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In the Glistening Waters Card Story - Episode

To Reach the Top


Residential Area

Lisa: Mmm~, today was so much fun~. We finished the summer off with some great memories~♪
Lisa: So~, how was your first time at Toconut Park?
Yukina: Well, it's not that I didn't enjoy myself, but... there were a lot of people, so I'm a little worn out.
Lisa: Ahaha, it is summer though. That's what you'd expect from that kind of theme park. But that's part of its charm! Aren't our shows the same way? It's much better when we've got a full house.
Yukina: Are they really similar though...?
Lisa: Of course they are! ... And? Did you learn something new about our bandmates?
Lisa: You were asking everyone's opinion on different things because you wanted to understand them better, right?
Yukina: ...! So you noticed, too.
Lisa: Did you forget how long we've known each other? Of course I'd notice.
Lisa: I've never seen you ask so many questions before. I figured you must be thinking about the others.
Yukina: I just believe it's vital for us to understand one another better.
Lisa: Ah... You're talking about when we almost broke up, right? Was that bothering you...?
Yukina: Yes, that was certainly part of it. I don't want us to have to go through that again...
Yukina: However, that wasn't the only reason. This is something we must do if we want to make it to the top. We need this if we want to reach a point that requires more than just the perfect performance...
Lisa: So you took it upon yourself to take some sort of action...
Yukina: Yes, after spending the day together with everyone, I think I've learned a little bit more about the other members.
Lisa: Oh~? Like what?
Yukina: Like how Sayo doesn't like the thrill rides. I never expected her to lose her composure like that. Wouldn't that count as something I didn't know before?
Lisa: Hold on, you can't say she hates them based on that! I mean, even I was freaking out back there!
Yukina: I didn't think it was that bad though... What else? I was definitely reminded of Sayo's serious side.
Lisa: That's true. She thought up the perfect schedule to see all the attractions and got us reservations at the restaurant.
Yukina: Thanks to her, today went by relatively smoothly. Without her, I'm sure today would have been much more hectic.
Lisa: You're probably right there... Alright, what about Ako and Rinko?
Yukina: Ako was the same as usual... Although she somehow seemed even more energetic.
Lisa: Ahaha, yeah, she was bouncing off the walls the moment we met up, wasn't she~? That just shows how much she was looking forward to hanging out with everyone.
Lisa: I bet all that playing is why she fell asleep on the train ride back.
Yukina: Regardless, it seems she still puts her all into whatever she's doing. She's the same as when we first met.
Lisa: Yeah. Ah, on the other hand, doesn't it feel like Rinko's changed a little?
Yukina: Rinko... I think she's making more of an effort to change, so she's willing to try new things.
Yukina: Like going on one of the attractions that scared her. That took courage.
Lisa: I was really surprised when she said she'd come with us on the water slide. That came off as pretty cool though...
Yukina: ... I believe that's everything.
Yukina: In any case, I think I learned a little more about all our bandmates.
Yukina: However, they're all such minor points, so I certainly can't say I understand them on a deeper level.
Lisa: That's okay though, isn't it? No need to be impatient.
Yukina: I suppose. Even if they're small, the things I've learned will slowly build off of each other and grow into something much stronger...
Yukina: Musical skills and creating friendships are very similar... Both require passion and time.
Lisa: True. Without passion, there's no will to act, and if you don't put in the time, you'll never move forward. That doesn't necessarily make it any easier though~.
Yukina: But it's something I must do, even if it is difficult. After all, I have something I want to accomplish.
Lisa: ... By the way, what about me? Did you learn anything new about me today?
Yukina: Not at all.
Lisa: That was fast! And no?! Nothing at all?! There must have been something~!
Yukina: There wasn't.
Lisa: What~...?
Yukina: We've been together since we were children. Learning more about each other is much harder at this point.
Yukina: That just goes to show how well I know you, Lisa. The same goes for you knowing me, correct?
Lisa: You're right... Ehehe, I know I'm the one who brought it up, but hearing you answer so honestly makes me blush...
Yukina: All that blushing and fretting must leave you busy... Ah.
Yukina: Actually, there is something I noticed earlier.
Lisa: Really? What is it? Tell me!
Yukina: ... You've got a bug on your back.
Lisa: Huh? A bu-... Ahh?! No way! S-since when?!
Yukina: It's been there since we left Toconut Park. It looks like nobody else noticed...
Yukina: I know you dislike bugs, so I was trying to find the right time to tell you so you wouldn't freak out... But I seemed to have failed. I'm sorry.
Lisa: You can apologize later! Just get it off of me! Hurry! Yukina~!

In the Glistening Waters Card Story - Special Episode

Deepening Bonds


CiRCLE - Lobby

Marina: Huh? Yukina-chan, you're here by yourself again? Isn't this the third time this week?
Yukina: Correct. I have time tomorrow as well, so I'll be making a reservation on my way out.
Marina: Sounds like a summer of music to me. You finally have a break, so why not go out and enjoy it?
Yukina: I'm not depriving myself of fun for the sake of practice though. It's just I'd rather sing than go somewhere.
Yukina: So actually, I'm having quite an enjoyable vacation.
Marina: Gotcha. You don't have school either, so you can really focus too. That does sound like the perfect summer for you.
Marina: BanG Dreamer-san and I want to have some fun too, don't we? It's been so hot lately, it'd be great to go to the pool...
Yukina: The pool? I went to one the other day. There were a lot of them at this place called Toconut Park.
Marina: Huh? That Toconut Park?!
Marina: So you are out having fun. Who did you go with?
Yukina: The members of Roselia. Lisa received some free tickets, so we thought it'd be a good opportunity to go together...
Marina: Roselia hanging out in a pool...? I-I can't really picture it...
Yukina: Not too long ago, I wouldn't have been able to either. If we have time to go out and play, we should be practicing... That was always my attitude.
Marina: But this time was different?
Yukina: Yes, I think this was good for me. Getting to know my bandmates outside of the studio... We haven't had a lot of chances like that.
Yukina: If we want to aim for the top, we can't just connect through our music. We need to actually understand each other...
Yukina: This is necessary for the band, as well as for ourselves... That's how I feel about it now.
Yukina: ... So you agree? That's good... I'm glad to know I'm not making a mistake... What a relief.
Marina: Then how about spending even more time with each other? You could go shopping, study for tests... or even cook something together and have a party. Sounds like a good time to me.
Yukina: That's not a bad idea. This isn't something we can do in a single day, and building off of every experience is important.
Yukina: I don't know about studying... But going shopping or having a party might be beneficial. I believe that would help us learn more about each other.
Marina: You kinda glazed over that part about studying...
Yukina: ... Exactly. It's just as you said. As we grow closer, our bonds will strengthen, and as a band, we'll improve...
Yukina: Ah... In order to do that, my bandmates also have to learn more about me, don't they...?
Yukina: I've never been good at talking about myself...
Marina: Ahaha, you don't have to worry so much. Some things don't need to be said. We just come to understand them naturally.
Marina: Think about it. Don't you feel closer to us after talking like this?
Yukina: Now that you mention it, I suppose I do.
Marina: It'll be fine as long as you spend more time together outside of band-related stuff. You'll understand each other more if you do.
Yukina: Yes... You're right. I have to go about this my way. For Roselia.
Marina: Yup, that's the spirit! And we've got your back!
Yukina: Thank you, both of you.