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Layers of Feelings Card Story - Episode

Best Pamphlet Pair


Hazawa Coffee

Aya: Thank you for the food~! ... Mmm, it's so good~!
Kanon: Did you order the seasonal cake? Maybe I should've gotten that instead...
Aya: Yeah, the Muscat grapes in it are so refreshing, so I really recommend it!
Kanon: Fufu, I'll try ordering it next time I come. So, umm... You had something you wanted to ask me today, right?
Aya: Yeah. Actually, I wanted to get your help, Kanon-chan. I need some advice on making a guidebook.
Kanon: A guidebook... Do you mean like the ones we made for the flower-viewing or the One Hundred Poems tournament?
Aya: Yeah! You really saved me by being there those times.
Aya: If it had just been me on my own, I wouldn't have been able to make something so wonderful... So I wanted to get some ideas from you this time too.
Kanon: S-sure, if you're okay with asking me... So what kind of guidebook are you making?
Aya: Umm, one that helps our audience learn about the trainees at our agency.
Aya: Our band is doing joint rehearsals with those trainees right now... We'll be having a show with them next, so we thought it would be nice to hand out guidebooks at the show!
Kanon: I see. The trainees are kind of like your juniors... right?
Aya: Yeah! They're doing their absolute best to work towards their dream.
Aya: They're really great girls, so we want the audience to like and support them.
Kanon: Is that so? Then making a guidebook does sound like a good idea.
Aya: I know, right? I think so too! Right now our band is thinking of what to put in it, but...
Aya: We've kinda hit a dead end on how to do it. If it were you, what kind of information would you want to read?
Kanon: W-well... We're talking about the idol industry, so I don't know if this works, but...
Kanon: If it were me, I think I'd want to know more about the girls themselves.
Aya: More about the girls? Not about how hard they're working?
Kanon: Yeah. For example, what kind of foods they like... Something small that everyone can understand.
Kanon: Of course, I do think that it's important to have everyone understand how hard the girls are working, but...
Kanon: If you don't get people interested first, I don't think that will make them want to support them, even if they know how hard they're working.
Aya: I see... I know what the girls are like, so I feel like I want to support them, but...
Aya: For the audience, it really is their first time meeting them.
Kanon: Right. The audience will find out they have something in common with the girls or that the girls have something they don't...
Kanon: That will get them interested, and they'll start wanting to know more...
Kanon: Then they'll grow to like them, just a bit at a time.
Aya: You're right! If someone were to like the same things as me, then I'd be interested!
Kanon: Right? In my case, it was like that when I met Chisato-chan.
Kanon: I accidentally bumped into Chisato-chan in the school hallway, and to apologize, I shared some fried bread with her...
Kanon: As we started talking, we got on the topic of cafés and found out we liked the same things. So I decided I wanted to be friends with her.
Kanon: If you provide the audience with chances like that, I think it would work.
Aya: Mhm! If we do that, it should also make the audience want to support them!
Aya: Thank you, Kanon-chan! Now I've got an idea of what kind of guidebook to make!
Aya: We talked a lot with those girls, so... I think we can come up with something that will show who they are!
Kanon: Fufu, I'm glad I could help.
Aya: Yeah, you've really save me. I was right to ask you~!
Aya: We just might be the best guidebook duo!
Kanon: Ahaha... That's actually a bit embarrassing.
Aya: Alrighty, I'm gonna do my best so we can make a great guidebook!

Layers of Feelings Card Story - Special Episode

Becoming the Best Role Model


Station Entrance

Aya: Hm, am I too early...?
Marina: Aya-chan, hello. What's wrong? You're just staring at your smart phone.
Aya: Ah, Marina-san and BanG Dreamer-san! Hello.
Aya: Actually, today I have plans to go out to eat with the idol trainees from the agency... I'm here waiting for them.
Aya: But I was a bit too excited and got here a little early.
Marina: Fufu, so that's why. Since you said they're from the agency, then that means your band got yourselves some juniors.
Aya: Yeah! They're just so precious that I don't know what to do!
Aya: I used to be a trainee too, so there's a lot that I can sympathize with them on... I kinda feel like I can't neglect them.
Marina: I see. That would definitely make you want to look after them.
Aya: Yeah! I still might not be very dependable as a role model, but if they're in a bind, I want to help them out.
Aya: Even for our last show, we were able to support them as their mentors when they took their first steps.
Marina: Ah, that's the show where the trainees were the opening act, right? I saw some pretty good reviews for it online~!
Aya: Ehehe, thank you ♪ I'm sure the trainees are happy about it too.
Aya: We had rehearsals together, and we watched on the side as the girls did their best... I'm as happy for them as I would be if it was me on that stage!
Marina: Fufu. I'm sure the trainees see you as a very kind and wonderful person that they should admire.
Aya: Admire... That means that I've gotten a bit closer to being an idol like Ayumi-san...!
Aya: Okay. I'll work even harder from now on! That way I can be worthy of admiration and give people something to dream about...
Aya: Because my goal is to be that kind of idol!
Aya: ... Huh? I think I got a message... Ah!
Marina: Wh-what's wrong?
Aya: I-I... I got the meeting place wrong! Oh no, I need to get moving...!
Aya: Sorry, I'll be going now! Thank you for stopping to talk with me!
Marina: Uh, yeah! Be careful on your way there~!