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Into a Steady Secretary Card Story - Episode

Message Sent


CiRCLE - Café

Arisa: .. But yeah, the three of us stopped by the knick-knack store. Kasumi, O-Tae, and myself, that is. We tried to round up Rimi and Saya, but they already had other plans.
Arisa: That's why we started talking about something we would all do together on our next day off, and... Sigh~...
Ran: Arisa? Something wrong?
Arisa: Nah, it's just... If you wanted to invite someone to go shopping, how exactly would you bring it up?
Ran: Huh...? Just straight up asking them is best, isn't it?
Arisa: I figured... Sigh. I wouldn't be struggling with this if I could do that though.
Ran: Wait, what are you talking about?
Arisa: Well, the other day, I was with Rinko-senpai. One thing led to another and we ended up with plans to go to the bookstore.
Arisa: On the way there, we ran into Kasumi and Ako-chan, and they told us that the bookstore was closed that day.
Arisa: Thanks to Kasumi's... er, forceful invitation, the four of us found ourselves going out to a restaurant.
Ran: And then?
Arisa: Being there was fun and all, but since we had already planned on it, I'd still like to go to the bookstore together.
Arisa: I've thought about inviting her again myself, but I figured that her schedule is jam-packed since she's the student-council president.
Arisa: That, and... she's an upperclassman, you know? Asking her out of nowhere to go shop for books with me... feels like a bad idea.
Ran: She's also got her hands full with rehearsing for Roselia, I bet... It might be a little tricky to just bring up, yeah.
Arisa: You can say that again~... That's why I'm stressing out like this.
Ran: Instead of asking her face-to-face, why not do it through a text?
Arisa: Already thought about that. In fact, I've got a message already typed out and everything, but...
Ran: But what? What's the problem?
Arisa: ... Here, look at my draft.
Ran: Hm... Whoa. That's, uh, long.
Arisa: Haha, I knew it...
Arisa: Since she's my senior, I wanted to be formal, but I got carried away and typed out way too much.
Arisa: I knew I couldn't send it like that, so I planned on trimming it down, but the more I took out, the more I felt like I had no idea what I was doing...
Ran: I see. Best to leave it alone, I guess... At least it's not too short, right?
Ran: My texts are always really brief, and Himari gets on my case about sounding cold. At least a long text wouldn't give her that impression.
Arisa: Really~...? Well, I mean... I suppose.
Arisa: Since you put it that way, maybe it should be kept as is...?
Ran: I'd like to think so... As long as you're fine with it, that's all that matters, isn't it?
Arisa: I see~... Nah, what I've got is way too long, so I'm going to think of how to rephrase it.
Arisa: Back to the drawing board once I get home... Huh? Ahhh!
Ran: Wh-what's wrong?!
Arisa: N-now I've done it... I went to turn off my screen, but I accidentally sent the text...
Ran: Huh...? The whole thing...?
Arisa: Yes, the whole thing! Wh-what am I gonna do?!
Ran: Wh-what are you saying...? There's nothing you can do, is there?
Arisa: B-but... Whoa! She already replied!
Ran: That was fast!
Arisa: ...
Ran: Wh-what's it say? Did she get angry at you or something...?
Arisa: No... Here, see for yourself.
Arisa: {{{2}}}
Arisa: She, uh, agreed to go...
Ran: Hey, that's a good thing.
Arisa: Y-yeah...
Ran: Wow, so... that's how Shirokane-san types, huh...?
Arisa: Yeah, I know...
Ran: What's the problem, Arisa? She said okay, but you don't look the least bit happy.
Arisa: Yeah, that's because... I'm already worried about how to reply.
Ran: Huh...? Would a simple "alright" be too cold or something?
Arisa: Yeah, I'd rather not do that. Let's see, uh... "Thank you very much for your expedient reply"...
Arisa: Ahhh, jeez...! It's gonna turn into another essay...!!

Into a Steady Secretary Card Story - Special Episode

What I've Come to See



Marina: Ah, Arisa-chan! On your way to rehearsal?
Arisa: Marina-san, BanG Dreamer. Hey. I was about to do some shopping.
Marina: What a coincidence~. We're on our way to do the same thing.
Arisa: Oh, how about that. Since you're together... does that mean you're buying something studio related?
Marina: Correct! We have many items that need restocking due to maintenance and other things.
Marina: On a separate note, Arisa-chan, you're part of the student council now?
Arisa: Wh-wha-...?! H-how did you...?
Marina: Misaki-chan told us~. About how hard you're working and whatnot.
Arisa: I wouldn't go that far...
Marina: Fufu. Come now, don't be modest. The student council is pretty tough, isn't it?
Arisa: You could say that... Every day is way more exhausting than I thought it'd be.
Arisa: And it's not only the work. Being surrounded by unfamiliar faces makes me nervous...
Marina: Ah, I can understand that. Trying to open yourself up to others in a new environment can be stressful.
Marina: But wait, isn't Rinko-chan the student-council president?
Marina: You both play the keyboard in a band, so I figured that'd help you adjust quickly.
Arisa: Nope, that was no picnic, either.
Marina: Huh? Really?
Arisa: Yes, really. Whether it was because we're shy or we were being too careful with our words, we just couldn't speak to each other normally...
Arisa: But thanks to Sayo-senpai, Kanon-senpai, and Okusawa-san, it somehow worked out.
Arisa: Then again... I guess I still get a little nervous occasionally.
Marina: It takes time. So long as you're able to speak more calmly than before, that should be good enough.
Arisa: Thank you for saying that. I think you're right... After what happened, I feel like I understand Rinko-senpai a little better than I used to.
Arisa: I've come to find that she takes things very seriously and never gives up...
Arisa: She's an amazing person who will always confront what she views as her own shortcomings.
Arisa: If I were put in the same position, I doubt I could do that... Still, I intend to do everything I can to help her out.
Marina: ... What a wonderful relationship. I'm certain that Rinko-chan harbors the same feelings for you, Arisa-chan.
Arisa: That sure would be nice.
Arisa: Once I've become a little less nervous around her, I'd like to try talking to her about music.
Marina: Sounds like a good idea! Come tell us all about it once you do.
Arisa: I will. Promise. Not sure when that'll happen, though.
Marina: Fufu, looking forward to it.
Arisa: So am I. Thank you very much.
Arisa: Sorry for pulling you two away from your work. See you next time.
Marina: Take care!