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Little Busters! is a song covered by Poppin'Party.

It was used as one of the challenge songs in the Worldwide server's run of the Days of Toppings and Fun☆ event, replacing God knows...

It was originally sung by Rita and used as the first opening for the visual novel Little Busters!, and later for the first season of the game's anime adaptation as well.

The Taiwanese license for "Little Busters!" expired on January 31, 2022 at 00:00. The cover song will not be available for purchase from the CiRCLE Shop and the song will not be playable. However, player's play history and information will be kept. It is not excluded from future recertification.[1]

Game Info

Server availability Jp.svgKr.svgEn.svgCn.svg
Bpm.png Beats per minute 151 BPM
Easy.png Easy Song Level 7 71 notes
Normal.png Normal Song Level 13 152 notes
Hard.png Hard Song Level 17 370 notes
Expert.png Expert Song Level 25 575 notes


# Songs Duration Audio
00 Little Busters! (Game Version) 01:50


Live Performances