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Let's Sing♪ Card Story - Episode

That's What a Band Is!


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 1-A
After School

Kasumi: But the best scene is definitely where the main character sprints off! It was just so moving!
Rimi: Yeah, I agree! Just the way the running was done was so good!
Arisa: Sorry I'm late! My lesson ran over.
Kasumi: Arisa's here! Come and join us! We're talking about that movie~!
Arisa: Again with that? Haven't you been talking about it nonstop since lunchtime?!
Saaya: But it was just so good. I could ramble on about it forever.
Tae: Kasumi has done nothing but talk about that movie and karaoke since this morning.
Kasumi: Let's go again soon! I still don't feel like I've done enough singing!
Arisa: I think you've had your fill... Not to mention, you spent the latter half dancing around with that tambourine.
Arisa: I can still hear the clacking and ringing in my head.
Rimi: Kasumi-chan is pretty skilled at the tambourine, in my opinion.
Kasumi: Hehehe, you really think so? Can't call it a karaoke session without something to jingle-jangle, right? It's just so much more fun that way!
Saaya: O-Tae, you really went to town on those maracas, huh?
Tae: The shaking sound they make really makes my ears all warm and fuzzy. I love it.
Arisa: It's not like they go with everything, though?
You wouldn't break them out during something like a romantic ballad.
Tae: Really? That's okay. I can just go with the tambourine, then.
Arisa: That's even worse!
Tae: You should grab an instrument next time, Arisa. You're really missing out.
Kasumi: Believe it or not, the place we went to yesterday also lends out castanets!
Arisa: ... C-castanets?!
Kasumi: You're really good at them, too! It's perfect!
Arisa: D-don't go decidin' that yourself!
Kasumi: What? Did you forget that you had some castanets when we sang
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star on the SPACE stage?! You were a natural!
Arisa: B-because you made me do it...!
Rimi: Haha, those were good times!
Kasumi: You played so well then!
Arisa: You guys are getting way too excited about this! To be honest, that memory haunts me to this day!
Kasumi: So what, you don't want an instrument to play, then?
If you won't do the tambourine or castanets, then what will you try?
Arisa: Why do you assume I'll use one at all...?
Kasumi: How about playing the keyboard for us?
Arisa: At karaoke?! How?!
Kasumi: Ah! They're bound to have guitars, too! I'll ask 'em!
Kasumi: And if they have that, then we can request for a bass!
What are the chances of getting our hands on a drum set?
Kasumi: Does anybody else think that would make for a super-awesome karaoke session?!
Saaya: U-uhm... Wouldn't that just mean it's not karaoke anymore?
Kasumi: Oh... You're right... Th-that would just be a regular band...
Kasumi: Thinking about it like that, bands are pretty cool, coming together to play music and all. Now I'm in the mood for an afternoon of training!
Arisa: What're you gettin' all worked up over...?
Saaya: Fufu, that's our Kasumi!
Tae: Uh-oh, my fingers are aching to hold my guitar too.
Rimi: Yeah, I want to play my bass!
Kasumi: I say we head to Arisa's basement after this and get some practice in!
Tae: On second thought, I think I wanna go with the maracas. Do you have any at your place, Arisa?
Arisa: Again with the maracas?! Why would-...?! Oh! I think there was a pair up on that one shelf, actually.
Saaya: You do have some?!
Kasumi: Gather your things, people! We're off to Arisa's house! Let's go~!

Let's Sing♪ Card Story - Special Episode

Shopping Together


Shopping Mall

Kasumi: So this is actually a clothing store! Wow, this piece is really adorable!
Kasumi: Ah! That place over there looks so stylish...! They sure do have a big variety of drinks, don't they~? Looks like a good place to stop and take a breather...
Kasumi: ... Hm? Oh, BanG Dreamer-san! Hey there~! Are you here for some shopping, too?
Kasumi: As for me, I'm giving this place a thorough look-over!
Kasumi: What I mean is that the last time I came here with my friends, I realized just how many stores there were! A bunch I'd never been to!
Kasumi: So here I am, wandering around and checking out as many as I can!
You know, trying to make a mental list of places to visit for our next outing.
Kasumi: BanG Dreamer-san, did you know there's a crepe shop tucked away in the grocery store on the basement floor? I just happened to find it down there earlier.
Kasumi: I never really have a reason to go down there, so that was news to me~.
Kasumi: I'm totally thinking it'll be one of the places we stop by on our next visit!
Kasumi: Nope, I'm not going today.
Kasumi: If I did that, it would spoil the surprise and the fun of sharing that first impression with the others!
Kasumi: I want that to be an official Poppin'Party memory, so I'll hold off for now!
Kasumi: The pet shop on the third floor is another place that I have my eye on~... I can't wait to see the inside!
Kasumi: But I do know that they've got puppies and kittens galore!
Those cuties could keep me busy all day!
Kasumi: They've even got rabbits, so O-Tae is going to be in heaven.
Kasumi: ... Whoops! Sorry about chatting up a storm like that.
Kasumi: I bet you have all sorts of places you need to be, BanG Dreamer-san. Where are you heading after this?
Kasumi: An instrument store? Wait, did they always have that kind of place on the third floor?
Kasumi: ... What?! It just opened last week?! I had no idea~!
Kasumi: And there's an opening sale too!
Kasumi: I wonder what sort of instruments they have...
Hm, you think they've got any guitars strings for sale?
Kasumi: Uhm! If it's not too much trouble, can I join you? I'd like to check it out for myself!
Kasumi: If I know what they're selling, then I can help the others find what they're looking for when we all go together!
Kasumi: ... Yay~! Thanks, you're the best~!
Kasumi: Alrighty! Let's go already!