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Lisa-like Lyrics Card Story - Episode

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Convenience Store
Yukina: ...
Moca: Welcome~... Ah, it's Minato-san.
Lisa: You're right! Yukina, heyya~ ♪
Yukina: ... Aoba-san? Lisa? Right, today is your shift.
Lisa: What a sight to see. Yukina at the convenience store☆ What happened?
Moca: Yeah~. This doesn't fit the Minato-san image~.
Yukina: Nothing... There's nothing special about this. I happened to be close by, so I figured I'd get something to drink.
Lisa: I see☆ Well, come on in, we are at your service~... I kid, I kid ♪
Lisa: Yukina, are you sure just a drink will be enough though~?
Yukina: ... What do you mean?
Lisa: Fufufu~, so recently, we've introduced these new cat-themed daifuku treats at our store!
Yukina: ... Cat-themed?
Lisa: Mhm, that's right! Cats!!
Yukina: Not interested.
Moca: ...
Yukina: Aoba-san, what is it...?
Moca: Nothing, nothing, don't mind me~.
Yukina: ... Really? If you say so.
Lisa: The cat-themed daifuku are on that shelf over there. Take a look if you'd like~!

Sweets Section
Yukina: ...
Moca: Ohh~, she said she wasn't interested, but she's looking at the daifuku really hard~.
Moca: Wow~, I know Lisa-san was saying that Minato-san loves cats, but she really, actually does~. It just doesn't match her image at all~.
Yukina: ... Okay.
Moca: (Ah, she put it in her basket.)
Yukina: Lisa, could you ring me up?
Lisa: Okay~, I'll take you here~... Ah! So you decided to get this one ☆
Yukina: ... Yeah. I'm in the middle of writing a song, so I could use some sugar.
Lisa: Ahaha, okay, okay~ ☆
Moca: Hmhmhmm~...
Yukina: Aoba-san...? Has something been bothering you?
Moca: No, no~, I'm just in the middle of overwriting my image of you~.
Yukina: My image...?
Moca: Well~, Lisa-san's always telling me about you. I just couldn't believe any of it~.
Moca: But after watching you just now, I'm finally convinced~.
Yukina: ... What do you mean? Lisa, what'd you say about me?
Lisa: D-Don't give me that look! I've never said anything that was that big of a deal~!
Moca: Whenever she talks about you, you always sound completely different from how you seem on stage~. It's like you're a totally different person~.
Yukina: A different... person...?
Yukina: ... Aoba-san. What has she said about me?
Lisa: I-I told you already! It's nothing, really~!
Yukina: If that's true, then you wouldn't mind telling me, right? I'm interested to hear how you've been talking about me...
Lisa: I-I'm telling you, it's nothing worth mentioning! Moca, you're giving her the wrong idea! Stop it!
Moca: Okay~, sorry~. And I apologize to you too, Minato-san~.
Moca: Ah, by the way~, if you come when I'm by myself, I can tell you~. Any time is fine~.
Lisa: What?!
Yukina: Alright, I'll come back another time, Aoba-san.
Lisa: U-Ugh! Moca! Cut it out already~!

Lisa-like Lyrics Card Story - Special Episode

Words Becoming of Lisa


Yukina: ... Good afternoon, BanG Dreamer-san. Are you about to start preparing for the concert?
Yukina: There's one later today, isn't there? I'll be using the studio until then.
Yukina: No, not for band rehearsal, I'm doing solo practice today.
Yukina: At first, I was planning to do mostly my vocal exercises, but...
Yukina: I've been writing some lyrics for a while now, and on my way here, I thought of a good phrase.
Yukina: I'm not sure yet if it'll transform into our next song, but...
Yukina: Noise is minimal in the studio, so it's perfect for being able to concentrate.
Yukina: Yeah, I'm taking a short break now. I came out to get some fresh air, hoping for a change of pace.
Yukina: The lyrics are coming along well. I'm still only partway through, but at this rate, I believe it could become something of quality.
Yukina: That's correct, I write all of Roselia's lyrics.
Yukina: I never thought it was much of a burden. I figured I was just doing what was natural. And I'm sure that eventually Lisa will als-
Yukina: ... Why do I bring up Lisa? ... The truth is, the other day, Lisa showed me some lyrics she had been working on.
Yukina: Yeah, I know. I was surprised when she told me too.
Yukina: It seems she was keeping it a secret from everyone in Roselia. I knew she had become busy recently, but...
Yukina: It really caught me off when I learned she was giving writing lyrics a chance and had actually created something.
Yukina: Why'd she do it? ... I have no idea. She did tell me that she entered a lyric-writing contest, though.
Yukina: Yeah... I do wish she had asked for my advice.
Yukina: But I also understand exactly how she felt...
Yukina: And she told me that she wanted to be able to help me and Roselia, so she didn't want to have to depend on us.
Yukina: Lisa... sometimes hides when she's working extremely hard.
Yukina: ... And she might sometimes feel inferior about the fact that she's the only one who has taken a break from playing music.
Yukina: Probably because her musical skill has a lot of room for improvement...
Yukina: ... I guess you could say she's got a few gaps to fill.
Yukina: It might be because she's aware of that, that she was looking for something she could do for Roselia.
Yukina: ... Fufu. Without Lisa's playing, we couldn't be able to create Roselia's sound.
Yukina: It's absolutely essential to the band. But Lisa doesn't settle for just that.
Yukina: That's why she tried her hand at writing lyrics and created something. Not only is she filling those gaps, but she's aiming for something higher.
Yukina: The way she took it upon herself to face Roselia and music head-on... makes me happy.
Yukina: You're interested too, huh? Yeah, they are the lyrics Lisa worked so hard on, after all.
Yukina: But they're... still rough. I might not even be able to say that they're decent lyrics at this point.
Yukina: But I understood something from the first glance--they were written by Lisa.
Yukina: The way she thinks, the way she feels about me and Roselia... It all comes through in those words.
Yukina: ... Enough to make feel embarrassed. They were lovely, Lisa-like lyrics.
Yukina: ... However, they're not refined enough for Roselia as of yet.
Yukina: So Roselia will likely not be using them at this point.
Yukina: Still... I liked them myself. I could feel that they were the kind of lyrics that Lisa would write: delicate, considerate, kind, and supportive...
Yukina: They were words that I wouldn't be able to write... That was just a bit frustrating for me.
Yukina: But I feel like Lisa showed me a new possibility for Roselia.
Yukina: That's why I want her to continue writing, and she intends to do so.
Yukina: Yeah. She said she would show me that she could write something better... And she was enthusiastic about it.
Yukina: If she really keeps on writing lyrics, then...
Yukina: One day, I may sing her words alongside Roselia.
Yukina: When that happens, I'll be looking for your support too.
Yukina: But first, I must put together the plans for our next concert, and of course, a new song for that very purpose...
Yukina: Okay, I'm going to return to the studio to write. Let's talk again sometime.