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I Hate Ghosts and Ghouls! Card Story - Episode

Leave It to Lisa-nee☆


Haneoka Girls' Academy
Maya: Alright, let's see if anyone knows anything about this cursed well!
Lisa: M-Maya~... Are we really doing this~?
Maya: Of course we are! We won't feel safe until we know the truth!
Lisa: B-But what if someone tells us something super terrifying...?
Lisa: Like how a student was thrown down the well long ago or some other horrific rumor! I don't think I could take it!
Maya: L-Lisa-san, stop! You're getting yourself all worked up! We haven't even started yet!
Lisa: I-I know, it's just... Scary stuff is scary! Isn't that right, Ran?
Ran: ...
Lisa: R-Ran? You don't look so good... Are you okay?
Ran: ... I-I'm fine.
Lisa: You don't look 'fine'... Uhm, you're squeezing that doll awfully hard. I think you might be breaking it.
Ran: Huh? Ah, you're right. The neck's crooked now...
Lisa: By the way... what is that doll anyway?
Ran: Himari made these for the members of Afterglow. I guess you could it a charm.
Lisa: Gotcha~. So Himari made it, huh~? That explains the weir- I mean, the interesting design.
Ran: You don't have to be nice about it. I think it looks weird too.
Lisa: Still, what a great idea~! I should have brought some sort of charm too!
Ran: Yeah... Especially if we're gonna keep looking into the well. We might end up cursed or something...
Lisa: H-Hey! Don't you get started too~!
Maya: Calm down! We're not going to get cursed over something like this!
Ran: Th-this is bad... Now I'm freaking myself out...
Lisa: R-Ran! You're squeezing your doll too tight! The stuffing is coming out!
Ran: What? Oh no, you're right... Wh-what do I do...?!
Lisa: Hm~, it's not that bad. We can still save it. Wait here!
Maya: Huh? Lisa-san? Where are you going?!
Lisa: I'll be right back, so don't go anywhere!
Lisa: Sorry to keep you waiting~♪ I had to go grab this.
Maya: There you are, Lisa-san! Ah, is that a sewing kit?
Lisa: Sure is! I leave it here at school just in case a button comes off or something!
Lisa: Okay, Ran, give me the doll. I'll fix it right up!
Ran: Ah, okay. Here.
Lisa: Hm~, here's the problem. This part's come undone~.
Ran: ... Can you fix it?
Lisa: Fufu, just leave it to Lisa-nee☆
Maya: Oh~, you're really good at sewing!
Lisa: I usually fix Yukina and Ako's buttons too, so I get a lot of practice! I can only do these emergency fixes at the moment...
Lisa: There, all done! What do you think?
Ran: Whoa, it's back to normal...! Thank you, Lisa-san.
Lisa: It's fine, don't worry about it!
Lisa: That seam isn't super tight though, so if you squeeze it too much, it'll break again. I know you're scared, but try not to take it out on the doll, okay?
Ran: I-I'll be careful.
Lisa: Alright, with that finished, shall we...?
Maya: Yeah, now we can get back to asking about the well!
Ran: I-I completely forgot about that...!
Lisa: H-hey, Ran! You're gonna break it again~!

I Hate Ghosts and Ghouls! Card Story - Special Episode

If It's Real, I'm Out!


Shopping Mall
Lisa: Hm? BanG Dreamer-san?
Lisa: Ahaha, I thought it was you! Imagine meeting you here~!
Lisa: So what are you up to? Doing some shopping? Or maybe seeing a movie?
Lisa: Ah~, shopping, huh? If you were going to see a movie, we would have been going to the same place!
Lisa: Yup, I came here to see a movie with Ako and Rinko~! I'm just waiting for them to get here☆
Lisa: Huh? A horror movie? O-o-of course not!
Lisa: We're going to see a young adult film! It's based on a manga. Everyone's been talking about it~!
Lisa: Why would you ever think tha- Ah, right. Isn't there a popular horror movie playing right now?
Lisa: What?! No way! I could never watch a horror film! I can't stand that kind of stuff!
Lisa: Like, a little while ago, I ended up helping some friends look into the seven mysteries of our school. It was terrible...
Lisa: Our rumors include spooky stories about things like a mirror that shows you someone else, or an anatomy model that moves...
Lisa: And we were looking into the scariest of them all. The story about an old well that drags you in if you look into it.
Lisa: Just imagining being pulled in is scary enough...! All you have to do is glance inside!
Lisa: I can't handle that kind of stuff at all, so I've always made it a point to avoid the area myself...
Lisa: But once we looked into it, it turned out to be just a bunch of baloney~! The whole thing started because of Kaoru and Hina!
Lisa: Someone saw those two talking late at night and let their imagination get the better of them. That's how the whole thing got started~.
Lisa: Isn't that funny~?! This whole time I've been afraid because of my own classmates!
Lisa: ... But the whole ordeal made me realize that a lot of those scary stores are probably the same way.
Lisa: Someone misinterprets what they see, or maybe the story gets mixed up over time. Next thing you know, you've got a scary rumor that came from nothing.
Lisa: I wonder if the other mysteries at our school are like that...
Lisa: Yeah, you're right, it would be interesting to find out...
Lisa: I'm not doing it! Are you crazy?!
Lisa: Sure, they're probably just a bunch of rumors...
Lisa: ... But what if they turn out to be real?! What would I do then?!
Lisa: I'm not going anywhere near that creepy stuff, got it?! I can't take it~!!