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№. 00090
Rarity2Cool Onstage

Availability: Gacha1
Onstage (Imai Lisa)
№. 00110
Rarity2Cool Desire To Protect

Availability: Gacha7
Desire To Protect
№. 00091
Rarity3Pure Trace Of Effort

Availability: Gacha1
Trace Of Effort
Trace Of Effort T
№. 00089
Rarity1Happy Mood Maker☆

Availability: Initial
Mood Maker☆
№. 00148
Rarity3Happy Indispensable

Availability: Event 10
Indispensable T
№. 00155
Rarity2Happy Connected Pair

Availability: Gacha121
Connected Pair
№. 00166
Rarity4Cool Dazzling Sunlight

Availability: Gacha128
Dazzling Sunlight
Dazzling Sunlight T
№. 00194
Rarity2Pure Romantic

Availability: Event 17
№. 00259
Rarity2Powerful A Crucial Member

Availability: Event 21
A Crucial Member
№. 00281
Rarity4Pure Serious Business

Availability: Gacha162
Serious Business
Serious Business T
№. 00391
Rarity2Powerful GOGO WEGO!

Availability: Campaign
GOGO WEGO! (Imai Lisa)
№. 00374
Rarity4Powerful Leave Sweet Making to Me

Availability: Gacha191
Leave Sweet Making to Me
Leave Sweet Making to Me T
№. 00365
Rarity3Cool Novice Healer

Availability: Event 31
Novice Healer
Novice Healer T
№. 00360
Rarity2Happy Blue Roses in Harmony

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Blue Roses in Harmony (Imai Lisa)
№. 00438
Rarity4Happy Making Cookies Once More

Availability: Gacha234
Making Cookies Once More
Making Cookies Once More T
№. 00449
Rarity3Powerful I Hate Ghosts and Ghouls!

Availability: Event 45
I Hate Ghosts and Ghouls!
I Hate Ghosts and Ghouls! T
№. 00487
Rarity3Pure Midsummer Sunlight

Availability: Event 52
Midsummer Sunlight
Midsummer Sunlight T
№. 00514
Rarity2Pure Encouraging Melody

Availability: Campaign
Encouraging Melody (Imai Lisa)
№. EN_10003
Rarity2Pure To The Party

Availability: Campaign
To The Party (Imai Lisa)
№. 00523
Rarity4Pure Communication Level MAX

Availability: Gacha289
Communication Level MAX
Communication Level MAX T
№. 00551
Rarity3Happy A Declaration of War

Availability: Gacha296
A Declaration of War
A Declaration of War T
№. 00575
Rarity2Cool Sparkle of the Stars

Availability: Event 64
Sparkle of the Stars
№. 00598
Rarity4Happy Our Feelings As One

Availability: Gacha315
Our Feelings As One
Our Feelings As One T
№. 00607
Rarity2Happy A Little Too Worried?

Availability: Event 70
A Little Too Worried?
№. 00658
Rarity2Pure Noble Rose

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Noble Rose (Imai Lisa)
№. 00630
Rarity3Cool Last-Minute Viewing

Availability: Gacha355
Last-Minute Viewing
Last-Minute Viewing T
№. 00708
Rarity4Cool Our First Jam Session

Availability: Gacha384
Our First Jam Session
Our First Jam Session T
№. 00757
Rarity3Happy Can't See, but it's OK

Availability: Event 89
Can't See, but it's OK
Can't See, but it's OK T
№. 00780
Rarity4Happy Growing Closer

Availability: Gacha433
Growing Closer
Growing Closer T
№. 00805
Rarity3Pure Long Live Fantasy!

Availability: Event 97
Long Live Fantasy!
Long Live Fantasy! T
№. 00838
Rarity4Powerful A Lit Smile

Availability: Gacha479
A Lit Smile
A Lit Smile T
№. 00849
Rarity3Cool Inevitable Bond

Availability: Event 105
Inevitable Bond
Inevitable Bond T
№. 00859
Rarity2Happy Competitive Stage

Availability: Campaign
Competitive Stage (Imai Lisa)
№. 00918
Rarity4Powerful Cheers from Behind

Availability: Gacha508
Cheers from Behind
Cheers from Behind T
№. 00894
Rarity2Powerful Lofty Ambitions

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Lofty Ambitions (Imai Lisa)
№. 00948
Rarity3Powerful Any Ideas?

Availability: Event 114
Any Ideas?
Any Ideas? T
№. 00957
Rarity4Pure An Otherworldly Breeze

Availability: Gacha567
An Otherworldly Breeze
An Otherworldly Breeze T
№. 01022
Rarity2Pure A Caring Princess

Availability: Event 124
A Caring Princess
№. 01043
Rarity3Powerful STOP!

Availability: Gacha633
№. 01079
Rarity3Happy An Inquisitive Look

Availability: Event 134
An Inquisitive Look
An Inquisitive Look T
№. 01104
Rarity4Powerful Creeping Sphere of Fear

Availability: Gacha702
Creeping Sphere of Fear
Creeping Sphere of Fear T
№. 01175
Rarity4Cool This Is Destiny!

Availability: Gacha768
This Is Destiny!
This Is Destiny! T
№. 01219
Rarity3Cool Are You Sure?

Availability: Event 156
Are You Sure?
Are You Sure? T
№. 01284
Rarity4Cool Special Birthday!

Availability: Gacha834
Special Birthday! (Imai Lisa) T
№. 01297
Rarity4Happy With Adoring Eyes

Availability: Gacha850
With Adoring Eyes
With Adoring Eyes T
№. 01318
Rarity3Pure Her Wavering Feelings

Availability: Event 166
Her Wavering Feelings
Her Wavering Feelings T
№. 01362
Rarity3Happy Kind Teasing

Availability: Gacha888
Kind Teasing
Kind Teasing T
№. 01384
Rarity4Powerful Together Always

Availability: Gacha903
Together Always
Together Always T
№. 01449
Rarity2Cool Orbital Eden

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Orbital Eden (Imai Lisa)
№. 01495
Rarity4Cool Brilliant Introduction

Availability: Gacha966
Brilliant Introduction
Brilliant Introduction T
№. CN_10016
Rarity2Powerful bilibili

Availability: Campaign
Bilibili (Imai Lisa)
№. 01538
Rarity3Powerful Feelings Drawn

Availability: Gacha996
Feelings Drawn
Feelings Drawn T
№. 01600
Rarity4Happy Precious Birthday!

Availability: Gacha1012
Precious Birthday! (Imai Lisa) T
№. 01626
Rarity4Cool Say Cheese!

Availability: Gacha1044
Say Cheese!
Say Cheese! T
№. TW_5008
Rarity2Pure Gentle and Lovely

Availability: Campaign
Gentle and Lovely (Imai Lisa)
№. 01691
Rarity3Happy When This Song Ends

Availability: Event 214
When This Song Ends
When This Song Ends T
№. 01697
Rarity4Powerful Graduation

Availability: Event 215
Graduation (Imai Lisa)
Graduation (Imai Lisa) T
№. 01710
Rarity5Cool No More Uniform

Availability: Gacha1108
No More Uniform
No More Uniform T
№. 01732
Rarity4Pure Thorough Research?

Availability: Event 221
Thorough Research?
Thorough Research? T
№. 01779
Rarity5Happy Summer Splash!

Availability: Gacha1170
Summer Splash!
Summer Splash! T
№. 01874
Rarity3Happy Still Searching For the Answer

Availability: Event 243
Still Searching For the Answer
Still Searching For the Answer T
№. 01884
Rarity5Pure Her Springtime Sunlit Figure

Availability: Gacha1255
Her Springtime Sunlit Figure
Her Springtime Sunlit Figure T
№. 01946
Rarity5Powerful Your Back, Leaving Ever Further

Availability: Gacha1287
Your Back, Leaving Ever Further
Your Back, Leaving Ever Further T
№. 02018
Rarity5Happy Weaving Flowers Next to You

Availability: Gacha1358
Weaving Flowers Next to You
Weaving Flowers Next to You T

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