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LOCK SOS! Card Story - Episode

Rokka's Accounting


Asahi Bathhouse - Rokka's Room

Ako: Oh~, it's been a while since I've been here, Rokka~!
Mashiro: Th-thank you for letting me come...
LOCK: Please sit anywhere you'd like and make yourselves comfortable. Ah... here. Have some sweet potatoes too.
Ako: Yay~! Baked sweet potatoes! I love your potatoes~!
Mashiro: I didn't know baked ones are already being sold...
LOCK: Oh, I didn't buy these, I baked them here. Using the boiler's furnace makes them nice and hot.
Mashiro: Bathhouses are so amazing...! I had no idea you could do that...!
LOCK: Fufu, go ahead and help yourselves while they're still hot.
Ako: Don't mind if I do~! Mmm~! You can tell it was just baked~! It's so hot and yummy~.
Mashiro: Yes...! I can feel the sweetness slowly spreading inside my mouth... It's very tasty...!
LOCK: I'm glad you like them... There's still plenty, so please have as much as you'd like!
Ako: Thanks! You know, your room's so comfy~. It makes me wanna lie down~.
Mashiro: You really are acting like it's your own room and relaxing...
LOCK: Ahaha... She's always like this when she visits.
Mashiro: There really is something relaxing about your room, though... It doesn't feel like my first time here, even though it is.
LOCK: Masuki-san said something similar... I wonder what makes it feel that way?
Ako: It's like this room has some kind of debuff enchantment that makes you wanna just lie around~.
Mashiro: Now that you mention it... it does remind me of my grandmother's place out in the countryside...
Mashiro: Ah... that's your guitar... isn't it, LOCK-chan...?
LOCK: Yes, it is.
Mashiro: I've always wondered why your guitar doesn't have that part at the tip.
Ako: The part at the tip?
LOCK: Do you mean the head? Mine's headless.
Ako: Does that make it different from a regular one?
LOCK: There's less resonance because the head's missing, so the sound feels different. You also have to do all the tuning with the bridge... Not having a head also makes it lighter.
Ako: Oh~, I see!
Marina: You put so much thought into picking your guitar... That's amazing...
LOCK: Fufu, it's nothing special really.
Mashiro: And your desk is covered with sheet music...
Mashiro: Hm? What's this notebook...?
LOCK: Oh, that... I just use it to keep track of my spending.
Ako: Wow~! You're like a grown-up! That's so cool! Hey, hey, can I take a look at it?
LOCK: U-um... Okay.
Ako: Yay~! Let's see... hm...
Ako: Guitar strings, sheet musics, CDs, music magazines...
Mashiro: It's filled with music-related things!
LOCK: H-having other people look at it is kind of embarrassing...
Ako: It's nothing to be embarrassed about! It shows how much you love music!
Mashiro: And this one is for... ramen...?
LOCK: Oh... I sometimes go to Galaxy Ramen with the rest of the band...
Ako: I like ramen too! My sister and I go together a lot! You know, I'm learning so much about you just from this notebook!
LOCK: Eep, you're making me feel embarrassed again~...
Mashiro: Have you always kept track of your spending?
LOCK: I really only started once I came here and started living at the bathhouse...
LOCK: My parents aren't here, so I want to be able to look after myself.
Ako: You really are like a grown-up...!
Mashiro: W-wow...
Mashiro: I wish I could be like you. I've never been able to continue anything like that for long...
LOCK: It wasn't easy for me at first either, but I got used to it.
LOCK: Plus, keeping a record can also be fun.
Mashiro: What makes it fun?
LOCK: Let me show you... Let's see... Here, this page.
Ako: Arcade with Mashiro-chan and Ako-chan...
Mashiro: Is this for when we went out together the other day...?
LOCK: Yes. Seeing this page reminds me of all the fun we had together.
Ako: Wow, so this notebook works kind of like a photo album!
LOCK: Looking at it that way makes it fun to keep records.
Mashiro: I see. I hope you get to fill it with lots of good memories.
Ako: Hey~! We should go hang out again then!
LOCK: Ako-chan...
Mashiro: I'd like to hang out too... But we shouldn't make LOCK-chan spend too much.
LOCK: A-ahaha... Oh yeah. That's the whole point of keeping a record, after all.
LOCK: I do appreciate the thought, though. I hope we get to make lots and lots of good memories together.

LOCK SOS! Card Story - Special Episode

What Makes Me Emotional...


Residential Area

Marina: Well then, now that we're done shopping, why don't we head back to CiRCLE? Oh, you'll carry the bags? Fufu, why thank you.
Marina: Hm? That girl looks familiar...
LOCK: Ah, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san! Hello!
Marina: Hi, Rokka-chan. Are you on your way to practice at CHU²'s place?
LOCK: No, I'm going to Galaxy. It's a bit early, but I'm hoping to do a session with Masuki-san before it opens.
Marina: Fufu, you sure do practice a lot. By the way, the reason wouldn't be Poppin'Party's concert the other day, would it? I heard you went.
LOCK: Oh, is it that obvious...? Seeing the concert has motivated me to try harder...
Marina: Ahaha, I knew it. If I remember correctly, you went to it with Mashiro-chan and some other girls, right?
LOCK: Yes. I never really spoke much with Mashiro-chan and Yashio-san before, so I'm glad I got to.
Marina: It's rare for RAS and Morfonica to end up together, after all. I'm glad to hear that it sounds like you're friends now~.
LOCK: Um... Actually... after the concert, things became a little strained between Mashiro-chan and me...
Marina: Ah~, Mashiro-chan did mention something like that... I was a bit surprised. You're not the type to butt heads with other people.
LOCK: Yes... I know I shouldn't, but it's just so hard to stay calm when it comes to Poppin'Party and Kasumi-senpai...
Marina: Fufu, Poppin'Party is so lucky to be loved so much that people get into arguments over them.
Marina: And I think it's great that you've found someone you can get into a passionate discussion with over your favorite bands.
LOCK: Yes, I think so too! I've always wanted friends I could do that with...
LOCK: But... I never thought I would end up arguing... Sigh, things don't go the way you plan...
Marina: Don't be so hard on yourself. Remember how LAYER-chan and CHU²-chan fought? That helped them become closer, didn't it?
LOCK: Y-yes... I think it did.
Marina: In a sense, conflict might just be part of what it is to be in a band.
Marina: It helps improve a band's music and strengthens the bonds between the members.
LOCK: You might be right...
LOCK: They do say the legendary bands fought constantly, after all!
Marina: B-but that doesn't mean you should fight all the time, okay?
LOCK: Y-yes, of course...!
LOCK: Oh, but Mashiro-chan and I made up. We're even going to go see a Poppin'Party concert together!
Marina: Nice, it sounds like you have something to look forward to then. Just try not to get too passionate about it and get in another fight.
LOCK: ... I know! I'll be careful.