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Kaoru's Fleeting White Day Musical Event Story - Opening
The Greatest Present

Kaoru wants to give back to her fans for White Day, but she's unsure of what to do.
She then realizes what the greatest present of all is. What will it be...?


Haneoka Girls' Academy

Kaoru: Ahh, how fleeting... The wind softly blows. The clouds slowly flow. Thus the day is made so... fleeting...
Kaoru: Furthermore, my mind puts forth nothing. Not a thought, not a feeling. Oh, my painfully fleeting heart...
Himari: Hmhmhmm~...♪ Ah, Kaoru-senpai!
Kaoru: Well, if it isn't Himari-chan. It appears you have a bento... Planning to partake in lunch up here?
Himari: Yep! Ran and I have plans to eat together! Do you have recess now...? Wait, no. Doesn't seem that way. What're you doing?
Kaoru: I was having a brief moment of being lost in thought.
Kaoru: My instinct tells me that these clouds drifting along may be the key to sparking a spectacular idea.
Himari: An idea? Is there something on your mind?
Kaoru: White Day is upon us, is it not?
Kaoru: During Valentine's Day, I was the recipient of much affection, from many a kitten. I've been pondering how to reciprocate appropriately.
Kaoru: And yet, I've still not encountered an idea that makes my soul shiver.
Himari: Fufu, worrying what present to give back on White Day is exactly the kind of thing I'd expect from you.
Kaoru: Ah, yes. This, too, must be an encounter decided by the wheel of fortune... How I'd love to hear your opinion, Himari-chan.
Himari: Huh? My opinion?
Kaoru: Indeed. You presented me with chocolate on Valentine's Day as well, did you not?
Kaoru: If there is any gift your heart desires, please, state it here and now. I shall put forth my greatest effort in order to fulfill your request.
Himari: Y-you don't have to go through all that trouble. Actually, there's a lot you've already given me.
Kaoru: That I've given you...? I don't recall ever doing so...
Himari: I'm telling you, you have~! Just seeing you shine on stage fills me with so much joy!
Himari: So I guess you can say that the Valentine's present was just a way to show you my appreciation.
Kaoru: Hmph, you say the most adorable things, little kitten. I'm honored to be a source of cheerfulness for you.
Kaoru: However, I am the one who is truly delighted. The reason I am able to sparkle as I do is thanks to the support of you all.
Himari: Kaoru-senpai...
Kaoru: But now I understand... Me standing upon the stage may be what the little kittens seek.
Kaoru: Yes. And if that's the case...
Himari: Ah, did you come up with something?
Kaoru: Indeed. I've thought of the most tremendous of presents.

A Few Days Later
Theater Club

Kaoru: For White Day, I shall present the greatest musical there ever was to my adorable little kittens!
Misaki: R-right~...
Kaoru: Abundant are the people who have become fans of mine after witnessing me onstage. As such, I believe it is my duty as a performer to show my gratitude through the language of theater.
Kaoru: Well? You must admit, this is a sensational idea, is it not?
Hagumi: Mhm, that sounds like fun, fun fun! A musical is where you sing and dance, right?!
Kaoru: Correct. A dreamy performance meant to captivate the audience through song and dance!
Kaoru: When I shared my plan, the little ones of the theater club made quite the fuss, saying they want to take part. A fleeting musical will be even easier to create then I thought.
Hagumi: Wow, a dreamy performance...! The sound of that really gets the blood pumping, Kaoru-kun!
Misaki: Uhhh~, sorry to interrupt all of the excitement, but mind if I cut in here?
Kaoru: What is it, Misaki?
Misaki: I get that you want to do a musical, Kaoru-san, but what does that have to do with Hagumi and me...?
Misaki: That doesn't sound like something we'd need to come all the way to your school to talk about...
Kaoru: The reason I requested you come here is that I figured it'd be easier to explain to you the plan I've envisioned.
Hagumi: Plan?
Misaki: I have a bad feeling about this...
Kaoru: There is but one purpose you are here today. I am hoping you can lend your assistance in making my musical a reality.
Hagumi & Misaki: Assistance...?
Hagumi: Wow, sounds like a good time to me! I'll do it! I wanna be in the musical!
Misaki: Yep, a nightmare come true...
Kaoru: Fufu, I appreciate it, Hagumi...!
Misaki: Wait, Kaoru-san. You have to give this more thought. We don't have any real experience with stuff like theater and dance.
Kaoru: If that's what you're worried about, then there's no need to fret. Yes, I would like for you to try your hand at those things. However, for you two, I want the main focus to be something else.
Hagumi: What's that?
Kaoru: I wish for the audience to learn how marvelous concerts can be, so I'd like to include the essence of band performances in the musical.
Kaoru: After all, despite having spectated my theater shows, there appears to still be some who haven't attended a concert before.
Kaoru: Unfortunately, I have a problem, small in nature... The little ones who are willing to help have neither the necessary knowledge of music nor instruments.
Kaoru: As such, I'd like Hagumi to take part in performing the music. Misaki, I hope you can assist in creating said music.
Misaki: C-create music...?! H-hold on a sec', Kaoru-san!

Kaoru's Fleeting White Day Musical Event Story - Chapter 1
A Special Member

Kaoru gathers members for her musical. However, one member in particular comes as a surprise...


Theater Club

Misaki: You can't just suddenly ask me to compose music and expect me to be able to do it!
Misaki: Not to mention, I've never done that for a theater performance... And there's not even that much time until White Day.
Kaoru: Ah, please forgive me. It seems like I've not explained sufficiently. How unlike of me.
Kaoru: I'm not asking that you make a song from scratch. I'm hoping you will take a particular song and arrange it such that it is fitting for the show.
Misaki: An arrangement?
Kaoru: Indeed. For that fantastic song brimming with my very sentiments... An arrangement for our fleeting theme song!
Misaki: Ah~, that one you made because you wanted Hello, Happy World! to do a musical...
Kaoru: Correct. That magnificent song that expresses the various types of fleeting I've felt. The masterpiece that overflows with and allows us to sing about the intensity, the pain, the many emotions of fleeting.
Hagumi: I like that song! We all get to have fun acting together!
Misaki: Forget about the fact that the lines are very different every time we perform it.
Hagumi: They are?
Misaki: You seriously don't remember? Every single time we do that song during a show, you and Kokoro mess up your line, without fail!
Misaki: Not only are they always different, they don't even make sense together. We've never actually pulled that song off.
Kaoru: Another face is presented at each show... Fufu, that is simply because that which is fleeting cannot be so easily contained.
Misaki: Nah, I'm pretty sure they just can't remember their lines.
Kaoru: Well, that aside... It is my desire to create a musical that uses that song as its foundation.
Kaoru: The little kittens of the theater club will be lending their assistance, so I'm hoping to put an emphasis on theatrics and create something worthy of an audience.
Misaki: Well, I guess if they're around, we wouldn't be able to run this thing directly into the ground...
Hagumi: But, if we're going to be playing music, that just leaves me and you, Kaoru-kun. That's not enough people, right?
Kaoru: Right. I've already decided on whom I'd like to fill others roles with. Of course, I intend to ask Michelle to play the part of DJ.
Kaoru: With that said, Misaki, may I ask you to get in touch with her?
Misaki: This is going exactly as I thought... Don't you think all this work is a bit too much for me, though...?
Hagumi: Okay, then the drummer will be Kano-chan-senpai, right?
Kaoru: That would seem reasonable. She is excellent on the drums, after all. That was the plan, originally. However...
Hagumi: However?
Kaoru: Due to specific circumstances, I went with a different drummer.
Kaoru: This performance is a present for the little kittens, is it not? As such, I was sure to hear their opinions regarding what they'd like to see.
Kaoru: In response, plenty of them expressed a desire to see she, this drummer, and I put on a show together. I would like to make their wishes come true.
Misaki: Wow, you went so far as to check that too, huh...? You really do things right at times like this.
Kaoru: Therefore, I plan to invite Kanon and Kokoro as members of the audience.
Misaki: Oh, so Kokoro isn't gonna be a part of it either.
Kaoru: Indeed. This time, I shall be the sole individual in charge of vocals. I will graciously accept this role and sing her part with all my heart.
Hagumi: Oh, okay. Hey, so who's this drummer? Is it someone I know?
Kaoru: Ah, well...
???: Look, look, Tomoe! This is what I was talking about!!
Misaki: Hm? That voice...

Tomoe: What's the big deal? Why'd you take off running toward that poster?
Himari: This is it! The one they have hanging in front of the theater club!!
Tomoe: This? Let's see. "Kaoru Seta presents a special White Day musical"...?
Himari: Kaoru-senpai said she's putting on a performance and inviting all of her fans. It's so that she can give back to those who gave her Valentine's Day gifts!
Himari: I wonder what kind of show it'll be~. I can't wait to see it~!!
Tomoe: You really like Seta-senpai, huh, Himari? Ah... Actually, about that...
Kaoru: I thought I heard a lovable bunch of voices, and look at that, Himari-chan and Tomoe-chan.
Himari: Ah, Kaoru-senpai! Good luck with the musical! I'm really excited for it!
Kaoru: I appreciate your kind words. I promise you it will be the most extraordinary of musicals.
Kaoru: Oh, right. You've blessed us with your presence just the right time. Misaki, Hagumi, the drummer I was referring to is she.
Misaki: What do you mean, "she"...?
Hagumi: Wait, you mean Tomo-chin?!
Tomoe: Y-yeah. She said she just had to have me be in the show, so...
Himari: What~?! You never told me about this~!!
Tomoe: It was just never the right time...
Himari: Ugh~, you gotta tell me something this important right away~!
Himari: Still... Kaoru-senpai and Tomoe on stage together... This is shaping up to be a really cool performance!!
Misaki: Ah, I see... Udagawa-san is the type that's popular with the girls too, so your fans said they wanted to see you two on stage together.
Misaki: ... Wait, hold on a sec'! You and Udagawa-san aren't the only ones on this poster! Michelle and Hagumi are on here too?!
Kaoru: Correct. I think it's quite the poster. Just laying one's eyes on it is sure to raise expectations.
Misaki: That's not what I'm talking about! Why would you make this before we actually said we would do it?!
Kaoru: Doesn't the great Shakespeare say, "Strong reasons make strong actions"?
Misaki: Doesn't it make sense to let us know before you take any "action"?!
Himari: Misaki-chan, Hagu, are you two also gonna be in it?
Kaoru: Indeed, they shall. They will be lending a hand in order to make this an awe-inspiring spectacle.
Misaki: Uhm, I never said I would do i-
Himari: Good luck to you guys, too, then! You'll definitely see me sitting in the audience!
Misaki: Huh? Agh, this is bad... I'll definitely end up being part of it at this rate...

Kaoru's Fleeting White Day Musical Event Story - Chapter 2
Prince of the Academy

White Day is just around the corner, and rehearsal has begun.
Misaki realizes something while watching Kaoru play the role of the popular prince...


A Few Days Later
Theater Club

Misaki: ... Right. And so, I decided to arrange it like this.
Misaki: I pretty much tried making it into what you asked me for. Does this sound okay to you?
Kaoru: Ahh, Misaki... How glad am I to have requested your assistance.
Kaoru: This is exactly what I envisioned. A tune that expresses suffering, a rhythm that exudes intense passion... and a pleasantly warm melody... that makes you recall the onset of Spring...!
Tomoe: The song sounded pretty weird to me, but it actually has all those things, huh?
Misaki: This play written for White Day has a progression of events that'll make your head spin.
Misaki: And Kaoru-san asked me to create something that fits with that theme, so this is how it turned out.
Tomoe: I-I see... Yeah, there's definitely a lot of ideas going on at once.
Tomoe: Like Seta-senpai is supposed to have a sword battle, do some line dancing, quickly change into seven different costumes...
Tomoe: It's kinda like when you order everything on your ramen... and then you get the dumplings and rice on the side, too.
Misaki: That's despite the fact that the story itself is just about a prince who wants to give back to the girls of his country on White Day.
Misaki: Still, Kaoru-san, why'd you suddenly wanna add sword fighting...?
Kaoru: Ahh, I remembered that the first year Saori-chan wanted to witness me participating in an elegant duel.
Kaoru: Now that it has presented itself, I figured I'd take this opportunity to make her adorable wish come true.
Misaki: What? This is another fan request?
Tomoe: Okay, does that mean the line dancing thing is too...?
Kaoru: Indeed. This is a gift for Yumi-chan of the literature club.
Kaoru: She'd previously mentioned a dance show she'd seen and how absolutely marvelous the line dancing was. This time, I'd like to give her the chance to see my own graceful number.
Misaki: Which means the whole changing seven times thing is...?
Tomoe: Probably a way to fulfill a fan request.
Theater Student A: Can I bother you for a moment, Kaoru-senpai? I'd like to ask you something about the costumes...
Kaoru: Yes. I'll be there at once, my little kitten.
Kaoru: Well then, please excuse me, you two. I shall return momentarily. Misaki, for making such a splendid song, you have my gratitude.
Misaki: Ah, yeah. You're welcome.
Theater Student A: Kaoru-senpai! When you're done with that, I want to talk to you about the staging!
Theater Student B: And me! I thought of some dance moves I want you to look at!
Misaki: Whoa, Kaoru-san's surrounded by theater club members...
Tomoe: She is the prince of our school. Crowds of girls are an everyday thing for her.
Misaki: Yeah, I kinda figured things were like that.
Misaki: When I first heard that the theater club members were willing to help her with this gift, I wondered why, but now, I get it. That'd be pretty easy to make happen when there are this many Kaoru fans in the club.
Misaki: It feels kinda weird though.
Tomoe: Hm? What does?
Misaki: I realize Kaoru-san is popular and all, but even seeing this with my own eyes, it doesn't really click for me.
Misaki: Pretty strange to see that people are so in love with her when you know what she's usually like.
Tomoe: I can't say I know her that well, but... I can see why she's popular with the girls. Especially since there aren't that many people who are as cool as her.
Misaki: I mean, yeah. That's true. She's pretty good looking, very stylish, so... yeah.
Tomoe: That reminds me. Himari was saying how it's amazing that Seta-senpai knows a lot of words. Maybe she's also popular because she's smart, no?
Misaki: What? K-Kaoru-san? Smart?
Tomoe: Y-yeah, that's what I said... Why do you look so surprised?
Misaki: That thought's never occurred to me before, so I guess I was just caught off guard.
Misaki: (Maybe no one has realized that Kaoru-san's true personality doesn't live up to expectations, but she's as big of a fool as they come. Enough to cloud that cool appearance of hers.)
Kaoru: Yes, it's a breathtaking costume, my little kitten!
Kaoru: Draped in this glistening garb, being showered by the spotlight... it's so fleeting that I can feel my chest tighten at the very thought of the scene. The swooning of little kittens may be plentiful, yet again.
Misaki: (Actually, something about what she's doing now strikes me as unfortunate too...)
Tomoe: Hey, Misaki... I don't see Hagumi around. Did something happen?
Misaki: She said she was gonna be a little late. Apparently, she has softball practice.
Tomoe: Oh. She seems pretty busy.
Misaki: I think she should be on her way soon...
Tomoe: Oh, speak of the devil. Looks like she just got here.
Hagumi: ...
Misaki: Hagumi...?
Tomoe: What's up? You seem kinda down.
Hagumi: Ohh~... Mii-kun, Tomo-chin, I'm so sorry~!

Kaoru's Fleeting White Day Musical Event Story - Chapter 3
The Destined Bassist

Kaoru begins her search to find a new bassist. That's when she has a chance encounter with...


Theater Club

Hagumi: I'm sorry...! I got injured...!
Tomoe: What? Injured?
Misaki: A-are you okay?
Kaoru: ...! Pardon me, little kittens. Part, so that I may pass.
Kaoru: Hagumi! Is something the matter?!
Hagumi: Kaoru-kun... I hurt my finger during practice.
Kaoru: Y-your finger...? Ahh, Hagumi. You poor thing...
Hagumi: Wah, no need to worry about me, Kaoru-kun! It's not that bad! It was just a small pop, really!
Hagumi: But they told me it would take about two weeks to heal. And the doctor said I'm not allowed to play the bass during that time...
Tomoe: Oh, so nothing serious. That's good. If you need two weeks though, then you won't be able to be in the musical...
Hagumi: I'm sorry, you guys... I really wanted to be part of it...
Misaki: Ah, uhm, Hagumi...
Kaoru: Please, do not slump your shoulders so, Hagumi. As a matter of fact, your injury not being of a more worrisome nature is something to be pleased about.
Misaki: Mhm, she's exactly right. It could've been way worse.
Hagumi: But this makes things harder for everyone else...
Hagumi: Ah, what will you do about the bass role...?! You're not gonna have anyone to play!
Kaoru: Ahh, there's no need to fret on that front. I have a couple of bassist I believe might fit the bill.
Kaoru: It's awfully disappointing that we won't be able to stand on that stage together. However, I shall find a replacement and continue preparing as planned.
Kaoru: As such, you've no need to be concerned. Now is the time for you to think about healing that injury.
Hagumi: Kaoru-kun... Okay, thanks! I'll get better as fast as I can!
Kaoru: Yes, that's the spirit.

The Next Day

Kaoru: Greetings, Lisa. How goes the day? There's something I'd like to ask you. Could you spare a moment?
Lisa: Mhm, I have time. What's up?
Hina: Oh, what's this~? Kaoru-kun, Lisa-chi, whatcha talkin' about~?
Kaoru: Hello, Hina. I was in the midst of asking her if she could play the phrase written on this sheet music.
Lisa: This is... for the bass? Yep, I think if I practiced, I could do it.
Kaoru: Ahh, Lisa...! It was destiny that put us in this class together! You are the princess I've been seeking!
Lisa: Huh? H-hey~! What're you holding my hand for?!
Hina: Ahaha, Lisa-chi! You look so surprised~!
Lisa: Who wouldn't be surprised by that~?! More importantly, hurry up and tell me what you're talking about, Kaoru~!
Kaoru: Ah, please excuse my behavior. I was so overwhelmed with emotion, I simply couldn't contain myself. Allow me to explain.

Lisa: ... Oh, okay. So that's what happened.
Kaoru: Well, Lisa? Shall you assist in this endeavor?
Lisa: I wish I could help you, I really do. But sorry, I don't think I can...
Lisa: We actually have a concert coming, so I'm pretty busy with practice.
Kaoru: How unfortunate...
Lisa: Hey, but if you need a bass player, wouldn't it be better to ask Chisato?
Kaoru: I contacted her on the night of the day before this one. However, it seems she has a previous White Day engagement.
Hina: Yeah~, there's a Pastel✽Palettes event on the 14th. We're doing a mini-concert at the mall ♪
Kaoru: Neither Chisato nor Lisa are available. Ahh, how long must fate toy with my emotions...?
Himari & Tomoe: Excuse us~.
Hina: Ah, it's Tomoe-chan and Himari-chan~. What are you guys doing in our classroom? Is there something you need?
Tomoe: Yeah, just need to quickly talk to Seta-senpai about the rehearsal we're having after class.
Tomoe: ... Uhm, Seta-senpai? What's up? Why the long face?
Kaoru: We've suffered the loss of potential options for a bassist, and now I, too, am at a loss...
Himari: A bassist?
Kaoru: Yes. It turns out...

Kaoru: ... And that is our current situation.
Himari: Ohh... So Hagu can't be in it anymore...
Himari: ... Okay. In that case, leave it to me. I'll play the bass!
Kaoru: You? Play the bass...?
Himari: I'm a bassist too, you know~! You should've asked me~!
Kaoru: Ahh, but there is a particular reason I did not.
Kaoru: This is a show of gratitude, one to give back after all I received on Valentine's Day. I intended to invite you as a member of the audience.
Himari: And I'd have been happy to receive that invitation, but... don't be afraid to speak up when you have a problem. I wanna be able to help you out too.
Kaoru: ... That's much appreciated, Himari-chan. I suppose I shall take you up on your offer then.
Kaoru: I'd like to ask that you be my bassist. Let us work together to put on the most spectacular musical.
Himari: Yeah! Let's do it!

Kaoru's Fleeting White Day Musical Event Story - Chapter 4
Secret Practice Session

Himari is feeling down after an unsuccessful rehearsal.
Despite being evening time, she sees something happening in the theater room.


Theater Club

Kaoru: Now then, it is time for a thrilling dance lesson! Follow along, little kittens, as I move with the grace of a swan!
Theater Students: Okay! We'll follow you wherever you go, Senpai!
Misaki: Wait, hold on... I-I don't think I can do this as Michelle...
Tomoe: Left, right, left, right... And turn!
Hagumi: That's a member of the dance club for you! That was super good, Tomo-chin!
Tomoe: Haha. Thanks, Hagumi.
Himari: Left, right... Right? Wait... Left? Which one is it?! Kyaaa~!!
Misaki: U-Uehara-san, are you okay? Your own foot really tripped you up there...
Himari: Owww~... Ngh, dancing is so hard~!
Tomoe: Himari, it sure takes you quite some time to memorize the hard stuff despite being a pretty good athlete.
Kaoru: Ahh, Himari-chan... Are you hurt?
Himari: I-I'm alright...! Sorry, I'm having such a hard time with this...
Kaoru: If that's the problem, then I shall tutor you. Pace yourself. You've no need to rush.
Himari: O-okay! I'll do my best!

After Rehearsal

Himari: Ohh, I couldn't memorize a thing...
Tomoe: Y-you don't have to beat yourself up about it.
Misaki: Yeah, our main focus is performing the music anyway. We're not in that many scenes where we have to act and dance, so I'm sure you'll get it down by the day of the show.
Himari: Y-yeah... But I might have disappointed Kaoru-senpai... And I was the one who offered to take on the role...
Hagumi: Hii-chan, you can do it...! Oh, I know! You should stop by my place today!
Hagumi: When you're in a bad mood, you eat yummy food! We can have some of my dad's croquettes and cheer up together!
Tomoe: Those meat croquettes, huh? Nice, I was just thinking about getting something to eat, too.
Misaki: Yeah, I'm hungry as well.
Himari: Ehehe. Thank you, Hagu. I'm sure eating those will help me feel better.
Misaki: We should tell Kaoru-san too, then. She might still be in the school since rehearsal just finished... Hm? Wait...
Hagumi: What's wrong?
Misaki: I can't find my phone... Sorry, maybe I left it in the club room.
Himari: Y-you did? That was a close call! Good thing you noticed before we left the building.
Tomoe: Yeah... Hold on. Himari? Now that you mention it, where's your bag?
Himari: My bag? ... Huh? Why aren't I carrying a bag?!
Misaki: Ahaha... "Good thing you noticed before we let the building," huh...?
Himari: Ohh~, it's 'cause I was too busy being sad. But to forget my bag because of that? I shouldn't be letting that happen~.
Himari: Sigh... Welp, what's done is done. Shall we go get our things, Misaki-chan?
Tomoe: You guys okay going by yourselves?
Himari: We've got it under control! You and Hagu can go on ahead!

Misaki: ... Huh? The lights are on?
Himari: Hey, is that...?
Kaoru: ... No, that's not it. We're moving it from a heart-wrenching scene to a scene of passion at this part. If it's not more obviously fleeting, it won't resonate with the audience...
Himari: Kaoru-senpai stayed behind to do some guitar practice...
Misaki: Looks like she's so focused, she hasn't even noticed us.
Kaoru: Tomorrow, we'll be rehearsing the entire music portion of the show... I have to prepare a complete and fleeting performance to my best ability by then...
Kaoru: Ah, I know...! This is the time for Hamlet...! I should play this as him. I'll take the sentiments of that tragic individual and let them be carried by the rhythm...
Kaoru: Ahh! "To be, or not to be? That's is the question"...!
Kaoru: Th-this is it. It's so fleeting, even for me...! I've created music that will captivate the little kittens, yet again...!
Himari: Wh-what a strange way to practice...
Misaki: I think this is the first time I'm actually seeing this.
Himari: Wait, really?
Misaki: Kaoru-san always finishes practicing her part beforehand. That's what we get to see when we all come together and have rehearsal.
Himari: Oh. I wonder if she's the type of person who takes on new challenges by copying looks and behavior first. She does seem to be acting out a character while she plays.
Misaki: Ah, now that you mention it, for some unknown reason, she came to practice in a hip-hop outfit that time we made a rap song...
Misaki: But still...
Kaoru: The next scene is filled with fiery emotions, which means... Oh, Romeo... Yes, I must become him! Oh, Romeo! Wherefore art I Romeo?!
Misaki: I'm... pretty sure that's supposed to be Juliet's line.
Kaoru: ...?! M-Misaki?! Himari-chan?! H-how long have you been standing there!? W-weren't you all headed home?!
Himari: W-we forgot something... A-ahaha...
Misaki: So, Kaoru-san, you've been practicing like this all along, huh? I figured you could just do everything well. I had no idea you had these underground sessions going on.
Misaki: But... how do I put this? That's a weird... Ah, I mean, that's an... interesting... way of doing things...
Kaoru: Indeed, I have. As it pertains to acting, one peek at the script is enough for me to grasp my role. Unfortunately, I cannot say it's as simple of a process for music and dance.
Kaoru: Still, once I'm in-character, everything becomes a lot easier to memorize, so I come alone to rehearse like this.
Misaki: Oh, I see...
Kaoru: That said, it is not my desire to show others a form which is not fleeting. A swan does not show itself desperately struggling underwater, does it?
Himari: I'm glad I was able to watch you practice. Seeing you try os hard makes mfeel like I have to do the same!
Kaoru: Himari-chan... I appreciate you saying that. If I'm going to take to the stage, then I wish to deliver greatness. I don't plan to skimp on effort if it's for that purpose.
Kaoru: It's also the time for us who have bonded through this band to perform as one. I currently have such wonderful friends by my side... And I'll be beyond delighted if I can communicate that to everyone.
Himari & Misaki: Kaoru-san... Kaoru-senpai...
Himari: ... Okay, I've decided! I'm gonna stay and keep practicing with you! Misaki-chan, can you let Tomoe and Hagu know?!
Misaki: Yeah, no problem, but... would it be okay if I joined?
Himari: Huh? You're gonna stay too?
Misaki: I only happen to be a part of this whole thing because I was just asked to do a favor, but... after hearing what Kaoru-san just said, I feel like maybe I should also try a little harder.
Himari: Misaki-chan...
Kaoru: You two have my gratitude. Ahh, I am truly blessed to have encountered such marvelous companions...! How fleeting...!
Misaki: A-ahaha... You're such a drama queen.

Kaoru's Fleeting White Day Musical Event Story - Chapter 5
I Forgot!

The musical's start time is rapidly approaching when Kaoru realizes she's forgotten something extremely important...


Day Of The Show
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Gym

Kaoru: The curtain will soon rise, my little kittens! I am certain that today's show will become a spectacular and irreplaceable memory... My heart and soul will overflow with a sensation that tells me so...!
Misaki: Kaoru-san's really getting into this, huh?
Tomoe: I get it though. I have no doubt at all that this will turn out well.
Hagumi: Ah, there you are! I know you've all been working hard~! Look, I brought croquettes for you guys~.
Kaoru: Well, thank you, Hagumi. Yes, that scent comes from being freshly made... How fleeting...
Hagumi: Yep, because croquettes are best when they're straight out of the fryer! I used super express mode and ran here from my house!
Hagumi: ... Ah, the stage set is done too! Looks like everything is all ready!
Kaoru: But of course, it's only natural... Hm? Natural... No, I feel like something has escaped my memory...
Kaoru: Ah! Michelle!!
Misaki: Ack! Wh- K-Kaoru-san... Don't just start yelling in the middle of chewing your croquette.
Kaoru: Th-this is tragic! Misaki! Michelle is nowhere to be found!
Kaoru: A-actually, now that I think about it, she was never anywhere to be found during rehearsals either... You stood in as DJ every single time...
Misaki: (I always practiced without putting the costume on because it's such a pain in the neck...)
Misaki: Uhh, I told you, I'm Michell-... Wait, she's not gonna get it, no matter how many times I explain.
Kaoru: You don't have to worry about it, Kaoru-san. Michelle will be here by the time dress rehearsal starts.
Kaoru: Ohh, how is it that I'm only realizing something so important now?! M-Michelle, where could you be...?!
Misaki: L-listen to me... Wait, she's not in the storage room... Ah!
Kaoru: Michelle!
Michelle: ...
Misaki: (Uh-oh. So much for using a sheet to hide the costume.
Kaoru: Ahh, thank the heavens... You should have told me you arrived.
Michelle: ...
Kaoru: M-Michelle? You seem awfully blue today. Are you feeling okay?
Michelle: ...
Kaoru: Michelle's out cold!
Hagumi: What?! Michelle, get a hold of yourself~!
Misaki: Whoa, hey hey hey!! You guys, no touching her!
Hagumi: Wh-why not?! We're worried~!
Misaki: Why not? Well...
Misaki: (The way the head is resting on the body, it's sure to come rolling right off... Man, I can see all the freaking out now.)
Kaoru: M-Misaki, summon an ambulance...! Call for a bear doctor, at once...!
Misaki: No, I'm telling you, we don't need a doctor. Michelle is just... focused because it's almost time for the show.
Kaoru: She's focusing?
Hagumi: Ah, I know about this! It's like what people do before facing off in sports, right?!
Misaki: Right, exactly. She puts the sheet over herself so she can concentrate. We should just leave her be... Yep.
Kaoru: S-so that's what it is...? U-understood. There are several things I'd like to confirm with her, but if that's the case, I suppose I shall give her space until dress rehearsal starts.
Misaki: (Well that worked out somehow...)
Tomoe: Uhm, you're... the person inside Michelle, right? Does this mean they don't know that?
Misaki: I'm not sure if I'd say that they don't know or that they don't understand...
Hagumi: Hm? hey, you guys. What's this box you have in the storage room?
Kaoru: That? There are roses accompanied by lovely cards inside. I prepared them for all of the little kittens I've invited.
Misaki: Wow. Yeah, that sounds like the kind of present you'd give.
Kaoru: I believe this musical will make for a magnificent memory. However, the idea of leaving nothing physical behind seemed heartbreaking.
Kaoru: ... Hm? Speaking of, Himari-chan is nowhere in sight.
Tomoe: Ah, yeah. Something about not being able to calm down. She said she was gonna go for a short walk.
Kaoru: Fufu, getting nervous before the show... What an adorable little kitten.


Himari: Ohh, my nerves are really getting to me~! It's almost time to perform! What do I do~?!
Kaoru: Ah, so you were up here, Himari-chan.
Himari: Huh? Kaoru-senpai? Were you looking for me?
Kaoru: I was told you're feeling anxious, and as today's lead, I could not simply look the other way.
Himari: Ngh, I'm sorry. It just got worse and worse the more I thought about the possibility of messing up...
Kaoru: That level of concern is unnecessary. Take a moment to recall all of the practice you did.
Kaoru: In the words of the great Goethe, "As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live." Basically... this is what he meant.
Himari: Y-yeah, you're right! We did do all of that practicing! It'll definitely go well!
Kaoru: Indeed, it will. And of course, I'm here with you. Count on me to be your escort under that spotlight.
Himari: O-okay!
Kaoru: Oh, it seems that dress rehearsal shall begin shortly. Now, my princess, let us move toward that lively stage.

Kaoru's Fleeting White Day Musical Event Story - Ending
Happy White Day

The White Day Musical is a huge success! Kaoru expresses her gratitude for everyone's help.


Haneoka Girls' Academy - Gym

Hagumi: Great job, you guys!
Hagumi: You could tell that everyone in the room was having a lot of fun! Kokoron and Kano-chan-senpai said they had a good time too!
Kaoru: Fufu, that is the greatest gift a performer can receive. It seems you enjoyed it as well. That's delightful to see.
Himari: Ahh, it feels like I'm in a dream... I can't believe I got to perform on such a beautiful stage.
Tomoe: And you really had that acting and those dance moves down, Himari.
Kaoru: Indeed, 'twas a marvelous act, far greater than that which you showed during any rehearsal.
Himari: R-really?! Ehehe, I'm happy you think so!
Kaoru: And you, Tomoe-chan, were splendid as well. You played the drums so fleetingly, it created a soul-blazing reverberation...! The little kittens were also pleased to see us perform together.
Tomoe: ... "Fleetingly"...? I-I mean, as long as I was able to live up to your expectations, that's cool.
Tomoe: This was my first time being in a musical. After actually giving it a try though, I have to say, that was pretty fun.
Tomoe: And once we got through a good number of rehearsals, I felt like I wanted to make it as good of a show as possible, even though I only agreed to do this to help you out.
Misaki: I think I know what you mean... I guess if you're gonna do it in the first place, you at least want to create something the audience will like...
Kaoru: Misaki... To think you'd come to comprehend the allure of the stage. Ahhh... My heart is bursting with emotions...!
Misaki: Wh-whoa, no one said all of that.
Kaoru: I must also extend my gratitude to you, Hagumi.
Hagumi: Huh? To me? But I wasn't in the show.
Kaoru: But you always came to watch us practice, did you not? Your cheerful mood had everyone in high spirits. And so, I would like to thank you.
Hagumi: kaoru-kun... Ehehe, I'm glad to hear that.
Kaoru: I must express thanks to Michelle as well. With how fabulous her DJing was, you'd never believe she didn't take part in any rehearsals.
Misaki: I mean, she did though...
Kaoru: ...? Oh? She seems to be absent.
Misaki: Uhhh, she said she had something to take care of so she was gonna take off.
Kaoru: I see. How unfortunate. I'll postpone my expression of gratitude until next time.
Kaoru: Once again, everyone, I truly appreciate everything. You have my thanks. Because of you all, we put on an extraordinary performance.
Himari: No way~, it wasn't because of us~. And I'm happy that the fans enjoyed themselves too!
Himari: That reminds me. They all received something... Did you bring presents for them?
Kaoru: That's correct. It most certainly wasn't much, but it serves as a token of gratitude. I'd like for you to accept one as well. Would you?
Himari: What? One for me too? Ah, yeah. Of course I would.
Kaoru: Then, here you are, my princess. A gift to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Himari: Wow, a rose...!! And... is this... a card?!
Kaoru: I've taken my gratitude and put it into words for you.
Himari: I can't believe it. A rose and card from Kaoru-senpai... Ohh, thank you so much! I love it!!
Kaoru: And that... is the most important part. Ahh, I've actually prepared tokens of gratitude for the rest of you as well. It'd please me greatly if you could accept these gifts.
Tomoe: Huh? You brought cards and roses for us too?
Misaki: You know I didn't give you anything for Valentine's Day, right?
Kaoru: These are not for what you didn't do on Valentine's Day, but for what you did do by coming along for the ride and indulging me.
Hagumi: Oh. Thanks, Kaoru-kun!
Misaki: Hm? Wait, this is... written specifically for me.
Hagumi: Mine is written for me too!
Tomoe: Y-you wrote something different for each person? I was sure all of them were exactly the same.
Kaoru: The same? Why would that be the case? There's no way to convey feelings of gratitude that way, is there?
Kaoru: The reason why I glow so brilliantly is that everyone is there for me... I'd never cut corners when communicating my appreciation for that.
Himari: Kaoru-senpai, you're so cool...!!
Hagumi: You're really just like a prince!
Tomoe: That's pretty impressive, Seta-senpai... Hm? Why are you so quiet all of a sudden, Misaki?
Misaki: I think I might finally understand why Kaoru-san is so popular...
Tomoe: Oh yeah, we were talking about that the other day.
Misaki: I figured people loved her so much because they think she's cool, but I feel like there's a little more to it than just that.
Misaki: Not only did she decide to create this musical solely to make her fans happy...
Misaki: She even filled it with ideas specifically requested by those same fans.
Tomoe: And speaking of that, she also remember who wanted what, right? That's pretty crazy when you think about how many fans she has...
Misaki: That's probably the reason everyone gets drawn toward her. It's like she's paying special attention to all the people around her or something.
Tomoe: Yeah, she's an oddball, but she's also really kind. Like when Hagumi injured herself and Seta-senpai made sure to keep her from feeling sad about it.
Misaki: Not to mention, she did her best to make Uehara-san feel more confident by being supportive.
Tomoe: Seeing all of that, I kinda get why all of Seta-senpai's fans feel the way they do.
Misaki: It's as if everyone else's happiness is also her own. She might have actually been born to be a prince.
Kaoru: ...? Something the matter, Misaki? I can feel the passion from your gaze...
Kaoru: Have you, too, become captivated by me? My, oh my. Excessive beauty is yet another sin, isn't it...?
Misaki: No? What would make you say that...? Sigh... If it wasn't for this kinda thing, you'd actually be cool.

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