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Lightning Speed! Card Story - Episode

You're a Great Help, Aya-Sensei


Talent Agency

Maya: Hmmm... It would be best to add in an explanation of the rules during the opening statements... But if I do, it may cut into the actual playing time...
Aya & Chisato: Hello! Hello.
Maya: Hello, everyone! Please forgive the mess... I'll clean up right away!
Aya: Don't worry about all that! Are you preparing for your next gig? What are you- Huh? Wait, these are...
Aya: Don't worry about all that! Are you preparing for your next gig? What are you- Huh? Wait, these are...
Chisato: One Hundred Poems cards.
Maya: I've been asked to act as a reporter for a television program again, so I had the staff prepared these to help me study.
Maya: The show covers current trends and popular topics, and this latest episode will have a demonstration of competitive karuta card games, so I thought I should give the real thing a try...
Chisato: Fufu, you're always so serious about your work, Maya-chan.
Aya: Speaking from experience will get your point across a lot better than reading off a script, after all.
Maya: Yes! That was my thought process going into this, but... writing what I want to say isn't going quite as well as I was expecting...
Maya: What I wrote leans more towards an explanation of the rules or a lecture on classical literature...
Chisato: While those areas are important to the game... expressing the excitement one can feel from competing is much more difficult, I imagine.
Maya: You're exactly right. And the amount of speaking time I have is limited, so I'm not sure what to do...
Maya: I'm trying to figure out a way to bring attention to competitive karuta that is still easy for the audience to understand.
Aya: I may have an idea to help with that!
Aya: And get this! It has been tested and proven to work! A sure-fire method I feel confident in recommending!
Maya: S-seriously?! Aya-san, please tell me everything you know!
Aya: First, keep the explanation of the rules down to a minimum! Karuta is best understood by actually playing, so a simple rundown should be more than enough.
Maya: Well, I suppose you could summarize by saying the winner is the one who can reach the appropriate card and clear their area the fastest.
Aya: As with any game, there are a lot of complex rules and such, but you can skip those for now... Instead, focus on the content of the poems themselves!
Aya: For example, make modern translations of the poems and then add some illustrations. You can even throw in some of your favorites!
Maya: My favorites, huh...? Hm. I've never given that much thought before.
Chisato: Leading in with a light discussion on your personal favorite poem could make for a good opening.
Chisato: It could help you become more familiar with the material and provide an opportunity for others to become interested.
Aya: Totally! I'm sure all your fans would be excited to hear your own thoughts, Maya-chan!
Maya: Interesting! In other words, cut down on the difficult parts and place more focus on drumming up interest from the audience!
Maya: And to accomplish that, I should make the material easy to digest, provide my own insight, and help them feel more connected to the world of classical poetry... Okay! I've got it!
Maya: I knew that you two would know what to do! All my worries have been washed away in an instant!
Maya: By the way, you mentioned something about this method having a proven track record. What's that about...?
Chisato: Our school held a One Hundred Poems tournament the other day. It was headed by the student council, but Aya-chan also played a part in its success.
Aya: It was supposed to be an extension of our lessons, but we realized that we'd still need to get people interested somehow, so we all sat down and did some brainstorming.
Aya: Think about it. You have to remember the second half of the poems because only the first half is read aloud, right?
Aya: But plain old memorization is no different from how our classes are, and that wouldn't be very interesting to most people.
Maya: That makes sense. It would feel more like work than play.
Aya: Exactly! To tell the truth, I'm terrible at classical literature myself... so I wanted to come up with a way to get someone like me interested.
Maya: That sounds like something you'd try. So, how did the event turn out?
Aya: Way better than anything we expected! The One Hundred Poems were the talk of the school, and the tournament itself was really intense!
Aya: We got a lot of positive feedback from our peers, and teachers asked the student council to hold similar events in the future.
Maya: Wow~! That is amazing! I would love for my program to be as successful as yours was.
Aya: If anyone can do it, it's you, Maya-chan! Ah, I know! Hang on, let me find it... There it is! Here, help yourself.
Maya: What's this...? A guidebook on the One Hundred Poems?
Aya: Yup! We made them for our tournament! You know, as a way to help get people interested.
Maya: Just a second, let me give this a look. Hmmm... Wow... This is incredible, Aya-san!
Maya: Not only have you provided modern translations, but each poem is accompanied by a personal commentary and cute illustrations. I'm already having fun just skimming through it!
Aya: Hehehe. Right~? The One Hundred Poems seem like they'd be hard to understand because of the words they use, but once you figure out what they're saying, they're actually very simple.
Chisato: While many of the poems are about passionate love, there are some that read more like complaints, so it's fun to imagine what those scenes would look like nowadays.
Maya: I've already studied a lot of material in preparation for this program, but your guidebook is so much easier to understand!
Maya: I really respect the amount of work you must have put into making such a fantastic guidebook!
Aya: Well, it's not something I could have done alone. Kanon-chan, Sayo-chan, and a bunch of other people all pitched in to make it happen.
Maya: Even still, Aya-san... I mean, Aya-sensei... I'm sure it was your ideas and enthusiasm that helped bring everything together in the end!
Aya: W-wait, but I'm not-... Fufufu... Aya-sensei... B-but still! I was just doing what I wanted to do, that's all!
Maya: Yes, but that's not something I am capable of. So please tell me anything that you are willing to share, Aya-sensei, so that I can improve my upcoming report!
Aya: Are you sure? Hehehe... Well, if you insist...
Chisato: I would like to listen in, as well. I can only imagine how quickly she'll lose her train of thought with you buttering her up like that.
Maya: I don't think that will-
Aya: Fufu... Aya-sensei... Sounds nice...
Chisato: See?
Maya: Hahaha... Please feel free to join us, Chisato-san.
Aya: Alright~! Let's make a fun and exciting report that the audience is sure to love!

Lightning Speed! Card Story - Special Episode

Journey Of A Thousand Miles


Shopping Mall

Aya: Marina-san! BanG Dreamer-san! Good afternoon!
Marina: Hey there, Aya-chan! Are you out by yourself today?
Aya: Pretty much. There is a book I wanted to buy... Are you two shopping for supplies?
Marina: Uh-huh. You know all those magazines lying around the lobby? We want to update them with the latest editions. Let me guess, you're looking for a fashion magazine?
Aya: Well... Actually, I want a book on the One Hundred Poems...
Marina: The One Hundred Poems?! I didn't expect that... Do you need it for class or something?
Aya: The other day, a One Hundred Poems card game tournament was held at our school, and I helped out with the prep work. Before I knew it, I was hooked.
Aya: Originally the classical literature teacher wanted to plan something to help students struggling with the class... Eventually the students were asked to head the project.
Aya: When I heard that Sayo-chan was in charge, I thought, "This is perfect!" After all, I was one of those struggling students, and this was a great opportunity for me to really learn the material!
Marina: It's great that you took part in something you're not naturally good at. I probably would have stayed away from it myself.
Aya: I can understand that. If Sayo-chan hadn't been there, I would've done the same.
Aya: But a part of me didn't want things to stay as they were. I thought that maybe I could better myself if I just tried, so... I went for it!
Aya: And while trying to think of ways to make the process more fun, we decided to make a One Hundred Poems guidebook!
Marina: Guidebook? Like the kind you get on field trips that have info on the places you visited?
Aya: Exactly! It was like a One Hundred Poems version of that... more or less.
Aya: We filled them with modern translations and explanations of the material, as well as drawings to help visualize the scenes.
Aya: I figured that could make the world of classic literature more approachable, if only by a little.
Marina: That way even struggling students wouldn't feel discouraged!
Marina: That's so cool. And you did that all by yourself...?
Aya: No way! Not even close! I could never handle it alone, so the student council and some other people helped out.
Aya: The library committee helped translate the old poems into modern Japanese, and Kanon-chan did the illustrations.
Aya: We also had the fine arts club draw up some posters to put around the school, and the newspaper club printed out the finished guidebooks...
Aya: Before we knew it, the whole thing had blown up into a really big production with a ton of people involved!
Aya: All that prep work made me realize something, too. I've always got someone there to lend a hand when the going gets tough.
Aya: No matter how hard things are on your own, anything is possible when everyone works together!
Aya: But for everything to work out, you need all sorts of people to help, including capable people like Sayo-chan who keep things running smoothly...
Aya: That goes for not only school functions but also working as an idol or playing in a band. Having friends there to help push each other forward can lead to some really amazing things!
Aya: That's why I hope we can all continue giving it our all and, slowly but surely, make our dreams come true...
Aya: I know it sounds a little sappy, but... that's how I really feel.
Marina: Yeah, every little step forward is one step closer to making those dreams a reality! I'm always ready to do my part, so let me know if you ever need anything!
Aya: Thank you very much! I'll be sure to let you know if I need any help!