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№. 00903
Rarity1Cool Popular Girl

Availability: Initial
Popular Girl
№. 00898
Rarity2Pure Innocent Flapping

Availability: Gacha509
Innocent Flapping (Kirigaya Touko)
№. 00908
Rarity3Happy Behold My Masterpiece!

Availability: Gacha509
Behold My Masterpiece!
Behold My Masterpiece! T
№. 00913
Rarity4Cool New Trend Alert

Availability: Gacha509
New Trend Alert
New Trend Alert T
№. 00930
Rarity4Powerful Strike a Pose☆

Availability: Gacha543
Strike a Pose☆
Strike a Pose☆ T
№. 00984
Rarity3Pure Beyond Frustration

Availability: Event 120
Beyond Frustration
Beyond Frustration T
№. 01018
Rarity3Powerful Unpolished Melody

Availability: Event 123
Unpolished Melody
Unpolished Melody T
№. 01070
Rarity2Happy Ultimate Mood Maker

Availability: Event 132
Ultimate Mood Maker
№. 01100
Rarity4Happy Eloquent Passion

Availability: Gacha696
Eloquent Passion
Eloquent Passion T
№. 01172
Rarity2Powerful Reading Isn't My Thing

Availability: Event 148
Reading Isn't My Thing
№. 01225
Rarity4Powerful I'm a Total Genius!

Availability: Gacha814
I'm a Total Genius!
I'm a Total Genius! T
№. 01312
Rarity3Cool Refusal to Lose

Availability: Event 165
Refusal to Lose
Refusal to Lose T
№. 01372
Rarity4Powerful Special Birthday!

Availability: Gacha895
Special Birthday! (Kirigaya Touko) T
№. 01405
Rarity4Cool A Day Off for Me

Availability: Gacha926
A Day Off for Me
A Day Off for Me T
№. 01453
Rarity2Powerful Pale Blue Noblesse

Availability: Permanent Gacha
Pale Blue Noblesse (Kirigaya Touko)
№. 01471
Rarity3Cool My Step Up

Availability: Gacha949
My Step Up
My Step Up T
№. 01504
Rarity4Happy Drowsy at the Table

Availability: Gacha971
Drowsy at the Table
Drowsy at the Table T
№. 01588
Rarity3Happy Massive Splash

Availability: Event 194
Massive Splash
Massive Splash T
№. 01636
Rarity3Powerful Making Monster Friends

Availability: Event 203
Making Monster Friends
Making Monster Friends T
№. 01659
Rarity4Happy Precious Birthday!

Availability: Gacha1069
Precious Birthday! (Kirigaya Touko) T
№. 01681
Rarity4Pure I'm Begging You D.C.

Availability: Gacha1090
I'm Begging You D.C.
I'm Begging You D.C. T
№. 01744
Rarity3Pure Sulky Girl

Availability: Event 223
Sulky Girl
Sulky Girl T
№. 01753
Rarity5Cool The Greatest Explosive Shot!

Availability: Gacha1146
The Greatest Explosive Shot!
The Greatest Explosive Shot! T
№. 01768
Rarity5Pure The Genius Devil Hunter? TOUKO

Availability: Gacha1155
The Genius Devil Hunter? TOUKO
The Genius Devil Hunter? TOUKO T
№. 01804
Rarity2Pure Languorous Butterfly

Availability: Event 234
Languorous Butterfly
№. 01864
Rarity3Pure TOKO Time!

Availability: Event 242
TOKO Time!
TOKO Time! T
№. 01888
Rarity4Pure Bright and Cheerful

Availability: Gacha1255
Bright and Cheerful
Bright and Cheerful T
№. 01941
Rarity5Happy Feelings Not Being Reached

Availability: Gacha1285
Feelings Not Being Reached
Feelings Not Being Reached T
№. 01955
Rarity3Pure Gathering Petals

Availability: Event 253
Gathering Petals
Gathering Petals T
№. 01989
Rarity3Happy We're The Best!

Availability: Event 259
We're The Best!
We're The Best! T

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