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Important Tanzaku Card Story - Episode

Next Year's Tanabata Festival


Star Festival
Walking Home
Hina: Ehehe, we went to most of the stands even though we only meant to stop by a few.
Sayo: It wasn't even just the food. You played a number of games, too. You really got the most out of it. I'm amazed you could go for so long.
Hina: I couldn't help it! It was so much fun! I would've kept going if I had a bit more money.
Sayo: Yeah. It certainly was a good time.
Hina: Sis, do you mean it? Did you actually enjoy hanging out with me?
Sayo: I-I did... But... Why do you have to keep asking?
Hina: Uhm, well...
Sayo: Well...? If you don't say what's on your mind, I won't know what you're thinking.
Hina: Y-Yeah... It's just that I... I'm glad I was able to go to the Star Festival with you today.
Hina: So... I was hoping we could hang out again sometime...
Sayo: Hina...
Hina: I want to talk to you more, and I want to spend more time together. Do you not like hanging out with me?
Sayo: It's not like I don't like it, but...
Hina: But...? But what...?
Sayo: ... Fine. We can do something every now and then.
Hina: Yay~... Really?!
Sayo: But you know that guitar practice and rehearsal are my first priorities. I'm sure you understand that much.
Hina: Mhm...! Yeah! I'm okay with that! Heh heh heh-, that makes me so happy ♪
Hina: I'm gonna invite you to stuff all the time~♪ And it's okay if you tell me I'm being annoying!
Sayo: ... My goodness. You're incorrigible.
Hina: I know it's sudden, what about next Sunday? Let's do something!
Sayo: Huh...?! N-Next week is...
Hina: No good? Got something to do?
Sayo: (I don't have any plans, but... This is happening too fast, I'm not mentally prepared...)
Sayo: There's... Roselia rehearsal next Sunday.
Hina: Ohh, really? That's too bad...
Sayo: (Sigh... What I am doing? I shouldn't be lying to her...)
Sayo: (... But... I can't tell her the real reason...)
Hina: You sure are busy... Oh! I know! Next year! What about next year?
Sayo: What about it...?
Hina: Let's go to next year's Star Festival together! This year we just happened to go together by chance, but let's plan for next time!
Sayo: Next year...
Sayo: No one can plan that far ahead.
Hina: Don't say that! C'mon! Just leave your schedule open. Sis, please!
Sayo: Maybe... I'll think about it.
Sayo: (A year from now... What will our relationship be like...? Will my wish come true by then...?)
Sayo: (I think it all depends on me.)
Hina: Yay-! Thank you-! I love you-!
Sayo: ... Yeah, I know.
Hina: Ehehe, I can't wait for the next festival ♪
Hina: (I have a feeling we can become just as close as we were when we were kids, little by little.)
Hina: (I wish we could become even better friends... And I wish we could spend lots of time together...)
Hina: (Please, wishes. Come true... ♪)

Important Tanzaku Card Story - Special Episode

Secret Wish


Hina: Ah, it's BanG Dreamer-san. Hey-!
Hina: Hey, hey. Guess what. The other day, my sister went with me to the Star Festival~.
Hina: Well... I guess technically she didn't go with me...
Hina: At first, when I invited her, she said no.
Hina: So I actually ended up going by myself...
Hina: But then! A miracle happened!
Hina: Ehehe, you wanna hear? You wanna know, don't you?
Hina: Okay, I'll tell you♪ The coincidence of a lifetime! We ran into each other at the festival!
Hina: I was writing a wish on a strip of paper, when out of nowhere, there she was!
Hina: Isn't that amazing?! With all those people, to be in the same place at the same time?!
Hina: Then, when I was gonna hang up my wish... a bird swooped down and stole it!
Hina: A lot of stuff happened after that, but the important thing is that I got to spend the day at the Star Festival with her ♪
Hina: ... Huh? What about the rest of the story? It's fine, don't worry about that. All that matters is that my sister and I spent the day together!
Hina: Ehehe, I was so happy we could hang out that day! But the thing that made me the happiest wasn't that...
Hina: It was the fact that we got to hang out and all!
Hina: I even wrote, "I wish my sister and I could have a fun day together."
Hina: Yep. It came true the exact same day!
Hina: We also got to stop by the booths, and we split an order of takoyaki... I had such a good time~.
Hina: I know they might not seem like a big deal, but to me, it's the little things that count.
Hina: Because, you know... I talked about this before, but things are a bit complicated… between us.
Hina: But I think that bit by bit we're becoming better friends.
Hina: That's why I wanna cherish all of the things we do together.
Hina: And I wanna create lots of fun memories with her!
Hina: ... That's how I've been feeling lately... Ah! Maybe I should write that for my next wish...
Hina: I wish that my sister and I could create a lot of fun memories... What do you think?
Hina: You think it'll definitely come true? Ehehe, thank you~ ♪
Hina: That reminds me, she wouldn't tell me what she wrote for hers.
Hina: And when I asked her where she put her strip, she said, "In a place where you could never find it." Isn't that so mean?
Hina: Hmm, I wonder what she wished for... BanG Dreamer-san, what do you think?
Hina: You think she wished to become a great guitarist...? Yeah, that does seem like something she would want.
Hina: I thought she would ask for something like the success of Roselia. Same idea as what you said.
Hina: But do you think that's the kind of thing she would have wanted to hide? Hmm... That would be really weird if she did~...
Hina: And just when I thought we were getting along so well~...
Hina: Since she didn't want me to see it, it has to be something more worthy of being a secret, right...?
Hina: I can't imagine what exactly, but I'm sure she has her reasons.
Hina: Now I really wanna know what she wished for! But if it's a secret, that means I shouldn't be too nosy, right?
Hina: But, you know, whatever it was, I just really hope it happens for her~.
Hina: If it's the kind of thing that needs to be kept a secret, it must be really special!
Hina: And if that's the case, I want it to come true! Don't you think so, BanG Dreamer-san?
Hina: ... Ah, I know! Maybe next year I should write, "I wish my sister's wish would come true.”
Hina: It'd be nice if that already happened by then... But if it hasn't ♪
Hina: You think it seems like I really love her...? Ehehe. Well, you know ♪
Hina: We've been through a lot together. And I'm sure there are things about our relationship that I don't even realize.
Hina: So I want to take the things I do understand and do everything I can for her.
Hina: Ehehe, thanks! I'm sure one day my feelings will come across too!!
Hina: But it'll take some time, so... I hope you'll be cheering us on ♪