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Let's Play Together Card Story - Episode




Moca: It's been awhile since we've been to this park~.
Himari: We used to come here every day, didn't we?
Tomoe: Yup! This is where we all met! And...
Tomoe: This is also where Tsugu convinced us to aim for the Nippon Budokan, isn't it?
Tsugumi: Ooo, stop bringing that up, Tomoe-chan~!
Ran: Ahaha. When you think about it though, this place is really important to us.
Moca: We used to play shopkeepers right here in this sandbox~. I'd make little balls of sand, and then line them up.
Himari: You always used to pretend those little balls were different baked goods, right? I think I remember you using leaves as slices of bread.
Tsugumi: Fufu! She did! I remember always running a coffee shop.
Tomoe: Ahaha, that's right~! Talk about nostalgic.
Himari: I think I had a clothing store. And a beauty salon! Didn't I used to play with everyone's hair~?
Tomoe: Yeah, one time you really messed mine up, and we got into a fight...
Himari: A-ahaha... Oh yeah, we did, didn't we...? Sorry, Tomoe.
Moca: This sandbox is really close to the park entrance, so I used to see little Ran-chan walking past all the time~.
Himari: Really?! Then if we hadn't been playing shopkeepers here, you never would have called out to Ran.
Moca: Yeah, it must have been fate~.
Himari: I can't believe you called out to her though.
Tomoe: No kidding. Even back then, you were always off in your own little world.
Himari: Exactly. Which is why I'm surprised she even noticed Ran.
Moca: That must have been fate too~♪
Tsugumi: You might be right. We only became friends with Ran-chan because you called out to her.
Ran: ... I'm glad I was born into a flower arranging family.
Himari: Where'd that come from?
Ran: I passed this park so much because this was the route I'd take to my flower arranging lessons. I would see all of you playing together...
Ran: I remember being so jealous. I wanted to join you, but I couldn't because I had class. So-
Moca: So if you hadn't been born into a flower arranging family, or if we hadn't played shopkeepers here, we never would have met~.
Moca: Yup, no doubt about it. It was fate that brought us together all along~.
Tomoe: Now it really does feel like a miracle that we all met back then.
Tomoe: Especially if we think about all the places it could have gone wrong... Like if we hadn't played pretend here, or if Ran had been born to another family.
Ran: I hated the fact that I was born into a family of flower arranging masters for a really long time. My feelings even caused problems for all of you...
Ran: However, if we think about our past like that, I suppose being born into a flower arranging household isn't so bad after all.
Himari: Ran...! You really have changed, you know. Hearing you say that about your family makes us happy too.
Tsugumi: Yeah! I'm glad we all met each other.
Ran: ... What would I be like today if Moca had never called out to me?
Ran: I probably wouldn't be in this band. No... We wouldn't even have been friends...
Himari: No way. I'm sure we would have become friends somehow!
Tsugumi: I think so too! Although I don't know how... we would have met at some point or another!
Tomoe: Agreed. I mean, I can't even imagine us not being as close as we are now. Can you?
Himari: You're right, I can't! There's no way we wouldn't have been childhood friends~!
Moca: See, Ran~? I'm telling you, this is fate.
Ran: I see... Thanks. You're right. Our fates really are bound together.
Moca: Fufu~, I completely agree. It was fate, glorious fate. Just like you said, Ran~♪

Let's Play Together Card Story - Special Episode

Memorable Point Cards



Moca: Hm~, I should use this one pretty soon~... Ah, and this one too~.
Marina: Huh? Hey, Moca-cha-... Whoa, what's with all these point cards?!
Moca: Oh~, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san, hi there~.
Moca: I was searching for a point card to use for lunch, but when I saw all these cards, I thought some organization was in order~.
Marina: So that's it! So which one's-... Look at all these cards! And there's even more in the bag!
Moca: Collecting point cards is kind of a hobby of mine.
Marina: With this many, there's no way you could remember what all these cards are for, though.
Moca: Hmm~, I don't know about that. I remember where I got every single one, and I keep them nice and organized~.
Moca: Here we have Yamabuki Bakery and the candy store's cards~. And over here we've got all the cards I've filled up~.
Moca: ... Oh! This card's new! I got it when Ran and I went to this café after practice!
Marina: Sounds like you remember the memories attached to those cards as well as where you got them.
Moca: Yup, I sure do~. Collecting point cards is like keeping a journal to me.
Marina: A journal?
Moca: You can get your point card stamped when you're out and about with someone, right~?
Moca: When I look at that stamp later, I remember the time I got it, and who I was with~.
Moca: I get to have fun compiling all these precious memories into one place, and because of that, I never forget those times... Doesn't that kind of sound like a journal?
Marina: It does, and an amazing journal at that! I can see why you would like them so much.
Moca: ... Well, I think there's another reason I like point cards so much~.
Marina: Really? What's that?
Moca: The members of Afterglow and I used to play shopkeepers when we were kids~.
Moca: I'd make my own point cards, and then we'd stamped them whenever we played together.
Moca: Once you filled up a card, we'd give each other presents to celebrate. We were kids though, so the gifts were mostly things like pretty leaves.
Marina: Presents, huh...? That's kinda cute.
Moca: Eventually, I stopped caring about the gifts, and instead started looking forward to hanging out with everyone and collecting points~.
Moca: So that's probably another reason behind my love of point cards.
Marina: I see, I see... Sounds like we brought up some happy memories of you and Afterglow~!
Moca: By the way, does CiRCLE have a point card?
Marina: Uhm~, I don't think so.
Moca: That's too bad~. Coming here to collect stamps sounds like it'd be so much fun~.
Marina: Fufu, it sure does! Maybe we should think about making some cards then!
Moca: Ehehe~, I hope you'll consider it, Marina-san, BanG Dreamer-san.