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Kurachi Reo (倉知 玲鳳) is a voice actress. She is RAISE A SUILEN's keyboardist and also voices Nyubara Reona. She is currently affiliated with S Inc.


Reo had learned how to play the piano and electone ever since she was 2-years-old and also learned cheerleading dance during her elementary to high school days. She became interested in voice acting in middle school after watching both K-ON! and Fullmetal Alchemist.[1] Prior to her joining of THE THIRD, Reo was a BanG Dream! fan and even went to see one of Poppin'Party's live viewings with a friend just before she graduated from high school.

She became affiliated with her agency S Inc. following S Inc's 3rd Newcomer Audition held in September 2016.

She debuted as a voice actress through Nintendo Switch's Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack's Drama CD released in August 2017 and has been active as a keyboardist for RAISE A SUILEN since January 2018.

Reo is also known for voicing:

She was also one of the hosts for RAISE A SUILEN's RADIO RIOT together with Tsumugi Risa.


Reo's special skills include playing the piano, dancing and calligraphy; she has been dancing ever since she was in elementary school. Similarly to PAREO she loves cute things, was a big fan of Precure when she was in kindergarten, and even bought a K-ON! CD back when she was in seventh grade solely because "the cover looked so cute." She admires fellow voice actress Ogura Yui whom she also regards as one of her favorite voice actresses.

Similarly to Raychell she loves hot drinks.


  • She was classmates with Ami.[2]