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I Am Me Card Story - Episode

Feelings We Show on the Stage


After the Parade
Hanasakigawa Smile Land Staff Room

Kaoru: Phew... The performance we put on today was a display of brilliance. This may be a biased opinion, but I'd have to give it a perfect score.
Kaoru: Oh? Can it be...?
Kaoru: Greetings, Michelle! So you returned to the dressing room ahead of time. A well-deserved rest, for sure.
Michelle: ...
Kaoru: Ahh... The excitement I'm feeling has yet to die down. I get the sense that I could relive the echoing cheer of the crowd should I simply listen carefully. Do you not agree, Michelle?
Others: ...
Kaoru: Silently processing our achievements it would seem. 'Twas indeed a marvelous performance.
Kaoru: You did especially well. It was as if you had reached new heights. Would this be a reflection of new internal developments?
Others: ...
Kaoru: Fufu... You need not be shy. Why not share? I'd be honored to be able to take something away from your accomplishment.
Kanon: Oh, Kaoru-san? What are you doing in-... Wait, Michelle...?
Misaki: Huh...? A-actually, I'm right here.
Kaoru: Why, hello! Kanon, Misaki! Michelle and I were in the middle of sharing our impressions of the parade.
Kanon: I-I see...
Misaki: With Michelle, huh...?
Kanon: Uhm, is there someone in there...?
Misaki: Nope, don't think so. Pretty sure it's empty.
Kaoru: We both believe the same. It was a parade for the ages. Unfortunately, Michelle refuses to discuss the main point of interest.
Misaki: Uh-huh, does she now...? And what would this "point of interest" be?
Kaoru: From her conduct on stage, I can only imagine there was a burning-hot fire in her belly, but I wish to understand what exactly changed within her heart that allowed for such unusually fierce flames.
Misaki: ...!
Kaoru: As a woman of the stage myself, I hope to incorporate something from her experiences into my work...
Kanon: A-ahaha...
Misaki: S-sure, okay! I get it! I actually thought her performance was much better than normal too.
Misaki: A-and I made sure to ask her myself about what happened.
Kanon: Misaki-chan...?!
Kaoru: Is that so? And what exactly did you discover?
Misaki: Well, basically...
Misaki: Michelle was worried about a number of things leading up to this concert.
Misaki: She wondered what exactly she could do for Hello, Happy World!, and thought about what exactly she should be doing.
Kaoru: Michelle... Say it isn't so.
Misaki: But... that's when she realized. She can get on stage, give the best performance she possibly can, and make everyone smile. She figured out that that's what she can do.
Misaki: She said that she thinks she was able to do so well because she remembered her wish to make everyone smile.
Kaoru: A fabulous conclusion, Michelle!
Misaki: There was one more thing...
Misaki: She said there have been times when it hurt her to worry about so many things, but she knows that every version of her is her. That if she can make someone happy by putting on an awesome show...
Misaki: Then that's a version of her that she can be proud of.
Kaoru: ...!
Kaoru: Ahh... So fleeting...! Could it really be...?!
Kanon: What happened, Kaoru-san?
Kaoru: "Every version of me is still me". It's the same perspective I implement when attempting to embody new roles.
Kaoru: To think we would take the stage with the same viewpoint... Nothing fills me with more pleasure than knowing this!
Kaoru: Say, I recall sharing this way of thinking with you, Misaki.
Misaki: Yep. That's right. And hearing it was a really big help.
Kaoru: Ahh...! It seems the walls of fleetingness are closing in! Not in my wildest dreams would I have imagined having any influence on you!!
Misaki: Haha... I think you're getting carried away now.
Kaoru: You have both bestowed great motivation upon me. Prepare to witness an even more fleeting performance during our next concert.
Kaoru: Michelle, let us surpass the accomplishments of today's show at our next!
Others: ...
Kanon: Fufu. She seems pretty tired.
Misaki: Uhh, yeah. I'd have to agree.
Kaoru: Michelle, as I have mentioned, the rest is well earned. Please enjoy it.
Kanon: Mhm. Good work today, Michelle.

I Am Me Card Story - Special Episode

Kaoru's Intuition


CiRCLE - Café

Marina: Hm? Look who it is...
Kaoru: Oh? If it isn't BanG Dreamer-san and Marina-san. A short moment of rest, I presume?
Marina: Yeah, something like that. Looks like you're having a fine, relaxing afternoon. What are you up to?
Kaoru: Yes, I'm currently working out some plans. An undoubtedly fleeting occasion awaits if I am able to realize them.
Marina: What kind of plans...?
Kaoru: Well, they came to me after discussing with Misaki the art that is theater. The question she asked me has left quite the impression.
Marina: Wow, what did she ask?
Kaoru: If I do recall correctly, it was the following: "Doesn't it make you a little uneasy to be judged based on a role you didn't even want?"
Marina: I see... So Misaki-chan worries about that too, does she...?
Kaoru: This is a concern that any actress would ponder at one time or another. As such, I was taken aback by such a question. I'd have never imagined that Misaki would be mulling over this.
Kaoru: Then one day, as I was contemplating the topic, I finally arrived at one possibility.
Kaoru: A possibility that would wash all of my doubts away. An absolutely unthinkable possibility...
Marina: W-wait... Don't tell me...
Kaoru: Fufu, the shock you feel is warranted, yes. Misaki...
Marina: ...!
Kaoru: Would be perfect for an acting gig.
Marina: ... Huh?
Kaoru: I always thought it particularly strange. She had the ability to take my desires and transform them into a song. That was the time we were working on my musical together.
Kaoru: Without the instincts of an actress, it'd be nigh impossible to fulfill the request of another actress and arrange a song the way she did.
Kaoru: And now, I have been blessed with the opportunity to confirm whether the possibility is reality.
Marina: I'm guessing this has to do with the plan you're working on?
Kaoru: Fufu, aren't we observant? I was acquainted with the president of Smile Land recently and was made an offer to perform on the stage at the amusement park.
Marina: Whoa, they asked you to star in a show?! That's amazing!
Kaoru: A theater performance is one of the many ideas being considered in order to bring the park to life.
Kaoru: I am considering making Misaki the heroine of the drama!
Kaoru: It goes without saying, I shall play the star. A Kaoru-Misaki duo... Just the thought is fleeting, is it not?
Marina: Ahaha, I wonder what she'd say if she heard this... I can't deny wanting to see that though.
Kaoru: And of course, I welcome you both to witness our performance!
Kaoru: Without a doubt, the other members of Hello, Happy World! will attend. Kokoro, Hagumi, Kanon, Michelle...
Kaoru: Fufu, all will be astounded by Misaki's acting prowess.