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Let's Get Fleeting! Card Story - Episode

Reciprocating is Embarrassing


Shopping Mall
Tomoe: I came looking for White Day gifts to give to people, but... I can't find anything that feels right.
Tomoe: I know Himari's advice was to give everyone the same thing instead of getting something different for everyone, but still...
Tomoe: I can't believe how many girls actually got me something for Valentine's Day... I obviously still couldn't compare to Seta-senpai, though.
Tomoe: I also can't get something that'd be good for an older person since some of the girls are in the same grade as Ako... Hmm~, what am I supposed to get?
Tomoe: Man, I could come up with what to give Afterglow members in pretty much no time...
Tomoe: Well, I'll just start by stopping at every store...
Kaoru: Ahhh... Such a passionate, fleeting red! However, this elegant orange is also exquisitely fleeting...!
Tomoe: ... Hm? Is that Seta-senpai I hear?
Kaoru: Fufu... These petals are charming, reminiscent of frills, and also fleeting. I'm certain they'll be perfect for my little kittens!
Tomoe: Looks like she's really getting worked up in front of that flower shop... I wonder what she's doing...
Tomoe: What's up, Seta-senpai?
Kaoru: Oh? If it isn't Tomoe-chan. Happen to be shopping on this day?
Tomoe: Yup, just looking for something... Are you doing the same?
Kaoru: Indeed, I am. I wanted to return the favor to all the little kittens who presented me with heartfelt gifts on Valentine's Day!
Tomoe: Huh? But I thought that was the whole point of creating the musical.
Kaoru: You are absolutely correct! Our performance will serve as a marvelous present!
Kaoru: ... However, it is not something you can bring home with you.
Kaoru: I don't want to gift them with a show they can only store in their memories. I want those little kittens to have something physical to hold on to as well.
Kaoru: Here, have a glance at this fleeting rose! These immaculately white petals are untainted, just like the hearts of my little kittens... Ahh... How fleeting...!
Kaoru: I know they would all be delighted to receive a fleetingly beautiful flower such as any of these. Fufu, just the thought of it brings me much joy.
Tomoe: ... A gift to make them happy, huh?
Tomoe: ... Uhm, Seta-senpai? Do you mind if I ask you about something?
Kaoru: Please do. Ask me anything you'd like. For you, I'm always available, Tomoe-chan.
Tomoe: I actually got a lot of chocolate on Valentine's Day too, from people in my grade and from younger students. So I've been wondering what would be a good gift to give back to them...
Tomoe: ... Though, as a girl, I'm not sure how I feel about having to worry so much about what to get on White Day.
Kaoru: That basically means that all those little kittens cherish you so. There's nothing to worry about here. Only things to be delighted by.
Tomoe: Ahaha... Yeah, I mean, I appreciate it. That's why I wanna give them a present that they'll be happy to receive...
Kaoru: Then your best choice is a flower, Tomoe-chan! A gorgeous flower is most appropriate as a gift for little kittens!
Tomoe: G-give them flowers, huh? Me...?

Tomoe: "Greetings, my little kitten. I've prepared the most magnificent of flowers, just for you. I'd be honored if you would accept this gift..."

Tomoe: ... No no, nope, definitely not!
Tomoe: S-Seta-senpai! Is there anything else that'd work besides that?!
Kaoru: Besides a flower... What are your thoughts on candy and desserts? All little kittens grow weak in the presence of something sweet.
Kaoru: If you'd like, I could show you the way to a shop I'd recommend.
Tomoe: Really?! Thanks! Yeah, that'd be a big help!

Let's Get Fleeting! Card Story - Special Episode

A Motivating Session


Tomoe: ... Hm? Oh, BanG Dreamer-san. What's up?
Tomoe: Yeah, just gonna hang out for a bit. I got afternoon plans to go eat.
Tomoe: Nope, not with Afterglow, actually. With some new friends I made.
Tomoe: They're some kids from the theater club... Ah. Yeah, I guess that might be a bit surprising.
Tomoe: The other day, we all performed in a musical that Seta-senpai put together. That's when we started to get close.
Tomoe: Seta-senpai invited me to be a part of it, saying something about how she wanted to put on a show where the performers played instruments.
Tomoe: She was really eager about it when she asked me. She said she just had to have me play the drums. Since I didn't have any concerts coming up, I gave her a hand.
Tomoe: I felt pretty motivated to play. You don't get the chance to with other band members that often, you know?
Tomoe: Not to mention, among the bands where I know the musicians, Hello, Happy World! is... very unique. It was interesting to be able to feel that free-spirited vibe up close
Tomoe: When I get an opportunity like that, I think it's good to try and learn what I can from other musicians and bring that back with me to Afterglow.
Tomoe: Besides, it seems way more fun to be able to do stuff together with other bands!
Tomoe: I mean, we did get to work with Pastel*Palettes when we wrote that song for them, but I was thinking about what'd it be like if we worked with others too.
Tomoe: Have a concert together? That'd be cool! It'd be pretty hype to do a show with like, Roselia or Poppin'Party!
Tomoe: Ah, what about doing a cover of each other's songs? Sounds like fun, no?
Tomoe: That time we had Girls Band Party at CiRCLE, someone suggested that as well, but I wasn't really for it. We wanted to be able to play our own songs, you know?
Tomoe: But since giving a song to Pastel*Palettes and going through so much, I guess you could say I look at things a little differently.
Tomoe: I've done some growing? Ahaha, maybe... Hmm~, yeah. We could do a cover of a Hello, Happy World! song...
Tomoe: Ran singing Happiness! Happy Magicald...
Tomoe: ... That's kinda hard to imagine.
Tomoe: That could be good for giving us experience with different types of music though! Ahaha!
Tomoe: If CiRCLE is ever doing an event where they gather a bunch of bands together, be sure to let us know.
Tomoe: I think Afterglow can really improve if there are things that push us to get better!