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Important Moment Card Story - Episode

Saaya & The Night Owls


Rimi: Haa...
Kasumi: H-haa~!
Saaya: Ah! You caught her yawn.
Kasumi: Ah! I did!
Rimi: Hehe, they say yawns are contagious when you have a good relationship.
Saaya: Oh, really? Did you two get enough sleep?
Kasumi: Maybe not~. I was practicing my guitar.
Kasumi: There's one part I can't seem to get.
Saaya: You sure are putting a lot of effort into practicing.
Saaya: What about you, Rimi-rin?
Rimi: Uhh... I was up late reading a book...
Saaya: What book?
Rimi: It's a horror novel that just came out.
Rimi: It's really interesting! I just couldn't stop reading. I had to know what happened next!
Saaya: Aha. I know the feeling.
Saaya: But you guys should get sleep or else your skin will start to dry.
Kasumi: No! Not my skin!
Rimi: W-we can't let that happen! Let's try to sleep early.
Saaya: You two must be evening people.
Saaya: That time we stayed at Arisa's house, you guys were also full of energy during the night.
Kasumi: I sleep! But when I'm having a good time, I can stay awake!
Rimi: That day was so fun, I couldn't fall asleep.
Kasumi: Yeah, yeah! I become full of energy!
Kasumi: I couldn't even sleep the day before!
Saaya: Kind of like how my little brother gets the day before a trip.
Kasumi: So excited he can't sleep, right?!
Kasumi: Hey, weren't you awake with us too, Saaya?!
Rimi: You did stay up to talk with us.
Saaya: Haha, was I up late?
Saaya: Well, normally that's not the case.
Kasumi: Really?
Saaya: Yeah, because I have to help out with the store.
Rimi: Oh, yeah. Bread shops open pretty early...
Saaya: Exactly. So, I go right to sleep at night.
Saaya: But it was a long time since I was able to do something like that... Maybe I got a little too crazy.
Kasumi: That's fine. You should go even more crazy~!
Saaya: Kasumi, you're usually a bit over the top.
Kasumi: What~?!
Rimi: Hehe. But Kasumi-chan is right.
Rimi: Normally, you're very calm and put together...
Rimi: So if you have a little fun once in a while, it should be okay, right?
Saaya: I guess you're right... Hehe.
Kasumi: What happened?
Saaya: I was just thinking... I'm happy to have joined a band with friends who can really go nuts and enjoy themselves.
Kasumi: ...
Rimi: ...
Saaya: ... What? Say something.
Kasumi: ... Well... It's just...
Rimi: ... This is a bit... awkward… maybe.
Saaya: What?! Hey, stop it!
Saaya: You're making me feel embarrassed!

Important Moment Card Story - Special Episode

Bandmate Bonds


Saaya: Welcome~... Oh, BanG Dreamer-san!
Saaya: Thanks for always coming by. What can I get you today?
Saaya: What do I recommend? Let's see...
Saaya: How about the sausage rolls? We just baked them.
Saaya: Oh, you've made up your mind? Okay, that's 340 yen for two.
Saaya: Here's 60 yen in change.
Saaya: ... Hm? What's that? You spoke to Natsuki and Fumika?
Saaya: I see~. They're both really funny, right?
Saaya: Have you ever seen one of CHisPA's shows?
Saaya: Oh, that's too bad. They're really cool on stage, and they have a lot of presence~!
Saaya: Natsuki and Fumika have always been really talented, but they're getting even better these days.
Saaya: They must be putting in some serious practice time, huh? I can't let them get too far ahead~!
Saaya: That's right, their new drummer is really skilled too.
Saaya: The band has a bit of a different image compared to when I was a member. They're so cool now!
Saaya: You should check them out. I guarantee you'll become a fan!
Saaya: ... Ah, sorry, I'm getting carried away, huh? Ahaha.
Saaya: But seriously, that's just how awesome they are.
Saaya: Ah, but Poppin' Party is working just as hard, you know?
Saaya: We practice every day... and we've improved so much since we first began.
Saaya: We even had a band camp to prepare for our show.
Saaya: The camp was so much fun~.
Saaya: All the girls went and stayed the night at Arisa's house.
Saaya: We stayed up late throwing pillows at each other, and chatted about everything... I guess this kinda thing is called girl's talk? Fufu.
Saaya: A pajama party? ... Nah, it was more like a school trip.
Saaya: Huh? What's with that look?
Saaya: You're thinking that we just played about the whole time, aren't you? Don't worry, we didn't forget to practice.
Saaya: We had a big session in Arisa's basement.
Saaya: Even Kasumi was really focused when we practiced.
Saaya: Rimi-rin put even more into it than she usually does. I was impressed.
Saaya: But O-Tae was the toughest! She goes over a part or a song again and again until she's satisfied.
Saaya: In the end, Arisa ran out of energy.
Saaya: I'll literally drop dead if I play any more! I think were her exact words. Ahaha!
Saaya: It was pretty intense. I was completely worn out by the end of it.
Saaya: I have to admit it was pretty fun though.
Saaya: Everyone practiced so hard, but we fooled around sometimes too...
Saaya: I'm really happy that I'm in a band with a group of girls who can do that kinda thing.
Saaya: It just feels so "high school", you know?
Saaya: Natsuki and the others seem to have a good thing going with CHisPA too. I'm really relieved.
Saaya: Relieved... might be a strange way to put it...
Saaya: But they're just such a good band. Of course things would go well, right?
Saaya: Creating a stronger bond with the band through our music. I think this is lovely.
Saaya: Actually, not just the band. I hope we can make good friendships with other people too.
Saaya: ... Like you.
Saaya: Yeah. It'd make me really happy to become better friends with you in the future. I hope you'll be around.
Saaya: ... I've held you up for far too long, haven't I?
Saaya: I just can't stop once I get started talking about the band. Sorry!
Saaya: You enjoyed it? Really? I can talk about this kind of thing any time, if you like.
Saaya: As long as you buy some bread while you're here... Just kidding!
Saaya: Thanks again for coming by♪
Saaya: See ya.