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Karakuri Bisque Doll Card Story - Episode

Dwelling Within the Soul...


Ryuseido - Storage

Kasumi: What~? Is that really okay?
Arisa: Yeah. Grandma told me to make sure we didn't have any more toys lying around, after all.
Arisa: Besides, looking through this entire place alone would be a pain. Plus, you like treasure hunting, don't you?
Kasumi: Yeah, I do! Leave it to me~!
Arisa: The thing is, last time we looked through these boxes, it didn't look like there were any more toys hiding around here.
Kasumi: But there are still places we haven't checked yet!
Kasumi: So? When are we gonna go toy hunting?
Arisa: Hm...
Arisa: Well, it's not like we can practice today anyway. No one else is here. You wanna just get it done now?
Kasumi: Sounds good to me~!
Kasumi: Seriously though, I'm so glad we found that toy the other day!
Kasumi: It's such a crazy coincidence that your grandma just happened to come by with it when she did!
Arisa: Now that you mention it, it is, huh?
Arisa: Rimi said it too, but it does make you wonder whether the toy just up and walked over to us.
Kasumi: Aw, come on~! Arisa, you can't start saying stuff like that, too!
Arisa: Hey, it's not like I'm saying anything weird.
Arisa: You know, since we run this sorta shop... I hear those kinds of stories all the time.
Kasumi: Wh-what do you mean, those kinds of stories...?
Arisa: Like objects having souls. That sorta stuff.
Arisa: Grandma told me about these spirits called "tsukumogami" that live inside of objects that have been used for a long time.
Kasumi: Tsukumogami...?
Arisa: In any case! You just gotta take good care of your stuff, that's all.
Kasumi: Well, I'm taking super-duper good care of Random Star!
Arisa: I know that. No matter where we go, that thing's always stuck to you like glue.
Kasumi: You know, if there was a spirit living inside Random Star, I don't think I'd mind! ... Huh?
Arisa: Hm? What's up?
Kasumi: There's only one thing in this box, and it looks like a scroll.
Arisa: A scroll? Ah, that's for hanging.
Arisa: But why was it inside a box this big...? This box isn't for hanging scrolls...
Arisa: Someone might've put it in here on accident. If we look at what's written on it, we might be able to figure out what box it goes in.
Kasumi: Wow, there's a really pretty woman drawn on here~! Oh, and this white kimono she's wearing fits her perfectly!
Arisa: ...
Kasumi: What's wrong, Arisa?
Arisa: Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap... This one's bad... Let's put this back where you found it!
Kasumi: I-I... just caught a peek of it, but... That drawing... she didn't have feet, did she...?
Kasumi: No feet means she must be a ghost, right?! Why do you have something like that here?!
Arisa: H-how should I know?!
Kasumi & Arisa: ...
Kasumi: H-hey... Arisa... Could I... stay over tonight?
Arisa: Y-yeah... Actually, please, stay over...

Karakuri Bisque Doll Card Story - Special Episode

CiRCLE Debut?


CiRCLE Lobby

Marina: Ah, what's up, Arisa-chan?
Arisa: I just wanted to ask something. Can kids come to our concerts here?
Marina: I mean, I guess it's not like they can't... Wait, why are you asking that all of a sudden?
Arisa: The other day, we did an old toy drive at school and donated all the stuff we got to the community center.
Marina: Huh~, is that so?
Arisa: Well, I probably don't even need to say it, but Kasumi came up with the idea.
Arisa: Then we played together with the kids for a bit. That was Kasumi's idea too, by the way.
Arisa: There happened to be a toy keyboard, so I played it a little, and the kids liked it way more than I thought they would.
Marina: Oh, that's great!
Arisa: Yeah, I guess, but then they started saying how they wanted to see one of our shows...
Marina: Ah~, okay, I see what you're getting at.
Arisa: Yeah. So I was wondering if there was any sort of age limit here.
Marina: Hm~, well, it's true that we don't usually have too many children here~.
Marina: It's standing room only, after all. With grown-ups around, they probably wouldn't be able to see...
Arisa: Yeah...
Marina: Ah! How about we do a children's concert?
Arisa: What?! You can do that?
Marina: I can't say for sure, but I can at least ask the owner.
Marina: It seems like something Hello, Happy World! and the others would be interested in, too! I bet it'd be a lot of fun!
Arisa: Thank you so much. Please, make sure to check with the owner for us.
Arisa: The kids were really looking forward to this... We gotta give it a shot...!