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Idol Role Model Card Story - Episode

Eve's Introduction


Rehearsal Studio

Hina: Maya-chan, Chisato-chan, see ya in a bit!
Eve: Ohhh. I feel a bit guilty for leaving the shopping to the two of them...
Eve: During our next practice, I will absolutely take on the role of going out shopping!
Aya: Yeah. If we take turns, then it'll be fair!
Eve: Yes, but for now, I shall gratefully accept the chance to rest!
Aya: Ah, that's right. Since we have a bit of time, I wanted to ask about today's joint rehearsal.
Aya: It was the two of you and Maya-chan, right? What did you all do?
Hina: Ummm, we all thought about how to have a fun show.
Eve: We even talked about you as an example, Aya-san!
Aya: Huh, you did?! Ehehe... I kinda wanna hear more about that~...
Hina: Everyone said that your "Fluffy pink" introduction is really interesting to watch!
Aya: Th-they said it was interesting... I see...
Eve: You do it with such energy that the audience and the rest of us also get energized!
Hina: I know, right? So keep on doing your introduction, Aya-chan!
Aya: S-sure... You guys are complimenting me, right...?
Eve: Of course! It is a wonderful skill that cannot be easily copied! A truly masterful skill!
Hina: Mhm. We had Maya-chan do hers, but she couldn't compare to you, Aya-chan. She was on the right track, though!
Aya: Huh? Maya-chan did an introduction too? Was it that "Read it forwards or backwards" phrase...?
Eve: Yes! It was quite spirited and wonderful! I would like to do my very own introduction as well!
Hina: Oh, nice! You should try it too, Eve-chan! I wanna see it!
Eve: Thank you! Even in battle, it is important for a warrior to declare their name!
Eve: Actually, after watching a period drama, there was something that I wanted to try! Is it okay if I show you?
Aya: A p-period drama...? We're talking about idol introductions, right...?
Hina: Come on, it's fine! It's sure to show off Eve-chan's personality! Okay then, give it a try!
Eve: Very well, here I go...
Eve: Ye who are far, hear me and tremble! Ye who are near, behold me and wonder!
Eve: I am Eve Wakamiya of Finland! Those that be confident of skill... I challenge you to a duel!
Eve: ... Fufufu, how was that?
Aya: U-umm... It has a lot of impact, but I think people might question if it's appropriate for an idol...
Hina: Really? I thought it was great! She seemed super strong!
Eve: Thank you! I will use your opinions as reference to improve my introduction further!
Aya: Huh? Are you actually going to use that...? J-just in case, I think you should have Chisato-chan take a look as well...
Hina: Oh, how about this? Since we've got the chance, you should bang out a new introduction too, Aya-chan!
Aya: What?! I have to do this too?! I-I think I'll pass... Plus I like my current one...
Hina: Don't worry, you can totally do it! It'll definitely be interesting!
Eve: I agree! Please show us your masterful skills!
Aya: D-don't look at me with that twinkle in your eyes~! ... Ah, listen, footsteps! The other two might be back!
Eve: I see! You want to think about your introduction with everyone else! Just as I might expect from Aya-san!
Aya: Th-that's not what I mean~! Ohhh... Chisato-chan, Maya-chan, help~!

Idol Role Model Card Story - Special Episode

Burning Idol Soul


CiRCLE - Lobby

Eve: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, hello!
Marina: Hello, Eve-chan. You have solo practice today, right?
Eve: Yes! I have a reservation for two hours! Thank you for allowing me to have this practice time!
Marina: Fufu, you seem pretty excited.
Eve: Yes, right now, my samurai spirit is ablaze! It was ignited from our show the other day.
Marina: The other day... Do you mean the show that the agency's trainees also took part in? I saw the buzz about it online.
Eve: That is most certainly the one! During that show, the girls showed me very splendid bushido!
Eve: So, as a herald of bushido and their senior idol, I must train myself further.
Marina: I see. So you were influenced by the trainees' performance.
Eve: Yes. In working with the girls, I learned much about them.
Eve: Just like Aya-san, they did their best to become great idols. They also truly enjoy idols as well!
Eve: The sight of them as they maintained their ideals was magnificent!
Marina: Mhm, that would definitely get you fired up.
Eve: Unlike the trainees, I went from being a model to an idol. So I have not been striving to be an idol from the start as they have.
Eve: But right now, I am a member of Pastel✽Palettes. I do not intend to lose to them on our sentiments towards idols!
Eve: In order to conquer Japan, I must increase the scope of our band even further!
Marina: Fufu, you're right. You're going to be their role model, so you have to do your best.
Eve: Yes! I swear on my bushido, I will continue to be diligent! Now then, I take my leave for practice!
Marina: Okay! Do your best!