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I'm Here for You! Card Story - Episode

Potatoes are Potatoes


Fast Food Store

Maya: Sigh~...
Eve: Hina-san, Hina-san. Maya-san has sighed three times since we have entered this store.
Hina: I know~. What's bugging you, Maya-chan? You've barely touched your fries.
Hina: Did you get a soggy batch?
Maya: No, it's not that... I'm just uncertain of how to approach them after the results are announced, is all.
Hina: And by that, do you mean Aya-chan and Chisato-chan's auditions?
Maya: Yes... They are applying for the same role, so it's impossible for both of them to succeed...
Maya: Oh, and I think soggy fries still taste good. Om... Munch munch...
Eve: I see what you mean. Both Aya-san and Chisato-san have been training hard every day.
Eve: Yet only one of them can pass the audition... The world can be so cruel...
Hina: Some actors play multiple characters, so why not have two people play one role?
Maya: I... don't think that would work with a one-shot drama...
Hina: In any case, you'll find the right words when the time comes. Why bother worrying about what to say when we don't even know the results yet?
Maya: You do have a point... So what would you say then, Hina-san?
Maya: If, you know... hypothetically, neither of them passed...
Hina: Hmmm~... Probably something like, "No biggie! Let's go grab a bite to eat!"
Eve: True, food can help ease any sort of pain!
Eve: If it were me... I would tell them this loss is yet another trial for them to challenge! Overcome it, and great things will surely come!
Hina: So in other words, they shouldn't let it get them down! Yup, nice one!
Maya: Alright, and what would you say if only one of them succeeds?
Hina: I'd say "Congrats!" to the one that did and "No biggie!" to the one that didn't, I guess~.
Eve: Our friend's success would fill me with joy... But when I think of our other friend's failure to get the part, my heart aches...
Maya: Agreed... And trying to be conscious of their feelings might just ruin the mood...
Hina: Hmmm~. Do we even need to bring it up, though~...?
Hina: I mean, this is Aya-chan and Chisato-chan we're talking about, right? That's not gonna change this time around.
Eve: What do you mean?
Hina: Whoever fails won't let it get them down, and they'd still want to support the one who succeeded.
Hina: That's how I think they'd react, anyway~.
Eve: I see~... That makes sense! Aya-san and Chisato-san would surely both behave that way!
Maya: ... I see... Yes, you're right!
Hina: Exactly! No matter what the audition results are, those two will be just fine! No matter how soggy they get, fries are still fries!
Maya: Well said! Fries are indeed still fries! As you said, Hina-san, I will find the right words when the time comes!
Eve: Yes! No matter the results, I will be there to break their fall!
Hina: Now you're getting it! We can't afford to get all soggy on them~!
Maya: Okay, let's give them our full support!

I'm Here for You! Card Story - Special Episode

The Fans' Hearts


Shopping Mall - Bookstore

Maya: Oh, there are a lot of new magazines out now~. Hmmm, let's check out the music corner...
Maya: Hm? This magazine...
Marina: Ah, Maya-chan. Hello.
Maya: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Are you doing some shopping?
Marina: You know it. We came to pick up this month's music magazines to place around CiRCLE. Are you shopping too?
Maya: Yes, I came to buy a drumming magazine, but then I found this one.
Marina: Hm? I recognize that actor...
Marina: ... Oh yeah, I remember now! It's the lead character from the drama Chisato-chan and Aya-chan appeared in!
Maya: Correct~! Did you happen to watch it?
Marina: Yeah, of course we did. Those two did an amazing job getting into their roles.
Maya: I thought so too! The plot itself was very intriguing, and they both gave the kinds of performances I expect from them!
Maya: Both of them had a wonderful time with their roles, but to be honest, I was somewhat worried right up until their auditions.
Marina: Worried? Why?
Maya: They had both applied for the exact same part, so even if they both performed well, only one of them would be chosen. I wasn't sure how to approach them when the news broke...
Marina: True, they both worked hard together, after all. It would have been sad for the one who wasn't chosen.
Maya: Exactly. But despite that, their relationship remained rock solid. They focused on helping one another improve and performed to the best of their abilities...
Maya: The mood was no different than any of our typical rehearsals. The only actual change was working with a script instead of a musical score.
Marina: This is just my own perspective, but I think Pastel✽Palettes is the type of group to always look forward and persevere, no matter the obstacle. BanG Dreamer-san once said the same thing.
Maya: Huhehe... I'm flattered to hear that you see us like that.
Marina: Hey, speaking of which... Maya-chan, be sure to let us know if you ever get an offer to perform!
Maya: Hahaha, there's no way I could... No, I shouldn't think like that.
Maya: Okay. Should the opportunity present itself, I promise to be brave and give it a shot!