include... Help me out, please! Ran, Moca! I need your advice!
Moca: Sure, I'm game~. We didn't have anything planned for today, anyway~. Right, Ran~?
Ran: Yeah. But let me add that I have no experience with these kinds of gatherings.
Himari: No sweat! That sort of outsider's perspective is just what we need!
Ran: If you say so.
Moca: So, what have you come up with so far, Hii-chan~?
Himari: Maybe karaoke or bowling? Or hanging out at a casual restaurant?
Himari: They all seem like fun ideas to me, but I'd like to maybe go for something a little more special.
Himari: What kind of event would you two like to go to?
Ran: I'm fine with anything, really.
Moca: Going out is a pain, so why not have snacks in the classroom~?
Himari: Jeez~! Put a little more effort into this~!
Himari: Something that'll get everyone really interesting in coming. It should be as exciting as possible!
Moca: So that's your game plan~. If so, then I've got something up my sleeve~.
Himari: Huh? What, what?! Tell me!
Moca: The one thing that is guaranteed to pull in a huge crowd~. That would be~...
Himari: Yes...?
Moca: An all-you-can-eat bun buffet~!
Moca: I heard there's a new place near the station with all-you-can-eat buns, so this is the perfect chance to go~.
Ran: I figured you'd say something like that...
Himari: Ugh~! Moca, you're just saying that because you wanna go~!
Moca: Come now, they have unlimited buns, right~? Everyone is sure to love it~.
Himari: Not everyone can eat as much as you can~!
Ran: Himari, can you give us a better idea of what you mean by "special"?
Himari: Huh? Let's see... uhhh, something that'll be fun but also surprising... I guess?
Moca: Shaky foundation you've got there~.
Himari: That's why I'm trying to get your help here~.
Ran: If fun is what you're after, then why not start with what you find to be fun?
Himari: Huh?
Ran: It's pointless to hold an event that you yourself wouldn't want to attend. Maybe you can use that as a starting point.
Himari: Y-you might be onto something there...!
Himari: Hmmm, what do I enjoy...? Well, I like tennis. Eating snacks always cheers me up. Oh, and concerts. There's nothing more fun than a live concert...
Himari: Ah, that's it! Why not go with that?! We can put on a concert at the gathering!
Ran: What do you mean?
Himari: Like what Poppin'Party did with that Christmas party at CiRCLE! We can do the same sort of concert party!
Moca: I think some of the girls in our class were interested in concerts, actually~.
Ran: We're in the middle of a girl band boom, after all.
Himari: There are a lot of people who shy away from actually going to concerts despite being interested in them.
Himari: I mean, you can't know what to expect from a live house without stepping foot in one first, right?
Himari: A concert party could potentially motivate people into going! And hey, maybe some of them will become fans of ours...!
Ran: This isn't about us, Himari. Besides, I don't want to be thrown into the spotlight like that...
Himari: You'll be fine! No sense worrying about that when we've been in a band for this long!
Himari: And we can use this concert as a way to introduce ourselves!
Himari: What do you two think? I'd personally like to do it!
Moca: Hmmm, hard to compare to a bun buffet~...
Himari: Fine, you win! The food for the party will be from Yamabuki Bakery! There, happy now?!
Moca: Ooo, this plan of yours suddenly sounds much better~! Let's raise the roof, Hii-chan!
Ran: You've got a one-track mind, Moca...
Himari: Alright, the first step is to find a day with an opening! I'll go ask Marina-san~!
Ran: Wait, hold on...! I never said I'd do it...!

I'm Beat~! Card Story - Special Episode

Return of Himari's Charm


Shopping Mall

Marina: Hello, Himari-chan. Doing some shopping?
Himari: Ah! Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Hey.
Marina: What're you looking at? Are those... handicrafts?
Himari: They are! I'm a second-year student now, and all of Afterglow has finally been assigned to the same class! So I'm thinking of making a celebration surprise!
Himari: Are you two familiar with Afterglow's good-luck charms?
Marina: Good-luck charms...? Ah, do you mean the doll-looking things that you have on your instrument cases?
Himari: That's right! I have mine with me right now~... See, here it is!
Himari: It got mixed reactions at first, but I think everyone has kind of warmed up to them!
Marina: A doll that gets mixed reactions... Hmmm, it does look rather strange... Ahem! R-rather unique!
Himari: Marina-san, I heard you say "strange" just now...
Marina: N-no, I would never say that! Look, ask BanG Dreamer-san! You think they're cute, right?! Right?!
Himari: Okay, I guess... Anyway, I was thinking of making a companion for our little doll friend.
Himari: It'll help bring good luck to the future of Afterglow! See, I sketched some designs in my notebook! Have a look! Here's what I came up with!
Marina: How scary...!
Himari: Marina-san, did you just say...?
Marina: It's... scary... how adorable it is~! Come now, Himari-chan, you know that's what I wanted to say.
Himari: You mean it?! That's a relief~...
Marina: ... This one goes too far. It's just so creepy. You see where I'm coming from, don't you...?
Himari: I didn't get the best reception last time, so I poured my heart into this one! That's how I came up with such an unbelievably cute design!
Marina: Hahaha~... Yeah, I suppose... if you squint your eyes... maybe...
Himari: Marina-san...?
Marina: Ah! H-hey, Himari-chan! I've heard that carrying too many charms will actually bring bad luck!
Himari: Huh?! Seriously?!
Marina: There's a belief that the luck deities will get into a fight, more or less... No, they definitely will! And wouldn't that make it all pointless?!
Marina: Yeah, so you should definitely stick with the charm you have now!
Himari: Interesting~... Alright, maybe I'll go with something else for the surprise...
Himari: But wow, I had never heard that story before~! Good thing I haven't bought any materials yet!
Marina: G-glad I was able to help out...
Himari: Thank you so much for warning me! I'll look around and see what else I can find! Take care!
Marina: Ah, sure! See ya~!
Marina: ... It's hard to believe Himari-chan has such good fashion sense...