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Indispensable Card Story - Episode

Walk Home With Yukina


Walking Home
Ako: Ah~, that was so much fun~! It's so late already... I wish we had more time to hang out.
Lisa: Yeah, that was fun, huh~? You sure did talk a lot today, Ako.
Ako: That's because I had sooo many things to tell you! I still have more~.
Lisa: Well, why don't we continue after practice tomorrow then?
Ako: Yeah, let's do that~!
Yukina: Ako, your parents are going to start worrying soon. You should go home.
Yukina: Sayo, you live in the same direction as Ako and Rinko, don't you? Could you walk them part of the way home?
Sayo: Of course. Udagawa-san, Shirokane-san, let's go.
Ako: Okay~!
Rinko: O-Okay... Goodnight... Yukina-san... Imai-san...
Lisa: Night~! Take care on your way home, okay?
Yukina: Goodnight. See you tomorrow.
Yukina: ... Shall we get going too?
Lisa: Yeah!

Lisa: It's been ages since we last walked home together!
Yukina: Has it?
Lisa: It totally has~! You stay back and practice by yourself a lot these days, and I have shifts at work...
Lisa: I'm so happy we get to go home together~ ♪
Yukina: ... I see.
Lisa: Jeez, you could look a little happier too, you know~?
Yukina: I see you at school every day, and at practice too.
Lisa: I know, but... I wanted to talk. Just the two of us!
Lisa: We talked about it at the restaurant today, but this was the first time you guys practiced without me, right? How did it make you feel, Yukina?
Yukina: I already told you at the restaurant. It was difficult without you. We need you at practice.
Lisa: I see. You never actually said that before, so I feel a bit more confident now!
Lisa: I mean, I'm the least skilled member of Roselia, right? I was always worried that I was holding everyone back... Ahaha, kinda strange to say it now, huh~?
Yukina: A lot of time has passed since you joined Roselia. Do you still feel that way?
Yukina: I let you join because I knew you could do it. It was me who gave you the okay, so that means you should be confident.
Lisa: Ehehe... thanks.
Yukina: I'm the one who should be thanking you... I was always aware that there were things I relied on you for. And today, when you weren't there...
Yukina: ... It made me really realize just how much I depend on you.
Lisa: Do I really do that much for you...?
Yukina: You do. You might not be aware of it, but you always support me. Thank you.
Lisa: What are you being so formal for~? It's just us! You don't need to say thanks.
Lisa: I'm happy that I was able to play in the band with you, Yukina. I'll do everything I can for us!
Yukina: Then, allow me to say it again. Roselia is aiming for the top, and we can't get there without you. I want you with me the whole way.
Lisa: ...!
Lisa: I never thought you'd say something like that...
Yukina: It's me who drives the band, but it's you who keeps us together, Lisa.
Yukina: Rinko said that she feels more relaxed when you're there, and I think the same goes for all of us.
Yukina: It's something only you can do, which is why we need you. Do you understand?
Lisa: Yeah...
Yukina: Hey... People will think I made you cry.
Lisa: But you did~!
Yukina: Come on, use my handkerchief.
Lisa: Thanks... I'll wash and give it back tomorrow.
Yukina: Anytime is fine.
Yukina: Okay, this is your place... I'll see you tomorrow. Goodnight.
Lisa: ... Okay, goodnight!

Indispensable Card Story - Special Episode

My Honest Feelings


Convenience Store
Lisa: Thank you very much~!
Lisa: ... It's kinda quiet in here today~.
Lisa: Moca's not here either. It's a bit lonely not having someone to talk to.
Lisa: Oh well, work is work! Better get back to it!
Lisa: Welcome. How can I help you~?
Lisa: That'll be 540 yen... Hey, what are you doing here, BanG Dreamer-san?
Lisa: You should've said something if you knew it was me.
Lisa: You didn't want to bug me while I was kind of working? It's really quiet today, so it's okay ♪
Lisa: And what do you mean by "kind of" working~?
Lisa: Oh well, I was just thinking I wanted to talk to someone anyway.
Lisa: You might've come at just the right time, BanG Dreamer-san.
Lisa: Hrm, I don't really have something on my mind, more like I just wanna put my feelings into words.
Lisa: Oh, it's nothing serious though!
Lisa: You're kinda curious now? Fine~, but just this once♪ ... Really, I just wanted to tell you though!
Lisa: When we had band practice the other day, I ended up having to go to work suddenly.
Lisa: I met up with everyone immediately after I finished my shift, but...
Lisa: When I got there, everyone said that it was so tough without me!
Lisa: It made me feel like I'm actually pretty helpful, you know?
Lisa: Actually, it's not just that. I was honestly really happy. So happy that it made everything I'd been stressed about just disappear ♪
Lisa: This whole time, I've been worried that I've been holding everyone back since I'm the least-skilled member of the band...
Lisa: I'm fully aware of it, so I made a point of practicing hard so that I wouldn't be a burden to the others.
Lisa: But when the others said that they needed me... It really gave me this sense that I was helping everyone~!
Lisa: I'd never even thought about it. I mean, making cookies and keeping an eye out for everyone is just what I do normally.
Lisa: People might think I'm a busybody, but doing things for others, or thinking about what would make them happy...
Lisa: I just like it.
Lisa: And besides, I really want Roselia to be the best it can be. I think that's why I'm able to look after everyone like I do.
Lisa: Are you surprised? I'm actually the type who worries about everyone and everything.
Lisa: I think I'm able to contribute to Roselia because of how my personality is. It's funny how you can't see your own good points at times, huh?
Lisa: So after I finished work, I went to the studio...
Lisa: Yukina had tripped over, there was milk all over the floor, it was a disaster. We worked together and got it all cleaned up immediately, but...
Lisa: When we finished, Ako got all teary eyed and said she needed me! It was so cute~!
Lisa: Rinko said that she feels calmer when I'm around too. That kinda thing just goes straight to my feels, you know?
Lisa: Oh, and Sayo was all serious and said I have to make sure I'm at practice in the future. That was kinda surprising too, but it made me super happy to feel that I was needed.
Lisa: And then, Yukina... She said that Roselia isn't the same without me.
Lisa: I almost cried when I realized Yukina thought of me like that.
Lisa: It did feel kinda awkward being praised by everyone like that, but...
Lisa: It makes me happy that they feel they can depend on me, you know? I think I want them to keep doing It ♪
Lisa: That's how I feel right now! It's kinda embarrassing to say it out loud though, ahaha~!
Lisa: ... There's nothing wrong with that? Ohh, okay. Anyway, thanks for listening ♪
Lisa: In the beginning... I joined Roselia just because I couldn't give up on Yukina, but now it's different...
Lisa: I like the band.
Lisa: Yukina smiles, Rinko is getting better at speaking, Sayo is becoming less prickly, and Ako is her usual self...
Lisa: All those things are because of me... and they're important to me.
Lisa: That's why I want to stay in Roselia with the others!
Lisa: I'm going to keep doing the thing that only I can do... I wanna be even more dependable for the others, and keep helping Roselia!
Lisa: You kinda don't know what to say, right? Sorry~.
Lisa: Phew... I guess I just wanted to let it all out. I feel much better now!
Lisa: Thanks again for listening ♪
Lisa: Okay, here's your change... don't forget your shopping.
Lisa: Thank you~! Come again~!
Lisa: Oh, and thanks for always being there for the band too ♪