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Important Opportunity Card Story - Episode

The More Interesting Path


Hina: Maya-chan, Eve-chan, and Chisato-chan are all busy today, huh~?
Aya: It feels like it's been ages since we last walked home together after a show, Hina-chan.
Hina: Yeah, I guess it has been~. Wanna go to karaoke or something?
Aya: What?! We just finished our show!! My throat is so done!
Hina: I think I'm ready for an all-nighter~!
Hina: Just kidding! Don't worry~!
Aya: Th-That's a relief...
Aya: It kind of feels strange without the other three here, huh?
Hina: Oh... So you're saying you don't like being stuck with me?
Aya: Huh?! I-I didn't mean it like that!
Hina: Ahaha, I'm just kidding again.
Aya: Grr, cut it out, Hina-chan~!
Hina: Sorry~.
Aya: Hmph...
Aya: By the way, what did you think of the show today?
Hina: Hmm, it was pretty good. We finished with a bang too.
Aya: Yay~!
Aya: Let's keep this going for our next show too! Hey, hey, hoh~ ♪
Hina: You got it~ ♪
Hina: ... Oh, that reminds me, Marmalade's final concert was really awesome~!
Aya: You thought so too, Hina-chan?! They're amazing, huh?
Hina: Totally! There were songs that went bang, but there were others that made me feel all boppin'...
Hina: But not only that, there were some kinda lonely songs, and some bouncy ones as well~.
Hina: No wonder you admire them so much.
Aya: Ehehe~ ♪ Marmalade's songs are what gave me courage and a dream!
Aya: After I heard Marmalade's songs, I really wanted to be like Ayumi-san.
Hina: Aya-chan, burning with passion and chasing her dreams! I like it~.
Aya: Ehehe...
Hina: I was just wondering, Aya-chan...
Aya: Hmm? About what?
Hina: You cried your eyes out when you shook Ayumi-san's hand, but are you suddenly over it all now?
Aya: Hmm, it's not that I'm over it. I wasn't crying because I was sad, I was just really emotional because Ayumi-san encouraged me...
Aya: ... But having said that, I guess I was still shocked that Marmalade broke up.
Aya: Even though they aren't together anymore, they're still in my heart.
Aya: And besides, I promised Ayumi-san I'd become even better than her! I can't afford to just sit around feeling sorry for myself!
Hina: Ahh, I see. In that case, I'll guess I'll stick around until that happens. I've got a feeling it's gonna be interesting!
Hina: And besides, you're a lot of fun, Aya-chan!
Aya: Ehehe... Thanks, Hina-chan!
Hina: Fun to tease, I mean ♪
Aya: Hey, I said cut it out~!

Important Opportunity Card Story - Special Episode

Influential Existence


Walking Home
Hina: Mmm-hm-hmm~ ♪
Hina: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san!
Hina: What are you up to?
Hina: Just wandering around because you've got time on your hands? Oh, I see~.
Hina: I just saw a movie ♪ It was pretty good! It was about this idol singer and her sister...
Hina: Oh, that reminds me! I met the idol that Aya-chan wants to be like!
Hina: Aya-chan got so emotional she started crying. I dunno, it was just really boppin' ♪
Hina: She was so cute~.
Hina: It got me thinking though... I wonder what it is that I admire...
Hina: I'm in Pastel*Palettes because Aya-chan is so interesting, so does that mean I admire her?
Hina: Ahaha! She's definitely interesting, but that's not admiration.
Hina: Which means... yeah, it must be my sister! I mean, I started playing the guitar because I wanted to be like her.
Hina: To be honest, my sister and I kinda didn't get along too well until I joined Pastel*Palettes.
Hina: It was probably because of me... Actually, I'm pretty sure it was. I never used to be able to consider her feelings.
Hina: But then I joined Pastel*Palettes and met Aya-chan...
Hina: Maya-chan, Eve-chan, and Chisato-chan. I've gotten to know lots of different people.
Hina: It made me realize that people are really interesting!
Hina: None of the band stuff goes smoothly, but that's what makes it fun.
Hina: By getting to know the girls in the band, I'm slowly starting to understand other people, and that other people think differently to me.
Hina: And because of these experiences, I'm getting close to my sister now... Closer than before, at least.
Hina: I'm super thankful that everything worked out this way and that I found Pastel*Palettes.
Hina: Aya-chan's always so interesting, Maya-chan knows so much about sound equipment...
Hina: Eve-chan and her love of bushido, and Chisato-chan who's both sweet and strict!
Hina: They're the reason I want to stick with Pastel*Palettes.
Hina: And just like how I've changed from being around them, I hope I can become an interesting kinda someone who has an influence on the life of someone else too.
Hina: I mean, doesn't it sound like fun being an idol that someone might admire?
Hina: Feel free to be influenced by me, BanG Dreamer-san ♪