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Laughing Together Card Story - Episode

Protecting a Sunflower


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Hallway

Aya: Phew~... Don't worry, you can do this... Alright! Here goes nothing!
Sayo: Maruyama-san.
Aya: Whoa! Ah, Sayo-chan, Rinko-chan!
Rinko: Hello... Maruyama-san...
Sayo: I apologize for startling you. Did we interrupt something?
Aya: No, not at all! What's up?
Sayo: We saw you and Shirasagi-san in that TV drama the other day.
Aya: Wow, so you watched it, then! What did you think?!
Sayo: The way you two blended so naturally into the story made for a stunning performance.
Rinko: Yes... The plot itself was... very intriguing... and the unexpected twist near the end... had my heart racing...
Aya: I know, right?! That ending is something else! The lawyer's sleuthing skills came out in full force!
Aya: I'm so glad you guys liked it~. Chisato-chan will be so happy to hear what you said!
Rinko: Huh...? That charm on your pencil case... Is that a sunflower?
Sayo: It is rather cute, but is this really the right season for it? I feel it is still a tad early...
Aya: This is more like a souvenir, so to speak.
Rinko: A... souvenir...?
Aya: I think of it as a way to remember going through the auditions with Chisato-chan.
Aya: You see, the lawyer's badge is in the shape of a sunflower. I thought that was cute, so I bought some!
Sayo: I remember the sunflower badge you're referring to. I believe it had a scales of justice symbol in the center.
Rinko: Sunflowers always... grow straight towards the sun... I think that suits... your optimistic personality, Maruyama-san...
Aya: Really? Thank you~! I'll try to stick to that path, then!
Aya: Actually, Chisato-chan and I have a matching pair of these♪ I gave her one during our auditions.
Sayo: If I'm recalling things correctly, you both initially applied for the same role, correct?
Aya: Yep! When I have this charm with me... I feel more confident because it's like Chisato-chan is right there beside me!
Aya: I swear that I can hear her voice telling me not to worry and that I can do it!
Rinko: Fufu... With support like that... you can overcome any obstacle...
Aya: Totally! And that goes for today too~!
Sayo: Today...? Ah yes, Class B students have an English test.
Aya: Hehehe... I guess it's kinda like a good luck charm... to help me be more brave...
Rinko: Class A students had ours the other day... It wasn't terribly difficult...
Rinko: And you should be fine... with Shirasagi-san there to help...
Aya: Yeah! For sure!
Chisato: Was it my imagination, or did I hear my name just now?
Aya: Ah! Chisato-chan! We were just talking about our charms.
Rinko: Oh, Shirasagi-san... Your phone charm...
Aya: Ah, how about that! Your sunflower is tied to your phone!
Chisato: Yes, it is. It reminds me of how you and I went through those auditions together, Aya-chan.
Chisato: I have another theatrical audition after school today, so I figured it would come in handy.
Aya: Oh... I see... Hehehe...
Aya: If anyone can do it, Chisato-chan, it's you! And I'll be there with you, so do your best!
Chisato: Indeed. I will try not to let you down. Thank you, Aya-chan.
Chisato: Oh? And you have yours with you, as well. Seeing as it's on your pencil case...
Chisato: ... Ah, it must be for the English test.
Aya: You figured that out just from this! You're a real detective! Ah...! Like the lawyer from the drama!
Rinko: Now that you mention it...
Chisato: Fufu, thank you. Anyway, good luck with your test. Try to have fun with it, like you did during the auditions.
Aya: I-I don't know if I'd consider tests fun, but...
Aya: Okay! I'll do my best!

Laughing Together Card Story - Special Episode

Enjoying the Stage


Station Entrance

Aya: Wow, look at all these people! Is this disguise good enough~? The drama was shown all over the country, after all~.
Marina: Aya-chan? Why are you hiding in the corner like that?
Aya: Whoa! Ah, Marina-san! @chariot-san!
Marina: Sorry for startling you. Are you dressed that way so you won't be noticed?
Aya: Ah, I wouldn't go that far~...
Marina: Oh, I see now! It's because you were in that drama!
Marina: @chariot-san and I both saw it. Congratulations! It's wonderful that you landed a part in such a big show!
Aya: Hehehe, thank you very much!
Marina: Was it hard to practice on top of all your schoolwork and band duties?
Aya: Yeah, I was definitely a lot busier than usual~. I had a lot of fun with how hectic things were, though!
Aya: The filming this time around was totally different from that movie we shot! It was all so new!
Marina: That's amazing~. I would have been a nervous wreck the entire time.
Aya: Ah, I was pretty nervous myself, but the staff and other actors were so kind to me that my nerves were drowned out by how much fun I was having!
Aya: That, and Chisato-chan helped me out a lot.
Aya: When she would go to meet someone for the first time, she'd always invite me and introduce me to them...
Aya: Even though she had so many more lines to memorize, she never stopped thinking about me.
Marina: Chisato-chan sure is amazing~. Not everyone could do that.
Aya: I agree! And the way she could casually chat with the director and lead actor was so cool...!
Marina: You didn't join in the conversation?
Aya: Not at first. I figured I would just get in the way, but I eventually joined in once Chisato-chan invited me over.
Aya: I was absolutely terrified, but I'm glad that I was finally able to thank the director for choosing me!
Marina: Oh~! Way to go!
Aya: Thank you! The director's words and Chisato-chan's kindness really helped me relax! That's why I was able to have so much fun performing!
Marina: I believe it! You seemed like your usual self!
Aya: I'm glad~! Wait... My usual self...?
Marina: Yeah! Your dialogue was so natural that I almost forgot it was staged. Nice work!
Aya: Oh, you really think so~...?! Hehehe, thank you very much!
Aya: I'll try to live up to that if I ever get the opportunity to act again!
Marina: If anyone can, it's you! We'll be cheering you on every step of the way!
Aya: Okay! I won't let you down!