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Inevitable Bond Card Story - Episode

Window Side Childhood Friends


Imai Residence - Lisa's Room
Lisa: Oh, the lights are on in Yukina's room. Which means... She's probably home.
Lisa: Okay, well, it's been a while...
Lisa: Ah, Yukina~? You're in your room, right?
Lisa: You wanna come out to the balcony like we used to?
Lisa: Sweet! Okay, then I'll be right out!
Lisa: Wow~, it really has been a long time since we last talked like this~.
Yukina: It has indeed. So what brought this on?
Lisa: It's not like anything big happened... It's just been ages since we got to talk on the balcony like this. I saw that the light was on in your room, so I thought I'd ask you to come out.
Yukina: I was just relaxing in my room for the first time in a long while. I thought it would be good to give myself a small break after the festival.
Lisa: I see... We really made it there, didn't we?
Yukina: ... We did.
Lisa: It's weird how it still doesn't feel real. Even though it's over already, I still can't believe it happened...
Yukina: I feel the same way. Even though my mind knows it happened, a part of me still hasn't settled down...
Yukina: You could say my feelings haven't caught up to me yet.
Lisa: If our performance made even you feel that way, that just goes to show you how incredible we were.
Yukina: Perhaps it's because we'd been working towards that show this whole time. I'm sure it'll eventually hit me all at once.
Lisa: Ah~, I can totally see that. It's gonna hit while you're in the middle of talking about something unimportant!
Lisa: Actually, wasn't the last time we talked on the balcony when Roselia was just starting out?
Yukina: That's right. How nostalgic...
Yukina: Ever since we started, you've always been so kind to me. Even when I blamed you and thought about running away.
Lisa: Well, you overcame that stuff, and so did I. That's all that matters, right?
Yukina: Thank you again, Lisa. It makes me so happy to be able to talk with you like this again.
Yukina: I don't know what would've become of me if you weren't around. I'm glad that I was able to stand on the Future World Fes stage with you. I mean it... Thank you.
Lisa: ...
Lisa: ... I'm so glad I was able to play at Future World Fes.
Lisa: I never gave up and always chased after you, which led me here... Everything we went through made me grow as a person. I'm so happy it all happened.
Lisa: To be honest, before Roselia came together... You had changed, and I had no idea what to do anymore.
Lisa: You talked less and less about music... At one point, I didn't know if there was anything I could do.
Lisa: I'd always been together with you and your father... Once that was gone, my reason for playing the bass was gone, too. That's why I quit.
Lisa: After I quit, it felt like there was this hole in my heart... I tried to fill it with my other interests like fashion, but...
Yukina: ... Lisa. I'm sorry.
Lisa: Ah, no, you don't need to apologize! I just felt like talking about old times, that's all.
Lisa: And besides... it's because of what happened in the past that we're here now!
Lisa: You might have changed, Yukina, but... I felt like I had to do something. Maybe it's because we're childhood friends.
Lisa: I knew what you were dealing with, but I also knew you'd never talk about it with anyone. Could I really just leave you like that?
Lisa: When I thought about it like that, I started acting on my own.
Lisa: I once knew a smiling Yukina that loved music... and that only made my desire to help you that much stronger.
Lisa: Although, it's not like there was much I could actually do, and there were times when you really didn't want my help...
Lisa: But now that I'm able to talk with you like this again... None of that matters anymore.
Lisa: Maybe the whole reason I did all this was just so we could have these little talks together again.
Lisa: Just kidding. You know, talking with you made the whole festival finally hit home for me.
Lisa: I used to have no confidence, but butting heads with you changed that. Thank you, Yukina.
Yukina: I changed as well, you know. Without you, Roselia would never have been born, and I would have been hung up on my feelings about my father forever...
Yukina: So I'm the one that should be thanking you. Thank you, Lisa.
Lisa: Yukina...
Yukina: If there's ever a time when it seems like you're about to make the wrong choice, I'll stop you. Just like you've guided me this whole time, I want to be able to do the same for you.
Lisa: And I still want to be there for you. Whenever you feel lost or worried, I'll be sure to lend a hand.
Yukina: I hope that we can continue down the path that awaits us, hand in hand.
Lisa: Yeah. I'm looking forward to it, Yukina.

Inevitable Bond Card Story - Special Episode

What I Want to Do


Station Entrance
Lisa: Hm... Should I go somewhere...? Should I just head back...? Ah, but...
Lisa: ... Whoa! Ah~, you surprised me, BanG Dreamer-san!
Lisa: I'm so sorry! I was spacing out a little. I totally didn't notice you~!
Lisa: Man~, it's been so long since I had a day off from work and practice, so I thought I'd go to the mall and do some shopping.
Lisa: But I just wasn't in the mood, so I ended up heading back. So here I am, trying to figure out what I want to do.
Lisa: ... You know, I've kinda forgotten what I used to do on my days off.
Lisa: What did I do at the mall...? Did I look at clothes, or did I go to a café...?
Lisa: Hm? Ah, this bag? Well, I went to the trouble of going somewhere, so I figured I'd at least buy something. Look, cookie cutters!
Lisa: But you know, I just realized I already have ones shaped like these... Ahaha.
Lisa: ... All I've been doing lately is practicing nonstop for Future World Fes. That's probably why I've forgotten how to spend a day off.
Lisa: I don't even know what a day without plans feels like anymore~.
Lisa: Ahaha, I guess that's true. All that practice is the reason our concert went so well.
Lisa: I think so too! Everyone was so focused this whole time, after all!
Lisa: Sigh... Seriously though, what am I gonna do today?
Lisa: It's weird. It feels like I'm trying to force myself to take a break. Even a little walk outdoors has ended up tiring me out instead.
Lisa: Why don't I just do what I want to do...?
Lisa: Hmm... You're right...!
Lisa: Alright! I've decided!
Lisa: I'm gonna go to the studio! I wonder if there are any rooms open right now.
Lisa: Well, I guess I can just check once I get there.
Lisa: Thanks, BanG Dreamer-san! You're right, today, I should just do what I want to do.
Lisa: I can take a break once I feel like it!
Lisa: There's no point in forcing myself to relax! Alright, I'm gonna get going!
Lisa: See you~!