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If We Just Hold Hands Card Story - Episode

Conveyed Through the Hands


Arisa's Secret Spot

Tae: You can see the fireworks so clearly from here.
Rimi: Mhm. I feel like this is what you'd expect from a place Arisa calls her secret spot.
Tae: Yep.
Rimi: With this view, it does seem like a place you would want to keep a secret. It's like having the fireworks all to yourself.
Rimi: We have to thank her for showing us this spot, or we might face divine punishment... Being at a shrine and all. Fufu, just kidding~.
Tae: Actually... we could. Since Arisa might be an evil spirit.
Rimi: Huh? An evil spirit...?
Tae: Yep, or a ghost... But more importantly, it's nice that we got to see the fireworks together.
Rimi: Y-Yeah... I think so too. When we got separated, I didn't know what we were going to do...
Tae: It was a Poppin'Party pinch.
Rimi: That's why it's so incredible that we were able to come together like this. Don't you think so too, O-Tae-chan?
Tae: Mhm, I do... Ah. Fufufu...
Rimi: What happened, O-Tae-chan? Did I say something funny?
Tae: Rimi, it seems like you were able to relax. The explosions don't scare you anymore, right?
Rimi: Now that you mention it... I guess not. It must have stopped bothering me at some point...
Tae: I had a feeling.
Rimi: Maybe it's because you've been holding my hand this whole time.
Rimi: If I hold your hand, I’ll feel at ease... That's what you told me, isn't it? And I really do feel better...
Rimi: But... how did you know I wasn't scared anymore?
Tae: Well... Your hand.
Rimi: ... My hand?
Tae: I'm holding your hand, so I can kinda tell how you're feeling.
Tae: At first, every time a firework went off, you would squeeze really tight. But you've been doing it less and less.
Tae: I don't feel you tensing up at all. In fact, you feel relaxed. So, I figured you were having a good time.
Rimi: I see... Ehehe, that makes me happy.
Tae: Why's that?
Rimi: Think about it... You can tell how I'm feeling without me even saying it, right?
Rimi: It's kind of like you can read my mind... I just think that's amazing.
Rimi: To have that kind of friend--that kind of friendship--and to be able to react that point...
Rimi: I think that's more than I could ever ask for.
Saaya: I know exactly how you feel Rimi-rin.
Rimi: Ah, Saaya-chan.
Saaya: Actually... I was just thinking the same thing earlier.
Rimi: You were...?
Saaya: Mhm. When we all got separated, I could feel the nervousness in O-Tae's hand.
Tae: Really?
Saaya: Ahaha, you didn't even realize. Yep, I could.
Saaya: But when we finally figured out the location of Arisa's secret spot, I could tell that she felt calm.
Saaya: You know, O-Tae... You squeezed my hand really hard.
Saaya: And that's how I could tell you were relieved. Then, even I started to feel relieved.
Tae: So... Ease-SP?
Saaya: Ah, O-Tae! Nice one! Fufufu...
Rimi: Guys, what if at our next show, we hold hands? We'll be able to tell how we're all feeling and probably perform better!
Tae: Hold hands during our show...? How would we play?
Rimi: ... Ah. Now that you mention it...
Tae: But I think that's a good idea. We can hold hands between songs.
Array: Mhm, let's do it!
Saaya: Whoa, look! A willow firework!
Rimi: W-Wow...!
Saaya: I've never seen one like that before! I'm glad we were all able to see this view together.
Tae: ... So... Yukata, again?
Rimi: Huh?
Tae: Hey, Rimi. Can you... tell what I'm thinking? Can you read my thoughts through my hand?
Rimi: Uhm, well...
Rimi: ...
Rimi: Mhm, I kind of get it.
Tae: That's what I'm feeling right now.
Rimi: ... I'm with you.
Saaya: What are you two talking about?
Tae: You wanna know...? Hand, please.
Rimi: We'll let you know exactly what O-Tae-chan is thinking... Come, sit here... Give us your hands.

If We Just Hold Hands Card Story - Special Episode

Here's Some Excitement


CiRCLE - Outside

Tae: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san. What's up?
Tae: I just left the performance they were having at CiRCLE. Did you see it?
Tae: Oh... You didn't? That's too bad. How do I explain this...? Uhm, it was a super cool show...
Tae: ... Give me a sec'. Let me catch my breath.
Tae: ... Hahhh~, fuuu~.
Tae: Nope... There's nothing wrong with me, I'm just so worked up from that performance.
Tae: That's just how amazing it was. Probably the best band I've seen recently.
Tae: Have you seen any of their shows?
Tae: ... Then I think you need to go to one soon. If you don't, you'll definitely be missing out.
Tae: They've been having a lot of performances lately, so I think your next chance will be soon.
Tae: I definitely have to bring Kasumi to the next one.
Tae: ... Yep. I'm by myself today.
Tae: We were actually supposed to come together, but something came up that she couldn't get out of.
Tae: I'd say that guitar solo is worth seeing at least once. That was some unbelievable technical skill.
Tae: But the thing that left the most impact on me was... probably the drums.
Tae: Maybe it's that I could feel the vibrations in my body... Or maybe that I could see the sound taking shape...
Tae: ... Wait... I think I've felt this sensation recently... When was that...?
Tae: ... Ah, I know. The fireworks festival.
Tae: Yeah, that's right. It was the festival that Poppin'Party went to together.
Tae: It was so crowded that we all got separated. Somehow, though, we all ended up in the same place and got to watch the fireworks together.
Tae: They were so pretty. By the end, even Rimi was enjoying it. I'm glad we all went.
Tae: ... Yeah. Apparently, Rimi doesn't like the sound of the fireworks so much. But she's fine when we're performing, so that's kinda weird, no?
Tae: We tried holding hands while watching, but every time one of them exploded, it startled her. But I mean, she was fine with it eventually.
Tae: ... Hm? How did I know...?
Tae: I guess, from her hand?
Tae: Like when you hold hands, you can kinda feel what the other person is feeling... It's a form of non-verbal communication, I believe...
Tae: So I could tell when Rimi finally became okay with watching the fireworks.
Tae: And we were talking about how we could all hold hands during our next show...
Tae: ... Of course, we wouldn't do that while we're playing, so the actual performance part will be okay.
Tae: I mean, it does seem like we'd do better if we could understand how everyone else is feeling.
Tae: I want our audience to feel the same way I felt at today's show...
Tae: ... Oh, I know.
Tae: BanG Dreamer-san, you wanna hold hands?
Tae: If we do, you might get a sense of excitement from the show.
Tae: ... That's the same reaction that Arisa had, BanG Dreamer-san...
Tae: ... Huh? No, it's totally fine with me...
Tae: ... Mhm. Alright, here we go.
Tae: ... Well? Did you feel the buzz?
Tae: ... Fufu. "Kinda" is okay too.
Tae: Just as I thought, you really need to see it in person... I want you to hold on to that feeling--that excitement--until you can experience the real thing.
Tae: ... Oh, Kasumi...
Tae: I can go and share this feeling with her too.
Tae: ...Huh? Of course, that means I'll be holding hands with her...
Tae: Okay then. See ya later, BanG Dreamer-san.