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Ice Cream In Summer Card Story - Episode

Ice Cream With Lisa


CiRCLE – Café

Sayo: (Oh? Is that who I think it is...?)
Lisa: Mmm~, nothing beats this!
Sayo: Imai-san, what are you doing?
Lisa: Oh, Sayo! I'm just enjoying some green tea ice cream. Suddenly had the urge, so I came here straight from school. What are you up to, Sayo? We don't have practice until later.
Sayo: I was thinking of practicing on my own for a little... Is that ice cream good?
Lisa: It's amazing, I totally recommend it! Have you ever had the ice cream here?
Sayo: I didn't have the green tea ice cream, but I did try some the other day when you weren't here. Minato-san said you recommended it.
Lisa: Oh, I see! Which flavor did you get?
Sayo: I believe I had the strawberry soft serve. It was both sweet and sour, which was delicious.
Lisa: Ohh! That one has a cute color. I like it too~!
Sayo: Perhaps it was because of the heat, but it tasted especially good.
Lisa: I see~. I'm glad you liked it! This green tea one is good too! Try it. Say ahh~!
Sayo: Ugh... I'm not a child...
Lisa: C'mon, don't be shy! Quick, before it melts! Ahh~!
Sayo: ... A-Ahh...
Lisa: Well?
Sayo: I-It's really good...!
Lisa: Right~? It's my number one recommendation these days!
Sayo: Thank you for the information. I don't come to this cafe very often, you see.
Lisa: Really? We should come here with the rest of the band next time!
Sayo: That sounds nice. We came here when you were at work last time, and I realized I don't mind this kind of thing.
Lisa: It's always more fun eating with other people, huh? I wish I could've made it.
Sayo: In that case, why don't you ask everyone to come here after practice today? I'm sure they would be happy to.
Lisa: Nice idea! This is gonna be fun~!

Ice Cream In Summer Card Story - Special Episode

Memory Of A Cafe


Record Shop

Sayo: It's not over there either. That's strange, it's not exactly a minor album...
Sayo: Perhaps they have it in a special spot.
Sayo: Oh... BanG Dreamer-san, hello. I didn't think I would run into you here.
Sayo: ... Me? I came to buy a CD that I was curious about. I'm having trouble finding it, mind you...
Sayo: What, you'll help me look for it?... Perhaps I should borrow your assistance. Thank you.
Sayo: It's not around here, which means that it's probably on the other side of the shop. Let's take a look.
Sayo: Do you mind... if I tell you something while we look for the CD?
Sayo: I can tell you everything? Thank you very much.
Sayo: The other day Imai-san wasn't present for practice. That's it, yet just because of this, so many things were difficult.
Sayo: Normally we would take a break every hour, but on that day we played for over two hours, and no one spoke up.
Sayo: Imai-san would usually take the initiative about this kind thing...
Sayo: In the end, Udagawa-san was too exhausted to go on, and she asked if we could take a break.
Sayo: During our break, the four of us went to the cafe. I usually don't go anywhere with the others, but I realized that it's nice every now and then.
Sayo: I suppose it's also because we ate sweet food at the cafe, but everyone was able to relax and refresh.
Sayo: I felt that if Imai-san had been there, the conversation would've been smoother and much brighter... Although, perhaps I am just overthinking this.
Sayo: ... Oh, sorry! I didn't intend to talk for you this long... You're glad that I did? That's not the response I was expecting.
Sayo: ... Ah, that CD...! That's the one I was looking for! Not only did you listen to what I had to say, you also found my CD. Thank you very much.
Sayo: I used to just contemplate my music, or think about how to improve my technical prowess.
Sayo: However, other things such as casual conversation among the band may be important too.
Sayo: I am going to make an effort to speak to the other members of the band more naturally like I do with you.