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Let the Party Begin! Card Story - Episode

Fledgling Magician


Talent Agency - Rehearsal Studio

Kasumi: Aya-senpai, sorry I'm late~!
Aya: Ah, Kasumi-chan! Good morning! It's okay, I was just setting up.
Kasumi: I can't believe the New Year's party is only one week away! I'm so excited~♪
Aya: I'm actually getting a little nervous~... It's hard not to think about all the what-if scenarios right before an event~.
Aya: Th-that being said, if we're not having fun, then neither will anyone else! We have to give it our all!
Kasumi: Yeah!
Aya: So~, today we're going to decide what magic tricks we want to do, right?
Kasumi: Oh! I want to make someone levitate in midair!
Aya: Levitation?! I-I think that might be a little too hard for us... I brought this book of magic tricks meant for beginners, so why don't we take a look? I also grabbed a few props for us.
Kasumi: Whoa! You've got wands and even a top hat...! This is great! It's like we're professionals~!
Aya: I asked the staff here if we had anything, and they let me borrow all of this. Why don't we start by finding a trick that we think we can do?
Kasumi: Okay!
Aya: Alright, let's see~... What about this one?

Aya: One more time. Watch me closely now.
Kasumi: You can do it, Aya-senpai!
Aya: Uhm... First, I open up the newspaper, right...? Next...
Kasumi: Uh-huh, so far so good...
Aya: I roll the newspaper up into a tube... and pour in the water!
Kasumi: Good, good... That's it... Take it nice and slow...
Aya: Ah!
Aya: ... Aww~, I spilled the water again. That's another failure...
Kasumi: You were so close too...
Aya: Doing magic is so tough... Ooo~, I just have to try harder~.
Kasumi: I think you had the right idea though! You'll get it next time for sure!
Aya: Yeah! Thanks, Kasumi-chan! Why don't we take a little break from this trick and try doing something else?
Kasumi: Good idea! If we're not having fun, then neither will everyone else!
Aya: Uhm... Which one looks really simple...?

Aya: And now I just have to do... this! ... Ooo, I messed up again~! I didn't realize turning a wand into flowers would be so hard...
Kasumi: Urgh~, you were so close that time too...
Kasumi: But that's okay! We only just started today. As long as we keep practicing, we'll learn to do it eventually!
Aya: Yeah...! For sure! It's getting late, so why don't we pick this up again tomorrow?
Kasumi: Sounds like a plan! You'll get it for sure next time!
Aya: Yeah! Ah, actually... I'm sorry, Kasumi-chan! Could I try again?
Aya: This will be the last time, I promise! Please?
Kasumi: That's fine by me! I'll be right here, cheering you on!
Aya: Thanks, Kasumi-chan!
Aya: Alright, ready? I'm giving this last try everything I've got...!
Aya: Phew~... Here we go!

Aya: And now, watch and be amazed as I turn this ordinary wand into a colorful bouquet of flowers!
Kasumi: I know you can do it, Aya-senpai...!
Aya: Slow and steady... Just do this here... Alright, it's now or never!
Aya: Just spin this and... Ta-da!
Aya: ... Ah... I did it...!
Kasumi: Whoa~!! Aya-senpai, you did it~! That was perfect!
Aya: Y-yeah! I finally got it! Thank you, Kasumi-chan!
Kasumi: All your hard work really paid off!
Aya: It did, didn't it?! If I keep this up, I'll master the other tricks in no time~!
Kasumi: Don't forget about me, Aya-senpai! I better practice too or else you'll leave me in the dust!!
Aya: We're going to make this talent show a total hit!
Kasumi: For sure!

Let the Party Begin! Card Story - Special Episode

Idols and Magic


Station Entrance

Marina: Huh? Is that...? It is! Hey, Aya-chan.
Aya: Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san! Thanks for all your help the other day!
Marina: Looks like you just got off the train. Are you coming back from a job?
Aya: Yup! I had an interview with a magazine today!
Marina: Oh~! That definitely sounds like something an idol would do.
Aya: Ehehe~. This magazine is doing a special feature on what New Year's is like for idols, so they asked me what I did for the beginning of the year.
Marina: Oh~, so what did you end up saying?
Aya: I told them all about the talent show we had at CiRCLE.
Marina: Wow, really? That's great to hear~!
Aya: It was so much fun! How could I not talk about it? The food and entertainment were both top-notch!
Marina: Ah, speaking of which, I showed the owner the video I took.
Marina: BanG Dreamer-san here really enjoyed your magic act. Didn't you?
Aya: You did?! Thank you so much! When we were practicing, I kept making mistakes, but in the end... I suppose it went pretty well, right?
Marina: Yup! I'd call that performance a success for sure.
Aya: Even though we messed up at the end, everyone still clapped for us. I thought I was going to cry.
Marina: Everyone could tell that you and Kasumi-chan were trying really hard, and it made them want to cheer you on. Even I was moved.
Aya: Marina-san... Thank you so much! Ah~, I feel like I'm going to cry just thinking about it...
Marina: Fufu. Did you say all this in your interview?
Aya: Of course I did!
Aya: Afterward, the magazine's staff started talking about having an event where Pastel✽Palettes did magic tricks...
Marina: Wow, that sounds like fun~!
Aya: If we do that though, I'd have to teach the others... I don't know if I'm cut out for that...
Marina: You'd be fine! Magic is all about those little tips and tricks you learn along the way. If you sprinkle that into your lessons on showmanship and such, I think you'd be good to go.
Aya: That's true! Thanks, Marina-san.
Marina: If you end up actually doing that event, let us know! The owner really wants to see you perform live. You'd come too, right, BanG Dreamer-san?
Aya: Will do! There's no way I can fail if you're all there cheering me on!
Aya: I'll practice a whole lot, and give you the show of a lifetime!
Marina: Alright, I can't wait to see it!
Aya: Okay! Thank you!