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I Will Never Give Up Card Story - Episode

Realization through Adversity


Hazawa Coffee

Tsugumi & Eve: Thank you very much!
Tsugumi: ... Phew. I'm glad the new cake seems to be a hit~.
Eve: Yes. The customers were delighted. I even tried it myself and thought it was delicious!
Tsugumi: Fufu. Thank you, Eve-chan. Oh, a customer. Welcome!
Sayo: Hello, Hazawa-san, Wakamiya-san.
Tsugumi: Sayo-san! I haven't seen you since Girl Jam.
Sayo: Indeed. I came here today to let you know what I thought of the show. I realized that I hadn't told you directly yet...
Tsugumi: Ah... Thank you very much! Ah, may I take your order?
Sayo: I'll have a tea, please.
Eve: Sayo-san, I recommend the new cake! Would you like to have one with your tea?
Sayo: Fufu, then I'll have one of those too.
Eve: Understood! Tsugumi-san, I will prepare the order, so please stay here and talk to Sayo-san!
Tsugumi: Are you sure, Eve-chan?
Eve: Of course! There are no other customers here at the moment, and she came all this way to give you her thoughts.
Tsugumi: Thanks, Eve-chan. Then, if it's okay, I'll leave it to you.
Eve: Yes! I shall take care of it! Please wait a moment.
Sayo: Hazawa-san. Your performance at Girl Jam was excellent.
Tsugumi: Really?! That's great... Thank you.
Sayo: Truth be told, I thought that Afterglow was in a perilous situation.
Sayo: However, you stayed undaunted and won the crowd over with a rousing performance... It was truly spectacular.
Tsugumi: That means a lot coming from you, Sayo-san.
Eve: Thank you for waiting. Here is your tea and cake!
Sayo: Thank you, Wakamiya-san. You were in the Girl Jam audience too, correct?
Eve: Yes! I was very moved by Afterglow's performance.
Eve: It was as if a wave of excitement swept through the crowd! Tsugumi-san and the others were amazing!
Tsugumi: Thanks, Eve-chan. We went through a lot, but I'm glad we did our best...
Tsugumi: Things were awfully turbulent before the concert. Himari-chan was feeling disheartened, and we were all in a gloomy mood...
Tsugumi: We all wanted to return Afterglow to how it was as quickly as possible...
Sayo: Being flustered wears down your spirit, but telling yourself not to be so impatient is also stressful...
Tsugumi: Yes. We could all feel the pressure and didn't know what to do.
Tsugumi: But for every bit of hardship we experienced, we enjoyed Girl Jam that much more!
Tsugumi: I was able to see that beautiful view from the stage because the five of us kept trying without giving up. Now I feel that we have the potential to put on even better shows.
Eve: I think I know how you feel, Tsugumi-san.
Eve: Pastel*Palettes has also experienced times when we suffered from a negative image or had misunderstandings with fans...
Eve: But if you believe in your teammates and continue to work hard, you are sure to find the way! That is why I had complete faith that Afterglow would also emerge victorious!
Tsugumi: Yes, that's right. Thank you for believing in us, Eve-chan.
Sayo: ... It seems that our interference at that time was a little overzealous.
Tsugumi: No, far from it! I was overjoyed that we were invited by Poppin'Party and Roselia to take part in a joint event.
Tsugumi: Moreover, your invitation led to us making an important realization.
Sayo: A realization... you say?
Tsugumi: The five of us always believed that the band was an important place just for us. However, we discovered that our "same as always" only exists because of the support we get from others.
Tsugumi: So thank you very much. I hope you continue to cheer for us in the future!
Sayo: Certainly. Let's all do our best.
Eve: Yes! This must be what they call an alliance! We can motivate and encourage each other to be better!
Tsugumi: Fufu, yes. Oh! I just remembered that I baked some cookies using a new recipe. Would the both of you like to try them?
Eve: Wow, are you sure? Then, yes, please!
Sayo: Thank you. I would love to.

I Will Never Give Up Card Story - Special Episode

Time Spent Worrying


Convenience Store

Marina: Gosh, I hadn't even considered that we'd run out of packing tape... We're lucky this convenience store stocks them~.
Tsugumi: Umm... Sparkling water for Tomoe-chan... And I think Himari-chan would like this newly released juice...
Marina: Oh? Isn't that Tsugumi-chan? She's choosing drinks very carefully...
Tsugumi: ... Ah, Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san! Hello.
Marina: Hello, Tsugumi-chan. Fufu, your shopping basket is full of sweets and drinks~. Are you on your way to a party?
Tsugumi: Oh, no, it's our first practice after Girl Jam today, and I got a bit more excited than usual...
Tsugumi: I even baked a cake for everyone.
Marina: Whoa, that's impressive! You really went all out~. Now I remember. Afterglow booked a studio today.
Marina: Speaking of, congratulations on your Girl Jam performance! I was working and couldn't attend, but BanG Dreamer-san told me you were phenomenal.
Tsugumi: Thank you very much! I'm so happy we've received such positive feedback from everyone.
Tsugumi: Still... We really went through a lot.
Marina: Is that... because of those bad rumors that spread around?
Tsugumi: Yes. When we stood up on that stage, I could feel that the energy in the venue was bad. It was a very unwelcoming atmosphere.
Tsugumi: In the lead-up to Girl Jam, we had a string of rejections from other events. Even when we finally found one we could take part in, the audience talked over us and wouldn't listen to our set...
Tsugumi: So we were aware that we might receive a negative response at Girl Jam as well...
Marina: Hmm, I understand. It's tough performing to a crowd who isn't fond of you. Playing on stage is nerve-racking enough as it is.
Tsugumi: Yes... Even so, we decided to go stand firm and play the best music we possibly could. It actually made us want to show the world what we're made of.
Marina: So that's what happened. You're very strong, Tsugumi-chan.
Tsugumi: No, not at all. I think the old me would've become nervous and been consumed by the hostile atmosphere.
Tsugumi: But watching Future World Fes was a big source of motivation for me. Not to mention, jamming with the "HOPE" members...
Tsugumi: I think all the worrying and thinking I've done up until now turned into confidence somewhere along the line.
Tsugumi: What's more, I learned that even in bad situations, there are still people who support us.
Tsugumi: Thanks to them, I think we put on an even better show than usual... It feels like we took a new step forward.
Marina: A new step forward, huh? That's no easy feat.
Tsugumi: Making progress step by step is how we can get closer to achieving the perfect performance.
Tsugumi: That's why I'm really excited about today's practice!
Marina: Fufu, I can feel your enthusiasm, Tsugumi-chan. I look forward to Afterglow's next concert.
Tsugumi: Great! Thank you for listening to my story, Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san.
Tsugumi: I'm going to make my way to CiRCLE now! I'll see you there.