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Let's Party! Card Story - Episode

The Perfect Job


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy

Kasumi: I wonder what's for lunch today~♪ ... Ah, Hamburg steak! O-Tae, I'll give you half!
Tae: What? Really?! Thanks.
Kasumi: Sure! You and Arisa gave us one heck of a surprise at the party! This is just a little thank you from me to you~.
Arisa: If O-Tae hadn't remembered the day of the audition, we wouldn't have had a party in the first place.
Saaya: It was so much fun. Who knew we'd have something prepared for each other like that?
Tae: It's because we're always thinking alike.
Rimi: The video of the last show at SPACE was so emotional.
Saaya: Yeah, it was great.
Kasumi: Weren't you surprised when O-Tae started talking about the anniversary of our audition? O-Tae, you really pulled that out of nowhere~.
Tae: I already told Arisa this, but I was able to remember that day because of the shift calendar from when I worked at SPACE.
Kasumi: There's no way I'm going to forget it next year! I even wrote it in my planner!
Arisa: Aren't you getting a little ahead of yourself...?
Kasumi: It's crazy to think that O-Tae was working at SPACE! I've never worked anywhere. I can't wait to have my first part-time job!
Tae: Really? Plenty of people have part-time jobs.
Arisa: I'm not sure since I've never had one, but don't you have to sit through an interview first?
Tae: Yeah, that comes first.
Rimi: A-an interview...? I get nervous just thinking about that...
Arisa: I'd definitely be nervous. Are there any tips for doing those things?
Kasumi: Ah, I wanna hear about that! I might be getting a job soon!
Tae: Tips? Not really.
Kasumi: Huh? There's nothing?
Tae: They ask you questions, and you answer honestly.
Kasumi: Really? That's it?! Oh, that's way easier than I thought it'd be!
Saaya: Hmm... When you say it like that, going to an interview sounds easy. But I wonder if that's what makes them hard.
Rimi: What do you mean?
Saaya: Your performance during the interview decides whether you get the job or not. Wouldn't that make you want to exaggerate and say stuff that's not really true so you could get hired?
Rimi: I know what you're saying. If someone asked me about something I probably couldn't do, the first thing out my mouth might be, "Yes, I can do that"...
Kasumi: Oh, c'mon. You're overthinking this! All you've gotta do is tell the truth, right? It doesn't get any easier than that~!
Arisa: You sound pretty sure of yourself there, Kasumi.
Kasumi: Well, yeah! Maybe I should get me a part-time job~!
Arisa: ... Kasumi, our math homework is due tomorrow. You done yet?
Kasumi: Huh?
Kasumi: I-I'm pretty much done... I'm doing alright...
Arisa: Hm. So you're definitely gonna turn it in on time, right?
Kasumi: P-probably... I mean, I think I will...
Arisa: Good. So this time I won't have to help you?
Kasumi: U-ugh~... Sorry... I haven't really started it yet...
Arisa: See! You were just going on about how simple it was to just tell the truth, but the first thing out of your mouth was a lie!
Kasumi: Arisa~, I'm sorry, okay?! You've gotta help me with my homework. Please~!

Let's Party! Card Story - Special Episode

Growing Memories



Kasumi: Ah! BanG Dreamer-san, hey!
Kasumi: Running some errands for work? Cool!
Kasumi: I was just thinking about some things.
Kasumi: Like the audition at SPACE. It's been a whole year since we passed that.
Kasumi: The other day, Poppin'Party had a party to celebrate it! It was so much fun~!
Kasumi: I had remembered the date of the last show at SPACE, but the day of the audition was another story...
Kasumi: But good ol' O-Tae remembered it like it was yesterday! I was really happy she did too!
Kasumi: Things were pretty tough then... But we wanted to be a band, and we made it our goal to play on stage at SPACE...
Kasumi: I think we passed the audition because of that time when we all sang together in this park.
Kasumi: If it wasn't for that, we might have bombed our audition.
Kasumi: When I thought about that, I felt like I just had to come here.
Kasumi: This place holds a lot of memories for us.
Kasumi: When I'm feeling like things aren't going well, I come here and remember that moment. Doing that cheers me right up.
Kasumi: I come here when I'm feeling good too. It helps me think about how glad I am that we worked our butts off back then.
Kasumi: Ahaha, guess I'm always coming here, aren't I?!
Kasumi: It's just not here, though. Since we formed Poppin'Party, we've made a lot of special places together.
Kasumi: And lots of great memories too. Every time I think of them I get excited!
Kasumi: Coming back to a special place like this makes me so happy...
Kasumi: ... Ah, sorry to hold you up while you're working!
Kasumi: Think I'll hang around here a bit longer. See you!