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Imai Lisa is a first-year student at Yotsuba Women's University, as well as the bassist of Roselia.

She follows gyaru fashion, but keeps her interest in amigurumi secret, since it does not match her image. She is a proficient bassist, wowing the other Roselia members in her audition, and is a great cook as well as a baker.[2]

She is best friends and next-door neighbors with Yukina, and has known her ever since they were little. Outside of the band, she is also friends with Moca, who is her coworker at her part-time job at the convenience store.


Lisa has fair skin with curvy green eyes and long, wavy, soft dark ginger hair with lighter brown streaks along with thin curled forelocks and long, thin bangs. She wears a part of hair up in a ponytail. She also wears a pair of pink earrings shaped like upside-down bunnies in both her spring and summer outfits.

Her casual attire consists of neutral tones mixing with black to create a grown-up look. In her initial outfit, Lisa wears a knitted off-the-shoulder dress, a black belt around her waist, and knee-high boots. Her outfit is completed by a black upside-down bunny necklace.

During winter she wears a loose, off-the-shoulder maroon shirt with a black top underneath, a white miniskirt and thigh-high black leather boots. She also has decorative chains around her waist and wears hoop earrings. During summer, Lisa wears a pink T-shirt which has the design of red heart with a tongue, completed with roses below and feathers and with the text "Love" above it. She also wears two bracelets on her left wrist, a brown wristwatch on her right wrist, a golden necklace and ripped short denim shorts.

She is also always seen with lip gloss, regardless of the occasion. Prior to joining Roselia, Lisa used to wear artificial nails, but removed them in order to devote herself to the bass.


Lisa is a friendly and lively girl who appears mature and calm. Despite her appearance, Lisa acts as the mediator in tense situations, and takes care of everyone well. It's because of her that Roselia is able to continue to stick together despite the contrasting members personalities and disagreements at times. She often chides the others if she feels necessary, bringing balance to the group.

Lisa is very caring in nature, and is able to notice when a friend is troubled, usually being the first to try and help. She does her best to do what she can, sometimes to a fault, where she'll put her all into something regardless of her own feelings. Adding to her caring nature, she sometimes calls herself an "onee-san", but the other characters have also compared her to a mother at times.[3][4]

Despite her skills and proficiency as a bassist, Lisa sometimes believed that she is the least skilled member of Roselia, and can get quite sentimental at times as well. She easily cries when her friends, or especially Yukina, reaffirm just how much she is needed in the band or in general. However as time goes on, she becomes more confident and is able to call herself a proud member of Roselia.

Game Interactions[]

A list of characters Lisa interacts with in the game (during Lives and in the dialogues at the end of every game).

Yukina (icon)Sayo (icon)Ako (icon)Rinko (icon)Kasumi (icon)Arisa (icon)Ran (icon)Moca (icon)Himari (icon)Aya (icon)Hina (icon)Maya (icon)Kokoro (icon)Kaoru (icon)



Imai (今井): Ima (今) means "now" and I (井) means "well (water source)".

Lisa (Japanese: リサ, Chinese: 莉莎): her Japanese name has no specific meaning. For her Chinese name, it includes the character Li (莉), which can mean "jasmine" or "jessamine". Sa (莎) is simply a suffix in this case, so it therefore has no specific meaning.


  • ESP Guitars has released a real-life version of Lisa's bass, BTL (Full Name: BTL Roselia Lisa), alongside Sayo's guitar and other Bandori merchandise relating to Roselia.[5][6]
  • She refers to all of the other girls with their first names, but uses the "-san" honorific for adults like Marina and the Player Character.
  • She is the same height as Moca and Umiri.
  • Lisa in a light form embodies the image of gyaru, a Japanese predominantly female subculture that revolves around a carefree, bright life and a deliberate confrontation with the Japanese traditional view of ideal femininity. Thus, it creates a good contrast between her and her best friend Yukina, who personifies the more traditional Yamato Nadeshiko.
  • She dislikes insects as well as all types of horror.
  • As an addition to her charismatic personality, she is quite good at selling tickets.
  • Lisa was revealed to have a younger brother[7]; however, after the intense backlash that happened due to the reveal, Craft Egg released an apology confessing that it was a mistake made by one of their writers. After this, they fixed and patched both the event story and card stories of the event by removing all mentions of him, re-recording each line which mentioned him.[8]
    • Lots of fans found the reveal of Lisa's younger brother inconsistent with the canon storyline and lore, because event and card stories had never implied she has any siblings, as well as Lisa herself saying she is an only child, and mentioning she is good with kids because she "used to play with all the younger kids in the neighborhood when she was a little girl, so she just naturally turned into a bit of a caretaker".[9]
  • Lisa is considered to be the perfect example of the big sister archetype among Japanese fans, which is why they often refer to her as "onee-san" when discussing YouTube content. At the same time, Western fans tend to see her as a warming and calming ideal of motherly behavior for the people around her.
  • After graduating from high school, Lisa decided to get a driver's license.
  • In the Re:Zero collaboration, her character design was based on Felt.


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