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Lion-Dance Pressure Card Story - Episode

Happy with Prep


Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy - Class 2A
Misaki: Sigh...
Arisa: Morning, Okusawa-san.
Misaki: Oh, Ichigaya-san. Morning~.
Arisa: What's wrong? I heard you sighing just now.
Misaki: Oh, nothing really. It's just these plans we have. We're supposed to take Lisa-san to China Town and show her a bunch of different shops.
Arisa: Interesting. So you're giving Lisa-san a tour...? That seems kind of sudden.
Misaki: Well, one thing led to another, and it just sort of happened. It's a group of five, by the way: Kokoro, me, Lisa-san, Aoba-san, and Hina-san.
Arisa: ... There's no way you get through that without something crazy happening.
Misaki: Yeah~, I was thinking the same thing.
Misaki: I mean, the whole going-to-China-Town thing is fine, but it turns out, Lisa-san has never been.
Misaki: So the plan ended up being that the rest of us would take care of everything and take Lisa-san on a tour.
Arisa: I see... But wait... That doesn't sound like something to sigh about.
Misaki: It's not. The plan itself is not a problem. I mean, I agreed to it in the first place.
Misaki: But I don't know enough about China Town to be good at showing someone around...
Arisa: Ah, okay, I follow. Hmm... If you're with people who know a lot about the place, I think you can get away with just knowing whatever you find on the internet...
Misaki: Yeah~, that makes sense. Kokoro and Hina-san did say they're familiar with it, so maybe that'll be enough for me.
Misaki: But sometimes, there's so much information on the internet that you just can't figure out what's going on, you know?
Arisa: Ohhh, yeah. I'm sure a lot of people get distracted.
Misaki: Exactly... So I thought maybe looking through magazines would be the easier thing for me to do.
Misaki: I know! If you have time, could you come with me after school?
Arisa: Huh? Me? ... Uh, sure, I have a book I wanted to buy anyway.
Misaki: Thanks! That'll be really helpful! Alright, after school then!

Shopping Mall - Book Store

Misaki: Hmmm~, there are a lot more magazines about it than I expected there'd be.
Arisa: Well, it's a pretty popular place. I'm more surprised that there are this many just about food tours.
Arisa: If you think about it the other way around, though, its popularity means you could probably pick one or two random magazines, and it would be fine.
Misaki: Hey, that's easier said than done... How would you choose from all of these...?
Arisa: I guess you would have to read a little bit and decide, right?
Arisa: Just... don't think about it so much. Go ahead and grab one; that should be fine. You know, take it one step at a time.
Arisa: Alright, I'm gonna go take a quick look at the new arrivals.
Misaki: Yeah, okay. Alright, here we go... Just gotta take one.

30 Minutes Later

Arisa: (Man, time is flying. I might have spent too much time over there.)
Arisa: Okusawa-san! Sorry about that. I just couldn't decide...
Misaki: Oh, you're back. I was doing a lot of thinking myself. I'm about ready to pay though.
Arisa: Ah, that's good. I thought I had you waiting for me.
Arisa: You're only paying now, though, huh? Took a lot longer than you thought, I'm guessing.
Misaki: Yeah, it did. With everything I was thinking about, time just disappeared. Still, I think I made a good choice because of that.
Arisa: Really? Well, that's all that matters... Hm? Wait, you're gonna get that many? What is that, like ten books...?
Misaki: So you think it's overkill too?
Misaki: Sigh, it's just that all of the magazines were talking about different places and different menu items. I couldn't decide...
Misaki: Besides, I wanna do everything I can to make sure that Lisa-san has a really good time, you know?
Misaki: Although, I guess I could just take it easy and leave everything to Kokoro and Hina-san.
Arisa: I-I see. Yeah... It's not like I don't understand where you're coming from.
Arisa: Okusawa-san, it sounds like you're complaining about all this, but it's obvious that you like this sort of prep work...

Lion-Dance Pressure Card Story - Special Episode

Even when Plans Go Awry


Misaki: Oh, BanG Dreamer-san. Hey.
Misaki: Nah, I came directly here after finishing some errands, so I ended up coming way before my rehearsal time...
Misaki: If you have a moment, would you mind talking for a bit?
Misaki: Really? Great, thanks.
Misaki: So the other day, Lisa-san, Aoba-san, Kokoro, Hina-san, and I went to China Town.
Misaki: We had this idea that we would show Lisa-san a good time there since she had never been.
Misaki: So the rest of us met up and came up with a plan for where we would go beforehand.
Misaki: And it was going well at first. You know, according to plan, as they say...
Misaki: But our follow-through wasn't good enough... Slowly but surely, our plan started falling apart.
Misaki: In the end, Lisa-san ended up taking the reins and pulling everything back together.
Misaki: Man, we definitely did not come off as cool, I'll tell you that.
Misaki: Ahhh... Yeah. But you know, it's not like things went poorly.
Misaki: Toward the end of our day together, Kokoro said something: "Wasn't our goal to make this an enjoyable day for her?" And she pointed out that we fulfilled that goal.
Misaki: It turned out that Lisa-san felt the same way... It caught me off guard.
Misaki: I mean~, I think I have a pretty decent understanding of Kokoro, but I guess Lisa-san is not really bothered by the little details either...
Misaki: We were supposed to lead the way for her, but we couldn't. Lisa-san was supposed to rely on us, but she ended up taking charge. Normally, you'd be a little disappointed by that.
Misaki: But those two aren't like that. No matter what happens, they're genuinely happy to be spending time with others.
Misaki: ... It might just be the case that Kokoro and Lisa-san are surprisingly alike and would get along well.
Misaki: Their main deal is that they like to see people smile, right? That seems to be what's most important to them.
Misaki: I think if I were in her shoes when things went sideways, I would have been completely focused on trying to help others not feel too bad about what went wrong.
Misaki: ... You think that's a wonderful way of thinking too? Oh, uh... really...?
Misaki: Ahaha, you don't have to nod that much. Thank you.
Misaki: Now that you mention it... I suppose you're right.
Misaki: Kokoro and Lisa-san's way of thinking is amazing for sure, but that doesn't mean having a different mindset is the wrong way to go about things.
Misaki: I guess to put it simply, I have one more thing I can admire Lisa-san and Kokoro for.
Misaki: Hmm, I hope I can pick up some traits that make people think the same thing about me someday.
Misaki: You're sure I will...? Wow, just like that, huh? Well, thanks anyway.
Misaki: Okay, it's almost time for my rehearsal.
Misaki: Thanks for listening. See ya.