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Just a Bit of Help Card Story - Episode

How's Rinko-chan Normally?



Kanon: Hmmm, they're probably at the bookstore by now. I hope it's going well...
Misaki: Kanon-san, you've been going on and on about that. Don't you think you're worrying too much over this?
Kanon: Fueee... But I can't stop...
Misaki: It'll be fine. Let's not forget how well things went during lunch.
Kanon: Yeah... That's true. It'd be nice if this is what helped them overcome their nervousness.
Misaki: Let's hope so~.
Misaki: By the way... how does Rinko-senpai typically act, anyway?
Kanon: How? ... She's normal, I guess. Why?
Misaki: She's a year above me, so I haven't had the chance to get to know her...
Kanon: Hmmm... I don't think she's all that different from how you imagine her.
Misaki: You think so?
Kanon: Mhm. She's always got her nose buried in books, for example.
Kanon: And when speaking with classmates, she usually just patiently listens to whatever they have to say.
Misaki: Ah, yeah, she is pretty quiet when she and Ako are talking, come to think of it.
Kanon: Rinko-chan is such a good listener that it's easy to ramble on without noticing.
Kanon: Ah, that reminds me... I've been seeing Rinko-chan offer advice to her classmates recently.
Misaki: Huh?! Really?
Kanon: Yeah, I remember one time that someone was asking her about a... video game "skill"? I think.
Misaki: Hahaha, I can see that. Now that you mention it, she did ask Ichigaya-san if she plays online games.
Kanon: Interesting, isn't it? I heard a bit of what she was talking about one time and I heard mention of "magic spells" or something like that...
Misaki: I get the feeling that I'd be just as confused as you were.
Kanon: Fufu. Let's see, what else...?
Kanon: Ah! Rinko-chan is very fast at replying to texts!
Misaki: She is...?
Kanon: Yeah! She can pump out fairly long lines of text very quickly.
Kanon: And they're filled with all sorts of emoji. It's amazing.
Misaki: Whoa, she never struck me as that type.
Kanon: ... Ah!
Misaki: Hm? What's wrong?
Kanon: Do you think... those two would get along more quickly by talking through texts?!
Misaki: Ah~... Who knows...
Kanon: Fueee... Wh-what to do...? Should we still try making a group chat?!
Misaki: Hey, now. It'll be alright. Please, try to calm down.
Misaki: Now, this is merely a guess on my part, but... Ichigaya-san is likely the kind who worries too much about how to reply and takes forever to respond.
Kanon: Y-you really think so...?
Misaki: Like I said, it's only a guess. But yeah, I think they're in a good spot. We should stick to watching from the sidelines for now.
Kanon: I see... In that case...
Hagumi: Hey, Mii-kun! Kano-chan-senpai~! Break time is almost over~!
Kanon & Misaki: Okay~!
Misaki: I suppose we'd better listen to Hagumi and head back.
Kanon: Yeah. We need to get in there and work just as hard as Rinko-chan and Arisa-chan are...!
Misaki: Agreed.
Kanon: Fufu. I'm hoping for nothing but good news tomorrow.

Just a Bit of Help Card Story - Special Episode

A Small Favor


CiRCLE - Café

Kanon: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello.
Kanon: Are you on your break now? I'm just talking a walk myself.
Kanon: Uhm... if you're not too busy, would you like to chat for a little while?
Kanon: Thank you very much!
Kanon: Hm? I seem happy? Hehehe, that's because I am.
Kanon: The other day, Rinko-chan talked to me about a problem she was having.
Kanon: We talked about how she's having trouble interacting with her fellow student council members... Or rather how nervous she gets around them...
Kanon: She was so concerned about being the perfect president that she was behaving awkwardly instead.
Kanon: So, Sayo-chan and I gave it some thought... and we decided that it may be better for her to ease herself out of her comfort zone, as opposed to immediately trying to become friendly with everyone.
Kanon: Rinko-chan herself said that someone like Arisa-chan, a person she has a lot in common with, might make for a good start...
Kanon: We thought it'd be best if she tried speaking to Arisa-chan without freezing up.
Kanon: So I helped out a tiny bit by asking Misaki-chan to invite Arisa-chan to join us for lunch.
Kanon: I'm not sure if that's the reason why, but recently, those two have been able to speak to each other without much issue.
Kanon: Seeing them get along makes me feel happy, too... Hehehe...
Kanon: Huh? "Amazing"? Who, me?
Kanon: ... Th-that's not true at all. I simply did what little I could to help.
Kanon: I definitely wouldn't have accomplished anything on my own, so the amazing one is not me...
Kanon: Huh? We all are? But... I, uhm... Thank you very much.
Kanon: All Arisa-chan and Rinko-chan needed was that little push to get them on the right path.
Kanon: Even if we hadn't done anything, I think the result would have eventually been the same.
Kanon: Then again... If I really was part of helping give them that push... then I'd be glad to have played a part.
Kanon: Because that would mean I was responsible for spreading joy to others.
Kanon: And I'd want to somehow continue bringing that happiness to more and more people...
Kanon: Huh? I'm basically making the world smile?
Kanon: You know... I think you're right!
Kanon: The beautiful goal of bringing out smiles around the world. I always knew it was a wonderful thing to aim for.
Kanon: I'll work hard to make it a reality!
Kanon: Hehehe. BanG Dreamer-san! Thank you very much for listening!