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Joining Hands Card Story - Episode

Our Number One


Udagawa Residence - Living Room
Ako: I'm home!
Tomoe: Oh, welcome back! You've gotta be pretty tired, right? I'll grab you a drink, so sit back and relax.
Ako: Wow~! Thanks, Sis!
Tomoe: Okay, here ya go. Is hot cocoa okay?
Ako: Yeah! Thanks! Hey, Sis, how did you like our show?
Tomoe: It was awesome. You were seriously cool! I was so pumped!
Tomoe: Seeing you onstage like that was just so... moving. I even cried a little, you know.
Ako: Wow! Yay~! I'm so happy to hear you say that~!
Tomoe: Roselia's shows are always real powerful, but you were all on a different level today. You really put everything into it, huh?
Ako: When I saw the stage we'd be playing on, I felt like I had to get even more serious than usual, or else I'd get swallowed up by the atmosphere.
Ako: Maybe that feeling came through in my performance. Ehehe~, I looked super cool out there, right?
Tomoe: Every song you played felt like it echoed throughout my whole body, like it was being carved into me. Especially "LOUDER" I don't think I've ever heard you play that song with so much power.
Ako: That's probably because... We decided that we're gonna seal it away.
Tomoe: Huh?! Really?! But you've been playing that song ever since the very beginning!
Ako: Yeah. "LOUDER" was the song that Roselia was built on.
Tomoe: Right? So why...?
Ako: It was Yukina-san's idea. "LOUDER" has supported us up until now, but she asked us if we really should be singing it going into the future...
Ako: I was really surprised at first...
Ako: While I was playing on stage, though, I think I finally got what Yukina-san was trying to say.
Tomoe: So you're okay with the decision, then.
Ako: Yeah! While I was playing, I started getting so excited about what's waiting for us in the future! I can't wait to find out what's gonna happen to us after Future World Fes!
Ako: Besides, if we ever need to bring back "LOUDER" I decided I'll be the one to let everyone know.
Ako: Because no one knows how cool Roselia is better than me! If we ever get lost, I'll be there to get us back on track!
Tomoe: ... Now that's cool. I think I understand the reason Roselia was able to stand on that stage now.
Ako: Yeah! Roselia's the coolest in the world!
Tomoe: No, you are, Ako. You're really... really cool.
Ako: Sis... Thanks.
Tomoe: Ako, for the sake of this festival, you put Roselia first over everything else in your life, right?
Tomoe: And I know you must have dealt with a lot of difficulties and hurt. But you didn't give up.
Tomoe: You never forgot your first performance or that shock you felt the first time you heard Minato-san sing...
Tomoe: No matter what, you've always wanted Roselia to be as cool as possible. And you've never wavered, not even once.
Tomoe: You really are incredible, Ako. You've finally found your own version of cool.
Ako: Urgh... Oooh...!
Tomoe: D-don't cry!
Ako: But...!
Ako: How am I not supposed to cry when the world's coolest big sister says something so nice to me?!
Tomoe: Haha, you're the world's coolest too, you know. From now on, we're both the world's coolest!
Ako: Oooh~... Sis, I love you~...!
Tomoe: With you here, I feel like I can also keep running forward, never missing a step.
Tomoe: I've gotta make sure I don't end up becoming second place, after all.
Ako: We'll run together, Sis!
Ako: And if you ever get lost, I'll be there to help!
Tomoe: Yeah. Thanks, Ako!

Joining Hands Card Story - Special Episode

Resolution to Evolve


Ako: Hm~, I knew it. She's not here...
Ako: I wanted to talk about the festival with someone, but I can't find Marina-san... And I heard that BanG Dreamer-san is on break right now…
Ako: Ah! BanG Dreamer-san! So this is where you were taking your break! Thank goodness I found you!
Ako: Um, I wanted to talk about how we played at Future World Fes! It was so awesome! It was like, bang! And then, boom! That's the kind of festival it was!
Ako: And there were a bunch of famous bands there! I got to see them all up close and personal~!
Ako: The venue was super huge. There were so many people there, and they were all so excited. It was so much fun~!
Ako: It was fun watching the others, but I definitely had the most fun performing myself!
Ako: When I heard Roselia's music echo throughout the event hall, it was like I got struck by lighting! Like, wham!
Ako: It was as if... I had awakened to my true power! It was such a fun show!
Ako: I think that my feelings got across to everyone there, too. You could really feel the passion filling the whole place up.
Ako: You know, I'm really happy that I'm part of Roselia.
Ako: Roselia also made a really big decision that day. I can't tell you any details now... but I can tell you that Yukina-san made that choice first. She really is cool!
Ako: It really showed me how important making big decisions is to growing as a person and facing the future.
Ako: And I learned just how difficult making choices can be.
Ako: So now, I think what I need in order to move forward is determination.
Ako: Ehehe, aren't I cool?
Ako: Even though the festival's over, I'm still Roselia's drummer... So as the world's second best drummer, I'm gonna get cooler and cooler!
Ako: The powers of the abyss have been unleashed… and they can no longer be restrained...!
Ako: So you better keep an eye on me and the rest of Roselia~!