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Indomitable Guitarist Card Story - Episode



CHU²'s Penthouse - Studio

LOCK: H-hello! I'm Rokka Asahi... Ah, I'm also called LOCK! I'm RAISE A SUILEN's guitarist.
LOCK: Until recently, I was only a temporary member, though...
LOCK: But CHU²-san acknowledged me, so I'm now an official member of RAS!
LOCK: I'm really happy I get to play music with everyone... with this band.
LOCK: Please come listen to us perform live so that you can hear what the greatest music sounds like!
LOCK: Umm, was that okay...?
LOCK: Oh, too short? Uhh, what else should I-...? Ah, I know!
LOCK: I'm a huge fan of Poppin'Party! The reason I moved from Gifu is because of a Poppin'Party concert and-...
LOCK: Oh, I don't need to talk about things like that?! I'm almost out of time~? Uhh...
LOCK: I'll keep doing my best, so I hope you'll follow us! This has been RAISE A SUILEN's LOCK!

Indomitable Guitarist Card Story - Special Episode

Tokyo-Bound Girl



LOCK: Uhh, where's that shopping list...?
LOCK: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello!
LOCK: I'm about to buy some household goods!
LOCK: I have a family that lets me live and work at their place, but I try to get the little odds and ends on my own.
LOCK: Can you see that large chimney over there? That's the Asahi Bathhouse I live at. Masuki-san goes there a lot.
LOCK: Hmm... I guess there are times when I feel lonely living away from my family...
LOCK: But I've gotten pretty used to life in Tokyo, and I'm enjoying my time here every day!
LOCK: Hm? What do I enjoy the most...? I guess it would be joining a band.
LOCK: You see, when I was a third year in middle school, I hadn't figured out what I wanted to do with my future. That was when I saw Poppin'Party's concert at SPACE.
LOCK: I was so blown away! That feeling was so great that I kept seeing it the scene in my dreams!
LOCK: I couldn't play in the band I was in during middle school because of entrance exams.
LOCK: That was what made me decide to form my own band here in the hometown of the wonderful Poppin'Party, so that I could someday get up on the same stage as them.
LOCK: However, when I first moved, things were difficult because I couldn't find anyone to form a band with...
LOCK: Poppipn'Party did invite me, but I politely refused even though I love them so much. The current five members are what makes them who they are, after all...
LOCK: That was when I was scouted by CHU²-san.
LOCK: Things were a little uncertain for a while, but I'm really glad I get to practice and do concerts now with RAS.
LOCK: It makes me realize just how fun music and being in a band is...!
LOCK: Oh, I'm sorry. I got a bit carried away there, ehehe... Thank you for listening to me ramble.
LOCK: I should probably start shopping. Goodbye!