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Leader Of The Group! Card Story - Episode



Himari: My name is Himari Uehara~! I'm a first year high school student~!
Himari: I am part of the tennis club, and I also work part-time at a fast food restaurant.
Himari: And, and! I play the bass for Afterglow!
Himari: I'm also kind of the band's leader, too. Though I may not look to reliable...
Himari: Our band is made up of a group of childhood friends. I don't know if I'd say we don't work well together or if we just like to do our own thing.
Himari: Actually, it's really just two people.
Himari: The other day they were late, and their excuse was "the bread shop was having a sale, so we had to take a look..."
Himari: ... Ah, sorry. I shouldn't be complaining.
Himari: We have some trouble here and there, but actually we always have a good time. Really really!
Himari: I said we do our own thing, but when the sound of our instruments come together, strangely enough, we have a lot of fun.
Himari: So we can probably forgive those who are a bit more free-spirited... Hehehe.
Himari: Mmm-. I get kinda excited just talking about it! Alright! Here we go!! Hey, hey, hoh~!
Himari: Ah! I'm cheering all by myself...
Himari: Ahh, I'm so embarrassed... Delete that one! Take two please-!

Leader Of The Group! Card Story - Special Episode

Power of Childood Friendship!


Himari: Oh, thanks for today! I'm the last person to leave, so that's all of us now! Nothing left behind either!
Himari: You think it's responsible of me to stay back last? Ahaha, this is just the usual for us~! Everyone just does their own thing, after all.
Himari: Everyone is unique in their own ways, but they can be so out of it at times, seriously...
Himari: Moca will try and pay for anything with just 100 yen, you know? I guess it's a joke for her, but still...
Himari: So because of stuff like that, I just end up doing this and that unconsciously.
Himari: I sound like a big sister? That's why I'm the leader! Hahaha! But actually, Tomoe is more suited to being everyone's big sister.
Himari: At home, I'm the youngest child, so everyone thinks I'm a bit of a baby... Ehehe.
Himari: ... Oh, I'm sorry! You don't wanna hear about all this stuff, right? Uhh, I feel bad...
Himari: You think it's nice for a change...? Really? You're so kind, BanG Dreamer-san--. Okay, I'll tell you a little more about the band then...
Himari: We're all childhood friends. I think we've known each other for over ten years now...
Himari: We first started learning our instruments after we decided to make a band, so we were terrible in the beginning...
Himari: But everyone supported each other, and we slowly got better and better...
Himari: I know I'm talking about myself and the others, but I think we're a pretty good band. Ehehe, it's like an explosion of our friendship power~.
Himari: But... I guess there are a lot of difficult things about playing in a band too...
Himari: Those things are kinda fun in their own way though-. I always think more about how happy I am to be in the band than anything else.
Himari: The days when we're working really hard together make me happier than any other!
Himari: I think this is the first time I've ever talked to someone about the band this much. Thanks for listening!
Himari: Well, I think I'll get going now. See you next time we practice here in the studio!