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Leave Sweet Making to Me Card Story - Episode

Filled with Gratitude


Valentine's Day - After School
Haneoka Girls' Academy - Roof

Lisa: Ah! There you are, Yukina~! I was looking all over for you~!
Yukina: ... Lisa?
Lisa: I went to your classroom as soon as home room ended, but you weren't there! I thought maybe you'd already gone home~!
Yukina: And yet here you are.
Lisa: Well~, you mentioned you were gonna write music after class, so I figured you'd be somewhere quiet like the roof ☆
Lisa: But that's to be expected, right? I can always tell what you're thinking, Yukina! That's our special bond~...
Yukina: ... Lisa, always stating the obvious... By the way, what brings you here? We don't have practice today...
Lisa: I know that! But today's Valentine's Day, so...
Lisa: ... I brought you this ♪
Yukina: This is... chocolate?
Lisa: Yup! And what's more, I made it myself!
Yukina: Is that so...?
Lisa: Phew... When you weren't in your classroom, I was worried I wouldn't be able to give it to you today! I'm sure glad I found you ♪
Yukina: Fufu... Lisa, you always have liked these kind of events, haven't you?
Lisa: Well, yeah! It's a chance for me to showcase my special baking skills ☆
Yukina: Says the person who's always bringing homemade cookies to band practice.
Lisa: Besides, lately I've noticed people are giving chocolates to those they're thankful for as well!
Lisa: Everyone in Roselia is very precious to me, and I wanted to show how grateful I am to have you all in my life☆
Yukina: ... Feelings of gratitude, huh? ...
Yukina: ...
Lisa: ... I-is everything alright? You're being awfully quiet...
Yukina: Now that I think about it... You're always gifting me things... I'm never the one doing the giving...
Lisa: H-huh? W-wait, you don't have to worry about that, silly~! Our friendship's worth way more than a few gifts♪
Yukina: I know... but still, every once in a while, it wouldn't hurt for me to return the favor...
Lisa: I told you, it's totally fine!
Yukina: Ah, actually, I think there might be something in my bag...
Lisa: ... Hm?
Yukina: ... Here it is.
Lisa: Huh? Wh-What? You're giving... that... to me?!
Yukina: Well, it's really just something I happened to have on me. Don't read into it too much. Think of it as a thank you gift.
Yukina: Lisa... Would you please accept these chocolates?
Lisa: ...?! W-wait! Isn't this one of my favorites chocolates?!
Yukina: You're always eating that brand, right?
Lisa: ... Y-you noticed something like that?
Yukina: I would hope so. We're together often enough.
Lisa: I-I see. But Yukina, you don't usually eat chocolate. I'm kinda surprised to see you carrying some in your bag...
Yukina: Ufufu... Seeing how much you enjoy it, I couldn't help but want to try it myself.
Lisa: S-so that's it, huh~? Well, that makes me very happy☆
Yukina: ... "Happy"? In what sense?
Lisa: I mean, I'm just glad that I've had some sort of influence on you! Isn't that what you're saying?
Yukina: Wh-what? I-I don't think it's anything deep like that...
Yukina: It's just chocolates, after all...
Lisa: Well, even if it's "just chocolates", that makes me plenty happy too!
Lisa: Ah~, Yukina is giving me chocolates~! Ufufu♪
Yukina: ... Well? Did you want these chocolates, or not? If you don't, that's fine, too, I suppose...
Lisa: Ah! Yeah! Of course I want them!
Yukina: Alright then, here you go...
Lisa: Thank you so much, Yukina~! I'll gladly accept your feelings~☆
Yukina: I-I thought I told you it wasn't anything like that...
Lisa: Ah, wait! Is it really okay for me to have this? You said you bought it for yourself...
Yukina: It's fine. I can always buy more...
Lisa: Ah, I've got it! How about we split it?!
Yukina: ... What? Split it...? No really, it's fine. I can just buy my own...
Lisa: Oh, come on! This chocolate's really good. Let's eat it together~♪

Leave Sweet Making to Me Card Story - Special Episode

Do I Like Tending to Others?



Lisa: You should have seen Arisa's face, Marina-san! It was so cute!
Marina: Wow~, Arisa-chan? Who would've thought? I wish I could have seen it myself...
Lisa: Ah, BanG Dreamer-san. Hello.
Lisa: ... Hm? What are we talking about? Oh, I was telling Marina-san about my Valentine's Day adventures~.
Lisa: You know, how Arisa and I made chocolates together.
Marina: But now that you mention it, Kasumi-chan did come in here the day after Valentine's Day. She was going on and on about how she got chocolate from Arisa-chan.
Lisa: Ahaha♪ Sounds like everyone in Poppin'Party was thrilled.
Lisa: Hearing that, I can't help but be thrilled myself!
Lisa: She kept acting like she didn't care about Valentine's Day, but when she was in that kitchen, Arisa's face was beyond serious.
Lisa: And she was so happy when she finished them too.
Lisa: But the way she's always denying her true feelings, it's kinda cute, right? It just makes you wanna help her all the more☆
Lisa: ... Hm? I'm a very caring person? Oh, stop it, BanG Dreamer-san!
Marina: No, I totally agree. You're a very nuturing person, Lisa-chan, not just to Arisa-chan, but everyone.
Lisa: No~, stop it! Not you too, Marina-san!
Marina: Think about it. When Ako-chan spilled juice all over her clothes, you were the one who helped cleaned her up...
Marina: ... And when practice isn't going well, you're the one who cheers everyone up, right?
Lisa: Th-that's just... When someone's in trouble, I can't help but want to help...
Marina: It's almost like you're Roselia's mother.
Lisa: What?! No way, I'm no mom! I don't have that kind of presence at all~!
Marina: Fufufu. Sorry, was that too much?
Lisa: But, if that means I've been able to help everyone, I'm really happy.
Marina: Yeah, I think that's a good thing about you, Lisa-chan.
Marina: You think so too, right?
Lisa: ... It feels kinda strange hearing you both praise me like this... Thank you. Both of you.
Lisa: Alright, for the two people saying such nice things... Here you go!
Marina: Is this... chocolate? For us?
Lisa: Of course! You're always there for us, so consider it a thank you gift!
Lisa: I hope you'll continue helping us in the future!