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Let's Start A Band! Card Story - Episode

Starting Point


Himari: Okay, Tsugu had the hamburger, right?
Tsugumi: Mhm. Thank you.
Tomoe: Can I have these fries?
Himari: Yep. Those are for you ♪
Himari: Sigh... These fries are amazing~ ♪ I could eat them all day.
Tomoe: Do that and you won't fit into your stage outfit.
Himari: ...?!
Himari: I-It's okay. I... should still have some wiggle room...!
Tsugumi: Hehe...
Tomoe: I mean, it's all good, as long as you work it off.
Himari: I know, I'll do my best...
Tsugumi: Speaking of... Our next show is soon, isn't it?
Tomoe: Yup. I got a message earlier from Moca. She said, "Ran is working on the set list~."
Himari: Another performance~. Don't you guys feel like we've gotten used to it by now?
Tomoe: Definitely. Before our first show, you were sweating bullets.
Himari: Uh... Yeah... But anyone would be that nervous before their first show...! Right, Tsugu?
Tsugumi: M-Mhm. I still get nervous...
Tsugumi: I can at least say that I feel it less than I used to, I think.
Himari: Yeah, yeah. We've come at least that far ♪
Tomoe: That reminds me... Weren't we here when Tsugu said we should form a band?
Himari: We talked about that the other day, too! Sigh, brings back so many memories~.
Tomoe: Sometimes you say things that are so unexpected, Tsugu. I'm always surprised.
Tsugumi: R-Really?
Tsugumi: During that time, Ran-chan stopped showing up to class, so I was really worried...
Tsugumi: I'm sure everyone felt the same, but I kept on wondering if there was something I could do...
Tsugumi: And then, Himari-chan said, "I bet performing at an actual concert would be tons of fun," and it just came to me...
Tsugumi: If we were in a band, we could all bet together!
Tsugumi: And when we started choosing instruments and practicing together...
Tsugumi: And especially at the Culture Festival where we had our first show, I was so nervous. But I had even more fun.
Himari: Yeah, yeah! Everyone was really feeling it! Like, "Ahh~!!" And we had such a good time!
Tomoe: Sure did. I still relive that moment in my dreams.
Tomoe: Even Ran and Moca were really excited, and they're not usually like that.
Himari: Uh huh! Ran was even smiling!
Himari: I hadn't seen Ran smiling and laughing like that in such a long time~.
Tsugumi: Mhm.
Tsugumi: When I saw that, I was glad that I said we should start a band.
Tsugumi: It made me feel like I was actually able to do something for her, and that felt nice!
Himari: Yeah!
Tomoe: ... Man, now all I can think about is hitting the drums.
Himari: I was just thinking I wanted to play the bass! When is our next rehearsal?
Tsugumi: Uhh... We have rehearsal at the studio on the day after tomorrow.
Himari: Ughhh~, I can't wait that long. I'm gonna ask if the studio is free!
Himari: Tsugu, you're gonna come too, right?
Tsugumi: Mhm, I'll invite Ran-chan and Moca-chan as well.

Let's Start A Band! Card Story - Special Episode

More, More!


Tsugumi: Hmm, maybe I should just buy it all?
Tsugumi: But if I get everything I want, I'll go a little over budget...
Tsugumi: ... Ah, BanG Dreamer-san. Good afternoon.
Tsugumi: Are you here to pick up some equipment?
Tsugumi: Mhm, okay. I see you're working hard.
Tsugumi: I'm meeting with the band today, but before that, I wanted to look at some new keyboard cases.
Tsugumi: That's right. We're not going to have rehearsal today. We're planning to just hang out.
Tsugumi: Recently all we've been doing is practicing, so it's been a while since we've been able to go out together!
Tsugumi: I'm really excited.
Tsugumi: You think we get along pretty well?
Tsugumi: Hehe, you're right. And people do say that a lot. It's because we've all been friends since we were little.
Tsugumi: You want to know why we formed a band?
Tsugumi: Well... During middle school something happened that started it all.
Tsugumi: We had all been in the same class together for a long time, but Ran-chan ended up being put into another class of her own…
Tsugumi: I think she took it pretty hard. She started not showing up to class...
Tsugumi: And she always looked like she was feeling lonely or sad.
Tsugumi: So that's when we started thinking if there was something we could do for her.
Tsugumi: We all love Ran-chan! So we didn't want to see her like that.
Tsugumi: A couple of things happened... and in the end, we decided to form our own band.
Tsugumi: Actually, I was the person who said we should.
Tsugumi: I just happened to blurt out whatever was on my mind, but I'm glad I did.
Tsugumi: We were all able to see Ran-chan smiling again.
Tsugumi: ... No, not just her. I think everyone smiles a lot more than they used to.
Tsugumi: We're all working really hard to make sure the next performance is a success!
Tsugumi: I don't know if I'd say Ran-chan and Tomoe-chan are the types to clash with others... They certainly don't hold back, though...
Tsugumi: But even Moca-chan has been showing more enthusiasm lately! It really caught me off guard.
Tsugumi: She was talking slowly like she always does, but you could still tell she was excited.
Tsugumi: It wasn't even Himari-chan who was surprised. Ran-chan and Tomoe-chan were too.
Tsugumi: Though afterward, Moca was like, "Oh, was I really~?"
Tsugumi: Hehe, that's definitely something she would do.
Tsugumi: Himari-chan is also practicing until late at night and working really hard.
Tsugumi: I want to make sure I'm not left behind by the rest of them, but sometimes when I'm playing, I can't seem to get it right...
Tsugumi: But... that's no reason to give up!
Tsugumi: I want to practice enough so that I can catch up as soon as possible!
Tsugumi: ... Ah, s-sorry about that!
Tsugumi: I-I got a little carried away... Now I'm embarrassed.
Tsugumi: D-Don't laugh, please...
Tsugumi: Huh? You're glad you were able to hear that story? S-Saying that does make it a little better...
Tsugumi: Uhm... BanG Dreamer-san, you're always nice enough to look out for us...
Tsugumi: You help us when we don't understand something and cheer us on...
Tsugumi: Thank you for everything. And... I hope you will continue doing what you do!
Tsugumi: Uh-Uhh... Now that I actually said that aloud, I'm feeling embarrassed again.
Tsugumi: Uhm, uhh...
Tsugumi: We're going to keep doing our best, so you just keep watching!