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KIRAMEKI Festival Gacha or KIRAMEKI Fes is a type of gacha introduced on October 31, 2021.

Similarities to DreamFes:

  • Doubles the appearance rate of 4☆ from 3% to 6%.
  • Precedes the event-related gacha and also features the spotlight cards from said event-related gacha.
  • Only around for a limited amount of time, averaging 4 days.

KIRAMEKI Fes cards feature a "Memorial Animation" and illustration. The Memorial Animation's theme will be about the characters' daily lives and can be seen upon obtaining them and from the member details. Future updates regarding being able to use the Memorial Animation on the home screen is being considered. Meanwhile, the illustration will be a scene from the Memorial Animation. It will not have a pre-training illustration and will be obtained as after-training, at Level 1. KIRAMEKI Fes cards will also have their own unique skill that is different from the DreamFes card's skills.

Using the KIRAMEKI Fes live costume will allow you to be able to listen to dedicated voice lines on some screen where it features the character wearing the said live costume and another character.

KIRAMEKI Fes will not feature DreamFes cards.

List of KIRAMEKI Festival Gachas[]

ID Gacha Name Spotlight Cards JP TW KR EN CN
KIRAMEKI Festival/October 2021
The Great Idol Chase T icon
Keep Being Yourself T icon
Autumn Dream T icon
Afternoon Coffee T icon
Interesting Eve-chan! T icon
2021-10-31 2022-03-24 2022-09-29 2022-09-23 2022-08-16
KIRAMEKI Festival/January 2022
Early Spring Stroll T icon
White Flowers for You T icon
Today's T icon
Blue-Tinted Stroll T icon
Chocolat Imagined T icon
2022-01-31 2022-06-19 2022-12-30 2022-11-20 2022-10-30
KIRAMEKI Festival/March 2022
Where the Light Shines T icon
Glistening Youthfulness T icon
Bonds and Gifts T icon
Unchanging Warmth T icon
My Step Up T icon
2022-03-18 2022-10-09 2023-02-13 2023-01-08 2022-12-13
KIRAMEKI Festival/May 2022
Happily ever after T icon
Best wishes! T icon
Sky-Colored Sea T icon
Sunset Red Puddle T icon
Hina the Mimic T icon
2022-05-31 2022-09-06 2023-05-01 2023-03-09 2023-02-17
KIRAMEKI Festival/July 2022
I Can Do Anything T icon
Vs King of the River T icon
Eyes Twinkling T icon
Summer Train Crossing T icon
Dark-Haired Mermaid T icon
2022-07-31 2022-11-29 2023-07-03 2023-04-28 2023-04-12
KIRAMEKI Festival/September 2022
HappyHalloween T icon
Round & Round T icon
Murmured Thanks T icon
Fleetingness Lying Down T icon
Spinning Coffee Time T icon
2022-09-29 2023-01-18 2023-08-22 2023-06-21 2023-06-08
6th Anniversary Dream & Kirameki Festival Gacha
Now Working Part-Time! T icon
Smile Grand March♪ T icon
Enjoying☆College Life T icon
The Path I Lit T icon
No More Uniform T icon
Sakura Melody T icon
Rainy Day Encounter T icon
Brand New Morning T icon
2023-03-16 2023-08-07 2023-12-20 2023-11-08
KIRAMEKI Festival/March 2023
Past Longing T icon
Galactic Drainer T icon
Bloom like Magic! T icon
Spring Is Here T icon
Eager to Help T icon
2023-03-25 2023-08-16 2024-01-01 2023-11-17
KIRAMEKI Festival/July 2023
Summer Splash! T icon
The Sea Breeze and Sun T icon
Blooming At Twilight☆ T icon
The Wind That Brought You Along on That Day T icon
Beyond the Huge Clouds T icon
2023-07-29 2023-12-16 2024-02-25
KIRAMEKI Festival/September 2023
One, Two, Three, Four! T icon
Let's Dance Together♪ T icon
Drifting Off Into Sweet Dreams T icon
Soft Flowers and Smile T icon
Together With the Children T icon
2023-09-29 2024-03-08 2024-04-19
7th Anniversary Dream & Kirameki Festival
Dashing Through Spring T icon
The Astronomy Club's Bonding Time? T icon
Swathed in Sunlight T icon
A Cherry Blossom Viewing Keepsake! T icon
Embracing the Brilliance T icon
As The Curtains Rise T icon
Our Circle of Smiles T icon