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Let's Get Started! Card Story - Episode

A Part of Everyone Part 1


The Day after Group Rehearsal
Talent Agency
Rehearsal Studio

Maya: Alright, I better get started!
Maya: First... I should run through the whole thing.
Aya: I'm coming in~... Maya-chan! Are you here to practice what we did at the group rehearsal too?
Maya: Yes! I already know what I need to work on from yesterday, so I thought I'd practice by myself!
Aya: Wow~, me too! Everyone gave me such good advice, so I want to make sure I improve for next time!
Maya: So that's why you're here! Then why don't we practice together?
Aya: Yeah, sounds great! I can never tell whether something's good or not when I'm alone, so I was hoping I could work with someone.
Aya: ... Ah, that's right! I have the songs for our concert on my phone. Do you want to try practicing to that? That'll make it easier for you to follow along, just like it does for me.
Maya: Wow, is that okay?! Thank you, that's really helpful!
Maya: If you think about it... doing a group concert with five bands sure is a wild idea, isn't it?
Aya: Yeah, I was pretty shocked the first time I heard it.
Aya: I remember wondering if we'd be able to pull it off, but now I realize I didn't have anything to worry about.
Maya: And the song all you vocalists made together is so good! I can't wait to perform it live!
Aya: Ehehe, really?! We worked really hard on it, so I'm glad you like it!
Maya: I can't wait to hear what the last lyrics will be like!
Aya: Same! I'm sure they'll turn out great! Ooo~, I wish our concert would hurry up and get here~!
Maya: Huhehe, we better work hard to make this our best show yet!
Aya: Yeah! And I'm so glad you're one of the members for the group concert, Maya-chan~! If it was just me, I'd get a little lonely.
Maya: Ah, same here! I'm so relieved we're together!
Aya: By the way, I thought you were so cool at practice yesterday!
Maya: Huh? Where'd that come from, Aya-san?!
Aya: Well, do you remember when we were finishing up...?

Maya: Hmm, then I'll extend my solo here just a little...
Aya: Maya-chan, great job today~! Let's go home... Huh? What are you doing?
Maya: Ah, great job to you too, Aya-san! I'm just jotting down some notes from our practice!
Aya: Wow~, that's amazing! Can I take a peek?
Maya: Of course! Although, they might be a little hard to read...
Aya: Yay~, thank you! Let's see... Wow, you wrote down a lot.
Aya: "Toyama-san: Jumps in a bit early during the bridge." "Hazawa-san: Prefers a long fermata, try to match her pace." M-Maya-chan, did you make notes for everyone?!
Maya: Yes! Although, I haven't finished yet... Once I understand everyone's performance patterns, I can make adjustments to my own during our next practice!

Aya: I was surprised by how detailed those notes were. That was only our first rehearsal together! It felt so... professional!
Maya: No, it's nothing that impressive, really! It's just a habit I picked up from being a session musician...
Aya: What are you talking about~? It's beyond cool! Everyone else is so good, it took all my energy just to keep up with them.
Aya: So I really admire you for being able to adapt your own performance to those around you!
Maya: Thank you! Actually, I remember thinking you were pretty awesome during practice too, Aya-san!
Aya: Huh? I was?! Did I do something...?
Maya: Let's see, for example...

Aya: Y-Yukina-chan! Was there anything you noticed in my part that I should work on?
Yukina: Well, if you were to take a slightly bigger breath right here, it'd be a lot easier for you to sing, and it'd give more power to the song. I think that would help a lot.
Aya: A bigger breath, huh...? Yeah, I think you're right! I'll focus on that next time! Thank you!
Aya: Kasumi-chan! Can we go over that last part together? I just need a little more time to figure it out...
Kasumi: No problem! Let's start from the second verse and go from there!

Maya: Seeing you go around to talk to everyone and ask questions made it a lot easier for all of us to do the same! It really lightened the mood!
Maya: The fact that you can change the atmosphere of a room like that is really amazing to me, Aya-san!
Aya: Ehehe... Thank you. Hearing that makes me really happy!
Aya: Still, I can't believe you noticed what I was doing during the break. You really are sharp, Maya-chan! Nothing gets by you!
Maya: Huhehehe, thank you!

Let's Get Started! Card Story - Special Episode

A Part of Everyone Part 2


Group Rehearsal

Maya: Yeah, right before Mitake-san starts singing, I should hit the drums a little harder...
Kasumi: Maya-san? Sorry! I wanted to talk to you for a second. Is that okay?
Maya: Ah, yeah, it's fine! What's wrong?
Kasumi: Ah, nothing! I just think your drumming is super easy to sing to!
Kasumi: I don't really know how to explain this, but... it's like I can sing with the same energy as when I play with Poppin'Party. It just feels... comforting? Either way, thank you so much!
Yukina: I agree. You would never guess this is your first time drumming with us. It doesn't feel like it at all.
Maya: Huhehe... You really think so? That's very kind of you to say. I'm glad to hear it.
Aya: Ehehe, seeing Maya-chan get praised like this makes me happy too!
Kasumi: Still, it's got me wondering why that is... Are you doing something special, Maya-san?!
Maya: Huh? Well, I wouldn't say it's special but--
Aya: Maya-chan, that's got to be it! Your score notes!
Kasumi: Th-that's the secret?!
Aya: Definitely! Maya-chan has been taking a lot of notes on how we each perform!
Yukina: So you have descriptions for each of us...? How interesting. May I have a look?
Kasumi: I wanna see too!
Maya: Of course, go right ahead! It is a little embarrassing, though...
Kasumi: Wow...! Amazing~! Every page is jam-packed with notes!
Yukina: This is... beyond my expectations.
Aya: Maya-chan, isn't there more writing now than when you showed me before?
Maya: I'm sure there is. The more practices we have, the more things I notice...
Maya: When I was a session musician, my score would always look like this by the end. A mess of notes... Ahaha.
Yukina: ... Hm? You've written Ako's name here. What's this for...?
Maya: Ah, you see, I've been listening to everyone's bands and looking into what makes the drumming so unique for each.
Maya: For example, Ako-san tends to hit the bass drum harder than I do, and Yamabuki-san's snare drum rolls are very sharp.
Maya: Everyone has their own sound, so I thought I'd try to recreate the appropriate band's atmosphere for each vocalist's part.
Kasumi: Whoa~! So that's why your drumming was so comforting!
Aya: I-I never even noticed that's what you were doing~...
Maya: Ah, really?! That's a relief!
Aya: Huh? What is?
Maya: If I were to change my performance so much that another vocalist noticed, I'm sure the audience would too, and it would sound weird. I wanted to find the perfect balance so that doesn't happen!
Aya: Wow... Maya-chan, you've even thought of something like that...
Yukina: Still, Yamato-san, going to such lengths must be rather difficult, no?
Maya: Hm~, well, I suppose it was a little hard! However...
Maya: For this concert, I'm representing all the drummers from each of the bands, not just Pastel✽Palettes! So if possible, I want to include a part of everyone in my performance!
Kasumi: ... M-Maya-san~!! Hugs~!!
Maya: Whoa! T-Toyama-san, I can't breathe! What's wrong?!
Kasumi: I'm gonna tell Saaya all about what you just said! I'm just know it'll make her so, so, so happy!
Yukina: ... Yamato-san.
Maya: Y-yes, Minato-san?
Yukina: It appears you are far more serious about music than I thought.
Yukina: Serious enough that if Ako hadn't joined the band, I would probably have asked you to join Roselia.
Maya: H-huhehe... It's an honor to hear that from you!
Aya: Y-Yukina-chan! You can't take Maya-chan away from us~!
Aya: Maya-chan! Don't go running off on us, okay?!
Maya: Ahaha, don't worry, Aya-san. I'll always be Maya Yamato of Pastel✽Palettes!