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Inviting Summer Light Card Story - Episode

Returning From Camp


After Training Camp
Walking Home

Kokoro: Look, everyone! There's a field of flowers over there! Let's go see!
Kaoru: What a magnificent proposal, Kokoro. Oh, the scent of fleeting flowers is drifting through the air...
Hagumi: You're right~! These flowers are different from the ones that were growing back by the cows!
Misaki: Guys~, can't we at least take the simplest route back~?
Kanon: E-everyone, if we don't head to the station soon, we won't be able to go home...
Misaki: Ah, Kanon-san, I have an unfortunate announcement. The train just left the station...
Kanon: Fuee~...!
Kaoru: Do not worry your pretty little heads, you two. For if we wait, another train shall come. Indeed, the night is long that never finds the day...
Misaki: It's in two hours, though~.
Hagumi: We have two whole hours? Yippee~! That means we can go exploring!
Misaki: If you do that, then we really won't make it home.
Kanon: Hey, everyone, in that case, would you like to have lunch first? We could sit in the shade under those trees.
Misaki: True. Time-wise, I think that's a good idea.
Kokoro: You mean, it's bento time?! I was waiting for this!
Kaoru: A bento filled to the brim with your grandmother's love. Let us savor every last bite.
Misaki: We were supposed to eat it in the comfort of the cool train...
Kanon: I know it's a little hot, but the air is fresh. I'm sure this bento will taste great if we eat it surrounded by all this nature.
Hagumi: It's like a fun picnic! I'm getting hungry!
Kokoro: Hey, Misaki! Can I open the lid? I can't wait any longer!
Misaki: Go ahead. Okay, everyone, put your hands together.
All: Let's eat!
Hagumi: Whoa! These are the veggies we picked together, right? There's lots inside~!
Kanon: This omelet is fluffy and delicious.
Kaoru: And this simmered side dish is exceptional. It’s bursting with flavor. Grandmother's secret ingredient must be love.
Kokoro: Look! This Hamburg steak is in the shape of Michelle's face!
Misaki: Oh, so it is. Grandma didn't need to go to all that trouble.
Hagumi: Mmm, it's yummy~! I could eat a million of these~!
Kanon: Fufu. Food tastes even better when you eat outside, doesn't it?
Kaoru: Ah... This myriad of fleeting homemade fare is satisfying my appetite... I must send your grandmother my regards.
Kokoro: If Misaki's grandma can make us smile this much, she must be a master of smiles!
Misaki: Ahaha. Yeah, maybe so.
All: Thanks for the meal~.
Hagumi: I'm stuffed~. Now I'm getting kinda sleepy...
Hagumi: But my dad said if you sleep right after eating, you'll turn into a cow...
Misaki: A cow, huh? We passed plenty on the way here... Hey, you fell asleep anyway.
Kaoru: It is time for intermission... I shall also lay down for a moment.
Kanon: Yawn... The breeze... feels so relaxing~...
Kokoro: Michelle~...
Misaki: Jeez, Kokoro. Those are my clothes you're grabbing... Wait a second...
Misaki: ... Huh? Am I the only one awake right now...?
Misaki: Yawn... Uh-oh, this is bad... If I fall asleep here... we'll miss...
Misaki: The train... Snore~...

Misaki: ... Ah, where... are we?
Misaki: Don't tell me I fell asleep too...! What about the train?!
Misaki: Quick, where's my phone...?! Ah! We only have five minutes until the train leaves!
Misaki: Everyone! Wake up! Wake up right now!
Hagumi: No~, it's summer vacation today... Mom...
Kaoru: Misaki...? Why art thou in such a panic...?
Kanon: Misaki-chan...? Ah, th-the train!
Misaki: Yeah, we're in trouble! Everyone, grab your stuff, quickly!
Kokoro: Snore~...
Misaki: Kokoro~!
Misaki: Man, why does it always end up like this...? Disarray until the very end...

Hagumi: Mii-kun, we're ready!
Misaki: Okay, everyone, make a run for the station!

Inviting Summer Light Card Story - Special Episode

To Grandmother's


Residential Area

Misaki: Oh? It's Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san. Hello.
Marina: Hello, Misaki-chan. It sure is hot today~! Are you headed somewhere?
Misaki: Ah, yeah. Just to that post box, though. I'm sending a letter to my grandma.
Marina: Aw~, how sweet of you, Misaki-chan. I'm sure your grandmother will be pleased.
Misaki: Nah, it's no big deal, really. She looked after us the other day at the Hello, Happy World! training camp, so it's just a thank-you letter.
Marina: A Hello, Happy World! training camp, huh? Was it at your grandmother's house?
Misaki: Initially, I was going to visit her by myself, but Kokoro and the others started saying they wanted to come with me.
Misaki: I let slip the news of my trip just as we happened to be talking about where to hold our training camp~.
Marina: So that's why you all ended up going together. That sounds like a blast!
Misaki: Noisy is probably a more accurate description. I was so worried we'd inconvenience my grandma.
Misaki: But in fact, she welcomed us with open arms. If anything, it was me who was hesitant and unsure about everything.
Marina: Ahaha, I'm sure your grandmother was delighted that everyone came to visit.
Marina: If it was a training camp, that means you held band practice, right?
Misaki: Yeah. We went with the aim of creating a new song, and we even performed a concert over there. That being said, we ended up having fun in ways I wasn't expecting.
Misaki: Like... exploring the mountains and making curry.
Marina: You did all sorts of things, huh? How nice~. Sounds like you had a great time.
Misaki: Even though there's hardly anything in the countryside, every day was jam-packed with activities. I was exhausted.
Misaki: Still, it was so much better than I anticipated... I guess those kinds of experiences aren't so bad once in a while.
Misaki: Kokoro and Hagumi became so attached to my grandma. They treated her like she was a member of their own families. I think they talked to her more than I did.
Marina: Fufu, in that case, it must have been a little sad when you had to say goodbye.
Misaki: You'd think so, except that wasn't the case at all. The joy of looking forward to coming again was greater than the sadness of leaving.
Misaki: Hagumi even suggested we go back in autumn, and it seems everyone is set on the idea.
Misaki: This letter here even contains messages from the gang.
Marina: Really? I'm sure your grandmother will be overjoyed.
Misaki: Yes, probably. Although, it looks like we'll be seeing her again very soon.